Im so anxious for my mum and these to handle the horrible the anxiety

  • i have often asked my cards for a reading for my mum...and over the last 6 months have had the death card everytime, unfortunately with the tower card....ive ignored it for the past 3 months..but since then mum has been asked by the doctor not to work due to a spine problem,and now she has an impending operation coming up on monday the 9th march.

    Its a heavy going and pretty serious operation, so understandably we are all a little nervous...

    But i can not get these cards out of my head,and unfortunatey know too well what they may indicate....i dream very vivid dreams every nite of her passing away from this operation,and runing through my mind how on earth i could tell my children tht their beloved grandma isnt coming back....pretty emotional dreams,which quite frankly are ruining any chance of sleep i get,and putting me in pretty down moods every day.

    the last time i had dreams like this it was of my dads funeral,(by the way he is still here with us)and shortly after these dreams he got whisked into hospital with heart problems.

    Prior to this i dreamt that my partner had passed away next to me in bed,the next morning i woke to ring my friend for her to tell me her partner had passed away in bed with her.

    I dont know what to make of all this,but it is definetly affecting m badly as the days are counting down to her operation on monday.

    Could there be another angle on these cards tht i am missing?....and if not,does anyone have any tipsthey could give me on how to deal with these types of dreams etc? i intuitive,reading into things too much,or just plain mad!?.....

    Any feedback would be so gratefully received at the moment....

    Thanks for takin the time to read this.....

    Light and Love........Shells...xxxx

  • The good news is, the Death card and the Tower card do NOT indicate death. They do however, indicate serious change in someones life. The Death card indicates a more extreme form of change and long lasting change. The Tower card indicates fast change, before you know it change happened and you did not even see it coming it was so fast. That's the good news, the bad news is, you just have to wait and see what these major changes are, and who they will affect. I beleive since you get them so much that it means there will be major change in your and all the people around you lives. Do another reading, but, this time ask specifically what change is coming. It's very unusual for a tarot reading to give you a solid yes or no answer to a question, but, depending on what cards you pull it might offer some clarity.

    Now on to your dreams and premonitions, you know I get the feeling you are wound up tight just waiting for something bad to happen, this can cause our sub-conscious minds to work over time. Change does not necessarily mean something bad is going to happen, it could also indicate good things to come. Example: Your moms surgery goes very well and completely solves her health issues and all of you will have a breath of fresh air breathed into your lives and never have to worry again about this particular health issue, or someone could win the lottery and all your lives change over night. Try to stay positive, sometimes when we allow ourselves to go to that deep, dark place of despair, it's hard to crawl out of it, but, you must. In addition to being hard to pull yourself out of this deep, dark place, your negative attitude could also call in unpleasant experiences. Stop taking your readings so literally and allow yourself to begin to read your cards with a more positive attitude. Just because you're getting a lot of cards that mean change, doesn't mean you need to be so frantic. Life is fun, exciting, and never stops changing, and quite frankly it shouldn't.

    I hope this helps...

  • hi....yes i do feel i m wound up tight,but i feel its because something bad seems to happen when i have these makes me extremley anxious and almost feels like im being prepared for something when i have these..... Would you say that my dreams are likley to just be coincidences becauseof being wound up??..because prior to these dreams neither person i dreamt about had any form of ill health for me to become so anxious about..i just dont understand it all right now...maybe i should take a step back and leave them alone for a while?

    Unfortunately im just such a super sensitive,emotional person...i find it so hard to not take things at face value as they come across...How does everyone fine tune themselves to be able to look at the cards and analyse dreams etc..i dont know how to take that step further and train myself to have a better understanding.

    I know i have a gift,but i dont know how it is best channeled,and it seems so sporadic,that half the time i dont know whether to trust my belief!!

    Sorry for the rant..

    Thanxs for your time...xxxx

  • The next question I want to know is have you had these experiences before in your life (dream something and then in the future it happens). If you have it might be a good idea to get involved with some kind of support group were you can learn how to use your gift so it doesn't frighten you so much. I bet might be able to help you find such a group.

    If this is a new thing that is going on I would have to say, give it some time, get yourself balanced, meditate, stop being so frightened, if it is a new gift, this is a good thing, not bad at all. Surely, you understand that people get sick in life, it does not always mean they are going to die. You know that first hand from what happened with your dad. You stated that before your dreams you had no idea these people had health issues. Is that because they did not know themselves that they had health issues, or because they knew and didn't tell you. This is an important issue, because you are very close with these people, it's possible that you are psychically sensitive to what is happening with them, due to the fact that you are so close to them. Now, if they did not know themselves that they had these health issues, that's a whole other ball game.

    Calm down, and I can't say that enough...Calm yourself, take some deep breaths and get balanced and centered. Tarot is NOT something you learn to do overnight, if your not working with a Rider/Waite deck I strongly suggest you get one, you can buy that deck through, make sure the deck has a book that comes along with it to help you understand how to lay out and interpret the readings. I have to point out that some books are very hard to understand, I go to the library and will check out more current tarot books that speak a more contemporary language so I am son so confused, the one I'm using now is, "The Smart Modern Womens Guide to Tarot", or something along those lines. I read my cards every morning, as kind of a check in. This morning I received two very undesirable cards, The Nine of Swords, and the Two of swords. Basically I am laying low today because both of these mean struggle with day to day lifes issues. My problems won't go away but tomorrow may be a better day for me to handle lifes issues. When I first started doing my readings (5 years ago) I just fell in love with the whole process, but, it takes a long time to really know how to read the cards in their proper positions and then interpret the reading along with all the other cards in the their positions. It is really, really tricky. But you really should give it a go, sounds like you need to.

    I have and old saying I like, When God speaks to us he whispers in our ears, if we don't listen he will tap us on the shoulder, and if we still don't listen we're going to get the brick in the head. Basically, if spirit is trying to tell you something it is important that you listen and understand the meaning of the message.

    I hope this helps...

  • Hi Shell, I believe that you have premonitions. They could come anytime that your mind is relaxed. Instead of getting anxious, maybe pray for the person. I have a gift myself. What I do is sit down and draw what I see. What I see other people can (usually after I point it out.) Mine aren't always of a "prophetic" nature. Most a personal revelation.

    Anyway, if you feel at times, or all the time, like your overtaken with worry St. John's Wort is good for this. Kava-Kava is good for anxiety, melatonin for sleep. Fish Oil is good for our brain. Exercise helps too. Meditation is good for the brain. Sit down and clear your mind of all negative thoughts. Let your mind wander like you are daydreaming. Try to do this before bedtime. I've been doing this whenever I feel stressed.

  • hi...yes ive had these experiences before,probably since i can remember ive had a very strong intuition,and always sensed things that arent there to the physical eye....i feel massive temperature changes on my skin constantly and in particular breezes on my right side of my face,like someone is sat close breathing near me..a lot of the time i hav a feeling of being followed,like someone is right behind me...that is a memory i have from about the age of 6,and the intensity seems to vary from location to location....about a year ago i had tht theory proved right,when i visited my friends house who i have know since childood so had been there alot..for some reason i was afraid to go to the toilet on my own!....(imagine how stupid i felt!?)..which was directly off the upstairs hallway...i said that i felt a little freaked out and tht it was as if someone was up there,they dont believe in this type of thing so i left it..but a few months later they contacted me and said that her youngest sister kept saying that theyre was someone in her room at night,and they had called someone round to bless the house,and they too were drawn directly to the same area of the house i was, and basically confirmed what i had said...(altho they didnt tell this person what i had mentioned) thats really the only occassion ive actually felt tht i havent jus got an over active imagination!..

    with regards to the health of the people i mentioned previously...they had absolutely no idea they had any medical condition....My friends partner was a healthy 34 year old who suddenly had a heart attack in bed whilst my friend was asleep next to him,my dad had never had heart issues before either...Ive never had such morbid dreams as i have done the last couple of years...and since these have started so too have my sleeping issues..

    Although i would have to say that these things are definetly not so frequent and uncomfortable since i moved last october..there was a lot of activity in my previous property,and always movement from the corner of my eyes,and thts when the cold breath thing really really peaked...and i guess thts wheni started freain out and becoming fearful...

  • another thing i have always done from the age of about 10...i somehow figured out tht i could sense what object had been touched without touching it and after the person had left the room....i dont know how i figured this out or came to learn tht it was something i could do...but my first memory of this is entertaining a group of my parents friends children,(we were allabout 9/10) at a 40th birthday party....i would lay down 9 playin cards in rows of three,and ask them to touch one card when i had left the room,id come backinto the room once they had left and be able to pick the card tht they had picked without touching it but by feeling the heat energy from it.....of course i got the usual cheeky ones tht would touch three or touch none...but everytime id catch them out...this is probably the only ability tht i have tht i truly believe in..because i can feel it in front of me and i always get it right...thts why i mentioned earlier about the heat/cold sensitivity that i feel...just thought i would explain tht 1.....

    Thanx for givingme feedback,i hope it will help me to better understand these things....

    Im going to search the internet for meditation groups in my area and see what it gives me,oh and also the st johns wart!.....Thanx

  • Hi Shell, Wow. I agree w/MVP about getting into a group w/similar gifts. I know, I have taken pictures of my visions. One of them is so vivid that this one lady told me that it must be a picture. No. It is a reflection of light thru a glass. It forms a horse head. Very detailed. Seeing is believing. Anyway, if I was just to talk about it (without showing people) they would think I was crazy. Same thing in your case. What helps is when you are validated, but I'm also not looking for validation. It's a gift that's given and we all have gifts. Use yours for the betterment of those around you. And I do believe in prayer.

  • shellbelsuk i got the same cards for my mom before her stents were put in her heart she fine now ,so dont worry

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