Shuabby may I have a reading I think you can help me

  • Hello Jenna29

    After reading your questions today, I got that your husband will not leave you and your children, he made the deceision to stay and move back in because this is where his heart is. If your husband doubts that he is the father of the baby by the woman that he had an affair with six months ago than he should ask for testing to be done. If she has a girl and the child belongs to your husband, do not fear that he will leave you because she had a girl. Only have another child yourself if you desire to, not to try to hold him to you dear.

    My concern in reading what you have written is this:

    You need to have a counsler to talk to and help you through this transitional time in your life and marriage. A psychic can read the energy around you, but you have free will and can change any said out come. Please talk to your minister if you are a church going family or find a counsler (marriage) or one on one for yourself. There is no shame in asking for help through rough emotional waters. Please know that I will pray for you Jenna and hope that you will be happy soon knowing that your husband loves you .You both will work through this and come out of it a stronger more together couple than before with the right help.

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