• I have been searching for help for a long time.

    Im trying to move to a cheaper place cause I cant afford where im staying and Im having a baby in NOV and school is starting soon for my two kids which means I have to buy clothes,things for the new baby and i need more money to put carpet down and pay bills and move!! WIll someone please help me with a reading and tell me if i will get some money from somewhere!



  • Hazel if you can hang on until September, that month will be your month of triumph! A man is going to help you get what you need then. All your problems will be eased after August is over. Struggle will cease and you will find peace.

    Don't let a tendency towards worry and depression get the better of you now. You think you have to take charge and do everything yourself but, if you can adjust your attitude to allow others to help you, your whole life will change for the better. i know it's hard for you to open up and reveal yourself but developing more trust in others is the key to your success in life. Ask for what you need. You can't do everything yourself - none of us can. Distrust, control, and a desire to see justice against all those who have hurt you in the past are your biggest stumbling blocks so strive to get past them if you want your life to improve. Nursing old grudges and hurts just keeps you stuck in the past. Time to move ahead into your bright prosperous future! Let that wellspring of compassion and empathy in you radiate out to others and it will come back to you tenfold.

    I will put you on the Abundance Broadcast for this coming week. So can you give me your name and general location so we can hone in on your vibes?

  • Thank you so much captain! U are so right about everything! I do have a problem about asking for help and im really trying to let people in my circle.So many people say they will help me but im so scared cause of things in my past.I will open up more cause i was never so bottled up before the way i am now. I have so much love and compassion to give to others and you are right I have to get back to the real me! GOD BLESS U!

    Name: Kyenda from Detroit,MI


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