Blmoon? watergirl? Would like your thoughts please. :)

  • Hi, I'm new here and I saw that sometimes you answer people and try to help them out.I was hoping that you would consider me. Well, for the last 6 years I have been having a recurring dream about a guy from my past. The dreams will be diff. but the theme of the dream is the same. In my dreams I am always searching for him but i never find him. I can be driving, looking for his number, email etc. But never any contactWhen I wake up I am SAD the whole day. I was never able to reach out to this person because I was in a LTR. I am pretty sure why i have the dreams. The last time I saw this person I felt this intence attraction to him and wanted nothing more than to speak to him. I hardly got to do that because i was w/my ex. Shortly after my ex and I split for a while and I wanted to date this person but I refused to call him. Thinking I was doing the right thing by letting myself get over my ex. well, needless to say I got back w/my ex and have had those dreams ever since. Now I am FREEEEEE but this person is now living in Costa Rica and I can not a get a number for him. So I am actualy living out my dreams. Weird.

    Ok, sorry long....Do you see anything between this person and myself? Will we get back in contact soon? Thanks for any insight!

    Not sure what info you need but... I'm sarah hes Tim.. my dob is 9/2/80 and his is 01/11/1981

    also I did date this person prev as a 18 y/o kid.. both going diff directions as we were kids. did stay friends and wanted to get back together on many occa. but like i said, kids and going in diff directions at the time. we did keep tabs on eachother over the years.

    I did get advice from Captain but he described the complete opposite of who I am. So I am just curiuos to see what you guys might see. I know why i have the dreams. just wanna know if they have more importance than that? Do we have a future together? When may we get back in contact? Honstly I really just want to speak to him again. i dont even know what else i want besides that. Just to Talk! ") Thanks!

  • I just wanted to say that I'm not one of those who want to hear the answer they have in their mind. Or who will ask over and over. I just simply wnat to know what you see or don't see. i hope that The Captain doesn't get offened by me asking you 2 'cause it is not my intention. And it is not because i didn't like his answer. I just know myself better than he and he wrote about someone else entierly. So if you read this captain pls. don't be offended 🙂

    Not sure if you need this.... I'm in Naples, Fl, US 🙂 Thank you for any time that you may have for me!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi! no prob. I forgot about this, lol... No he has no number. I guess he is sorta bumming around Central America. When I do speak w/him again, 🙂 I will deff. ask you then. 🙂 Thanks for replying. have a good night.

  • He checks in periodicaly w/a mutual friend who is supposed to pass my number along.

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