Is the spirit of my cousin surrounding me?

  • its been alittle over 3 months since she has passed on. her name was sophia and she was only 20 years old. i know how she died but i"d rather not get into that. i"d like to believe that shes up there with the good lord and i have been using my hanson-roberts tarot deck to contact her.

    she answers most of my questions with cards like the queen of wands,temperance,ace of pentacles and most of the cards where it looks like someone is watching such as the lovers,the moon,8 of cups,ect. i also feel like shes saying i dont need the cards to contact her. i often feel like shes around me in a way and i asked her to show me shes here and i felt like something touch my arm and it feels abit stick now.

    any psychic insight on this?.

  • please i am so confused

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