Shuabby may I have a reading I think you can help me

  • Hi, I see that your a gifted psychic and I feel that maybe you can help me.......... I have alot of fear and need help finding myself. I have a few questions I need answered I have a husband we were sepearted for about 6 months now back together got a new house and everything is going great... Anyways this girl he slept with is saying she is pregnant by him which is making my life like a roller coaster One day im ok and say he will not be with her he will be with me and my kids the next day im in complete fear and cant sleep wondering if he will leave me and our kids for her and this baby.... please tell me do you see it being his and do you see him with her or me? and will i get pregnant again by him soon? I was told I would be having another baby I think they said im supposed to get pregnant now or by the fall. Will I get pregnant the other fear I have is that he wants a little girl so bad I want to give him the one thing noone has which is a little girl. praying this girl if it is his that she aint having a girl........... please help what do you see is going to happen

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