Capt ts been while since we talked can you do a reading for me, please

  • Hi Capt! its been almost 7 months since we last talked and I was in a bad relationship, now I am free of the drama. Can you tell me about my life, relationships(if there will be any) my finances. I really miss talking to you/ 2/3/57 is my birthday Thank you so much

  • This year for you is all about endings and getting rid of everything that you no longer need. It's all about making plans for a new life in 2011. You have grown up and realised that your desire for freedom is really a desire to live your own life as you want to without anyone telling you what to do. This means rethinking your old plans and dreams in the light of the new person you are becoming. Get rid of any relationships, possessions, unrealistic goals, or outdated attitudes that have been holding you back because they are just anchors that prevent you moving on. Once you have thrown off all your past shackles, you will then be free to meet new people, go to new places, and live your new dreams. Next month is the time to focus on your work, your career, your finances, or your mission in life which will enable you to become a leader not by rule but by example. If you have been wanting to change your career or seek promotion, early 2011 is the best time for it. 2011 is really a New Year for you so make plans now to start again. You have a very real need for achievement and recognition and, if you can tame your natural wildness in order to impose some necessary discipline and limitations on yourself, rather than having other people or circumstances do it for you, your natural popularity will carry you on to success. Use your strong psychic gifts to aid you in making plans. Put aside your sensitivity to criticism and your fear that others will quash your natural enthusiam and go out and get what you want, undetered by other people's disapproval or expectations. From now on, you will find that true freedom lies in being comfortable with yourself - with who you are and what you want. Make a list of all that the new you desires - and then work out practical steps to achieve it all. No one else can do this for you. Stop chasing adventure and excitement, and stand still long enough to create it for yourself.

  • and now what about my relationship?

  • Nothing until next year. You still have lingering negative vibes from your last bad relationship to overcome before moving on to someone new. There is a fear and mistrust in your vibes about meeting a new partner.

  • Hello could you possibly do a reading for me? I was born Sep 22 1960 at 11:40am. I am having so much heartache over relationships in general. My heart is not centered and i want to move on but cant find the pathway. Sometimes i feel as i am outside looking in watching me make mistakes but not doing anything to change them. I know that love comes from the inside and projects out why am i trying to find love.. I am so confused and it really is creating such depression in me. I dont want to be alone and i feel myself being drawn to go back to my ex husband of where there was a lot of pain in the past marriage.

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