Forum or Facebook?

  • I have been a member for only a few months and joined to try and get some insight in a time of personal need. I have learnt much from the the forum and with some individuals who were very gracious to reach out and help me on this journey, I am grateful and whilst my personal circumstances are still far from ideal, I am in a better place. Thank You....

    I just wanted to share a view I have formed recently and it is that the forum seems to have changed in "tone and feel" and I am seeing posts which are not very positive. I am also seeing individuals who were previously quite active fall away. I wondered if the two were connected?

    As someone who has had much positivity from the forum, I hope this can be resurrected. Dx

  • Albeit,

    You are right that the feel of the forum has changed tremendously. It is IMHO to do with a couple of factors.

    1. The people who were truly gifted and could do readings were swamped by many that would be repeating one question over and over again in different form and that it sometimes resulted in arguments or personal bashing. These gifted persons have a private live and many in their needy needs forget they are dealing with people who are here on their free time and free will.

    2. Then you have spiteful people who just enjoyed disturbing the "peace" in threads and/or conversation and so spread their negativity and/or fustration that the ones that came here to learn also decided to back off. Being judged is NOT what many comes here to experience or to be ganged up upon.

    3. The forum/site itself from Tarot management also changed tremendously. Not all to the worst but the feel from that angle also changed.

    I am sure I can sum up some more points but this covers it. So yes you are totally right that "tone and feel" has changed. Just as you I hope the good old times do come back but the people that made that happen have gone.

    I personally am not for FB. I met people that are truly my friends on this forum but I refuse to get on that thing. One of my real reason for this...stalkers!! In the past emails were shared out of the goodness out of people hearts and not to overload the forum but others that also read threads took advantage of the situation and a great deal of odd things happen OFF the forum that transpired towards the positive energy that the forum used to have.

    Recently I have seen topics resurface that has to do with learning of abilities and/or experiences which I am glad for. Let's see if this can take over once more on the forum.

    I personally find true guidance is what we all want with or without the mistakes we make. That's the human nature. Nobody knows it all.

  • I am bumping this because after writing I ran into another thread where a reader is feeling not so comfortable at the moment.

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  • 2scorpio1sag,

    I don't know if whomever is playing favorites. I do be on the board but I don't interfere much in what goes on yet I do keep an eye out on developments.

    This is the thread I was referring to.

    It's sad to hear that laithano left. I didn't know.

  • Dear Friends

    Whichever medium you use online--and whichever community you are in (I'm in many) your noticing that people are being negative, needy, & demanding is not simply here on forums.

    It is everywhere as those who are having a very hard time moving forward with changes in our world, our lives, & balancing with the shift are basically acting like a bunch of babies.

    That's pretty well illustrated by all the people demanding readings & can become pretty inconsiderate of readers. People who want justification for their own behaviors rather than the clarity an objective reader provides. Eventually--readers get burned out & all readers find those who ask the same q over and over again--very frustrating.

    Forums here take flavor by the people who participate.

    Readers are human and have hard times as well.

    Many who have left will come back once their own lives--now drained from helping so many others through out this time of shift--need to be replenished.

    For all of you who wonder about these things--I ask--what are YOU doing to bring positivity into our forums & our world?

    What are you doing to thank and support the readers--whose energies get very drained?

    New structures, new guidelines, new boundaries need to be created by those in a changing community. Our whole world is changing.

    In my experience--this site & these forums invite active participation.

    Those who offer help get innundated & DO get tired. Some get sick & tired.

    Readers are here to guide with their skills and talents--and when they don't give the reading that someone "wants" they get insulted & attacked. This isn't just here--this is a part of our world changes--& everyone of us has a responsibility to be personally accountable for what we put into this world.

    It is all of us who are here and CARE to be a part of development of new communities

    will continue to create the places we need in the space provided here.

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  • Hi All,

    My post was not to start a debate per se, it was a gentle dip of the toe in the waters to have members reflect on their posts BEFORE pressing the submit button.

    I have not been very active re posts in the few months since I have been a member, because I know I am low and need to focus the very little energy I have on getting off my knees. However I did respond to a post recently which I felt compelled to as the individual was in the depths of despair. Similarly, the members who have helped me have had what I hope was a gracious response from me and I have seen that other members who receive guidance/readings have done so too, but not all. Similarly, Readers have also been thankful for feedback and thanks.

    An ill considered post (request or response) could have an undesirable impact on an individual's emotional well being. I have no issue with WHAT is being said I just believe that HOW something is said is equally important. I am making no distinction here between Readers or Requestors.

    I agree that the forum and the "flavor" is representative of the participants, which brings me full circle back to the reason for my original post. Dx

  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to add that we are all needy/greedy or giving/selfless at various points in our lives. Remember there is a human being at the receiving end of your posts and if you would not like to receive the post you are about to send, then don't. Dx

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