• don't really know how to start. almost all the time i have dreams and most of the time for not saying accurately my dreams come to lives meanning I might dream about something 2-3 months after it happens; but always dream about something that gonna happen in my entourage (accidents, sickness, dead etc...) I am scared of dreaming and its keep coming. When I was younger my first boyfriend its happen to dream about him having another girlfriend I even see the person and I went to him tell him and I think that was gossip.

    I have a boyfriend now I love him but for 4 months he never come see me I had a dream about my mom and grandmother (deceased) telling me he loves me even the man in that dream was another man that I dont know. Lately I have dream of me getting married what does that mean? It is not the first time. Please help me. My brothers, sisters, friends don't want me to dream of them cuz my dreams are true and sometimes making fun of me saying that I am a psychic, medium etc...

  • Wow, it must be scary to have dreams that come true with bad things like accidents etc. The good thing is you can warn people to be careful, tell them not to drive, or be sure to wear their seatbelt if they can't avoid driving. Or, avoid going to the place where you saw the accident happen for example. You can save the people you love and care about from alot of pain and trouble in their lives if they will listen to you! You are actually lucky to have the warnings come to you. In a case where you see a boyfriend cheat in a dream, you know it's time to let him go, because he's not worth having around in the first place. And now, you see yourself getting married? Well, dreamer, if all the others have come true, I think you should trust your dream, and trust yourself! I think it means that, even though you may not have met the man in the dream yet, that you will meet him and have someone who loves you as much as you love him. Then you two will get married. Next time you have the dream, pay close attention to what the man looks like so you will recognize him when he does come into your life! And don't worry about the family and friends who make fun of you, tell them you found your husband through your dream predictions.

    It's not funny to be psychic, it's a gift, one that they don't have and you do. Next time they make fun of you tell them they're just jealous!

  • The marriage dream could be a confirmation that someone will come into your life that you love with all of your heart and soul. Or the marriage dream could have nothing to do with an actual marriage but could mean that your life is going to take a new direction. A direction where you feel a true commitment and passion like in a marriage.

    I do feel that sometimes like with the boyfriend cheating our dreams tell us things that we don't want to acknowledge in our waking moments.

    Best of luck!

  • I also experience dreams that come true, which in many cases scare the hell out of me. Two years a ago my cousin past away on feb. 13,2007 Me and him was very close growing up, but was not speaking to eachother at the time of his death. I was 5months pregnant at the time of his death and I also work in healthcare with the elderly. A week after my cousins funeral I had a dream that i was visiting him in heaven and he was talking to me asking what I was doing up there, I told him that I died from high blood pressure and he said get out of here as if he did not believe me. He continued to tell me how good life is in heaven and that he is not suffer any more from sicklecell anemia. After talking with him I walk further down and saw a group of people with gray hair and walking with walkers and then the last section was nothing but babies all in bassinett, dressed in all white all of the babies looked white and pale except for one who looked brown in complexion. I woke up out of this dream historically, covered with tears. I had no control I cried the whole morning and went to work a broke down crying that my supervisor gave me permission to go home. She told me too much stress is not good for the baby. I told everyone my not sure of how to take it. I went to work the next day after this event only for my co-workers to meet me at the time clock to let me know that my favorite patient had died. The worst is yet to come. I went to the hospital for my altra sound and found out I was having a lil girl. I was so.... happy this is all I wanted to my my life complete, because I already have a 13 year old son. Three weeks had past every thing was fine. One day going to work to care for the lady husband that died, while consoling him, I started to expereience sharp pains in my stomach. The pain started to get very intense that I left work and went straight to the hospital. They doctor checked me and said that I had a UTI and gave me a prescription to get filled. I told one of the meds with a tylenol to relieve some of the pain. Later my boyfriend came over and watch me in pain and exteremly hot and feverish he said he was taken me to the hospital something is wrong. We went to the emergency room and I was rush up to labor and delivery only to be told a few hours later that my amontic sack got infected by some rare bacteria and that I was going to loss my baby. This March the 23rd will make it 2 y.o. of heartache and pain. I just try to be optimistic that God do everything for a reason, not one day I ever ask god why? i am stronger now than I ever been before. My fav Saying is " Chanellges we all will encounter, but obstacles are things we can overcome.

  • Thank you guys so much for your advices that really means alot to me to finally find people who has experienced things like I do. Please I still need your words on that one guys, please help me.

    My present boyfriend that I mentioned above who I love so much eventhough i saw him now for almost 5 months something incredible happens. We speak on the phone every single days 3 to 5 sometimes a day, he always tells me that he is bz, don't really have time to come around but he loves me and things will be better cuz he really care just give him some times. As a comprehensible girlfriend who loves her boyfriend to death does care but still give him the time (he lives 15 minutes ffrom me and find the time to go to the gym etc...)

    On wed. night through thur. march 6th I had a dream. I saw some telephone number don't remember them well 2 number the first area code was a 347 related to in the dream to his father I think, I didnt tell him nothing about the dream we spoke, laugh etc... 2 days after on saturday morning we speak again and I went out; we even speak while I was out on my cell after so many missed call. By 4 PM I just got home and my phone ring suprisely a lady call me asking me if I am in a relationship with him cuz she is his girlfriend, one night in feb. she was at his house by one I called she was about to answer when my boyfriend told her that I just a friend, he doesnt want me I am the one who stick on him for no reason. and that saturday she was with him when I called they even have lunch together she got my phone from his cell n ust want to know if there something going on between us, cuz she is a profesional she has her money she not gonna argue over a man because he lies to both of us. He told both of us he don't have a girlfriend but to repeat after the lady she went to his house 3 times weekly after work and me any time I asked him to goto his house he said he doing repairs after that he will bring me to his house. After talking on the phone to the woman I called him he was so excited , joyful and happy to hear my voice, I asked him "babe, why your girlfriend just call me"? he said "What are you talking about?" . I said "like I said I just hang up the phone with your girlfriend" He chocked and said I will call you back, I insist that he stay on the phone he kept saying I will call you back, and since then don't call me the day passed I tried to call he did not pick up. I tried all night because I felt sick in my stomach, nausea etc.. tried 3AM not answer, tried again this sunday morning since 7 AM to now 12:30PM not answering not returning the call. What should I do? Is he relly loves me or what?

    Your advice please

  • Sisi,

    I hope you will not be offended if I am direct with you. It seems to me that your heart already knows what to do. Walk away. This guy is too much in love with himself to ever truly love anyone else. He has ignored you, lied to you, and cheated on both you and the other female. He is not worth the time, thought, and emotion you are giving him. Be glad he is not answering his phone. Do yourself a favor and don't call him anymore. Erase his number from your phone and move on. I think your dream is telling you that there is someone coming into your life that will truly love you. Don't miss that person because you are still thinking that this guy is worth having. Believe your dreams. They do not lie. Sometimes it just takes a while before we can see what it is they are trying to tell us.

    I wish you all happiness.

    Butifulgirl -- I am so sorry for your losses. You are psychically gifted. Never mind what anyone says about it.

  • I will give you some advice honey. You deserve better. He wants to have you there if the other one doesn't work. Your second fiddle so its his loss. Move on. I have found that if there is something or someone I want with everything in my being I will not get it. And I look at it like if I am suppose to have it I will get it otherwise there is something better on the horizon. You are blessed with a gift use it wisely it is there to help.

  • Thank you so much my friends for you advices, but we all know how hard it is when you love someone to let it go like that. I think about it and say to myself maybe his ashame and going to call me one day; guys telling you the thruth I am thorne inside, I am so sick that I can't even go to work. Please help me in your prayers to have the courage to accept my lost and move on maybe. I don't know if is it my mind I had another dream last night don't remember it all but its like a list of people and his name appears on the third position, don't really know the 2 others people but his names appears on a list of people who will die and he will be the 3rd one. i don't want anything bad to happen to him, please help me pray for him or maybe the dream have another meanning that I don't know. I am scared now.

    Thank you guys so much. Peace & Love.

  • Your right its something you have to do yourself. When your ready. I just hate for anyone to stop living because of someone else. Most of us have been there that's why we don't like it when someone else has to go through it. But about the dream you just had. Please try not to obsess on it. Because a death doesn't always mean literally a death. It could be a death or end of a relationship. Going to work might help to take your mind off of him. A distraction.

  • Don't beafraid of your dreams learn to work with them and let them guide you. As another mentioned you can forewarn people to be very careful if you dream of them having an accident or something else detrimental to them. Just do it in a very natural way.

    As to your dream about getting married to someone you haven't met yet, it could mean that you need to leave yourself open to meeting the right person for you. Whatever you do in both situations trust your inner feelings.

    Blessed Be

  • Hi, In my teenage years had dreams about concentration camps. Also, about traveling across many towns and cities (probably Europe) because they didn't look exactly like the cities here in the States. Use to have a lot of dreams about ice skating. If I see advertisements for a documentary on Nazi Germany it'll bring these dreams back, so I try to avoid looking at them. It's like having flashbacks. Especially when you see older people, naked, going into a gas chamber. This is the closest I've come in my life to understanding previous life experiences, although I don't know if I believe in such. I've concluded if there is such a thing then I think I was liberated in a previous life from Nazi Germany, traveled by train across Europe and settled probably somewhere like Scandanavia. I was an ice skater. Wherever it was there was a lot of ice.

  • I dream alot and it does come true. Either from a close family member or about me. What scares me the most is when I dream about the world ending on some one b-day and their b-day is coming up. Its been a while I had that. Why do I dream and they come true?

  • SitheDreamer - I haven't been on the site for a few days. I hope things are going better for you. I hope you have been able to resolve this, at least withing yourself. I think we all can relate to what you are going thru and how very hard it is to walk away from someone you love deeply at the time. I agree that perhaps the list was the death of your relationship. Perhaps it is a list of past loves. Sending peace, love, and healing to you at this painful time.

  • i have a re-occurring dream. the theme is always the same even tho some of the details change. it's about where i live. the dream can be about an apartment, a house, a secret room, in a wharehouse, a storefront. i wake up feeling as if i had really lived there and occassionally i will dream about the same place.

    there is a secret room, a round room with windows and window seats. i get there from different places, once from a wharehouse, once from a public restroom. the only person i've ever taken to this secret place is my grandmother (who has been dead for 33 years). what is the preocupation with where i live?

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