Being a scorpio!

  • Have started this to let fellow scorps post their opinions on being a scorpio and for others to ask about us, hopefully some understanding of our Mis-understood sign will be given and problems solved.

    Personally i love being a scorpio but at times am my own worst enemy.

  • Thats so true! Im can be my own worst enemy too! Im so critical of myself but not others aniff,THATS WEIRD! lol.I love the passion and grace I have being a scorpio. Scorpios are so classy also.I LOVE IT>

  • True, i also find people either really hate, fear or love me, no grey area's. I must have a pretty intense effect on people, but that comes with the star sign.

  • i love scopios

    i thinkthey are


    passionate, and sexy ... they will nearly always want to get revenge and never forget anything i belive.

    i like them because they are naughty, but you do have to beware of their jealous side and try not to hurt them or they will so get you back.

    me pisces...2 best friends and mother a scorpio and ex also!

  • also* very kind and generous, loyal. They really listen to you and great at giving advice. they dont like neediness am i right? this is my experience with many a scorp

  • Kezza333,

    Think you have that spot on, you just described me with an accuracy of 99.9% (just left that 0.01% for room to manouver).

  • ❤ scorps lol

  • This is awesome. Am a Scorpio and Kezza333 you described me except that I don't revenge though I don't forget. We are great pple the only problem is once we trust we get to involved and it is dangerous. I Love me though!!

  • I think I ❤ scorpios too. They can be amazingly caring but not show it and it makes me feel like the love they give is unconditional. The only down part is, when it comes to love, they likes to weigh it and expects the partner to put in as much or more into the relationship (correct me if i'm wrong scorps)

  • Just wanted to share my input about scorpios, i'm a pisces but i have been married to a great scorpio for over 27 years and dont think i could have found a better person if i would have been searching for that many years. I couldnt have ask for a better husband, father to our kids, are friend. He is a very hard worker and thinks that he ALWAYS needs something to do. He is very gifted i think havent found much of anything that he cant do. They do keep secrets well, but it seems when i have an ideal bout doing something i just about have to figure out a way to make him think it was his ideal to get it done, lol, dont know if its the scorpio part there are if it is just him. I would not get rid of my scorpio and feel God has blessed me with him.

  • met a new guy recently.. on a train!

    and he is a scorpio!

    fingers crossed it goes well! 🙂

  • piscies604, i think thats true

    if i really like someone i give 110% to them but if i'm not getting the same back then i tend to start thinking they're not really that interested.

    Down point of being a scorp, but i would'nt want to be anything else.

  • I am a female sag and have been in a relationship with my Leo for 3 1/2 yrs. We get along famously and have a wonderful easy going time and fun together. About a year ago a female Scorpio from his past entered the picture and came in and decided she wanted him and tried to hook him and quickly wanted to get married etc. This caused us to break apart because of her actions and games to make me think he was unfathful and get rid of me., and it worked because I wasnt going to put up with that ****. He and I never stopped interacting thru it all and he eventually told her to get lost. All this year we have gotten back close again and even closer this time have had a wonderful summer. Until abut 2 months ago Here she came again and in the same manner starting with an email to me that she was back in the picture . She has played the same games on facebook and the same exact situation as before. Claiming she is with him , when I know for fact he was with me, etc. Told me she wasnt stopping till she gets him to the white church. all total **** as this is MY boyfriend. Once again her games caused me to attack him when I really knew he was being honest for sure this time. We are broke up again because of this and I cant take no more . He wants to keep working it out, but the **** wont go away. To all Scorpio women ..What the **** is she playing? to get back the sting or what? and Leo men? whats the deal? who is going to be your choice, the SAG or the S!@$%^ I am broke up as for now. and had enough No offense to you Scorpios but this particular one has been a complete ruthless bitch and doesnt care that he and I were allready a couple, she told me she was gettin him regardless and only god will stop her. I have never ever seen anyone as wicked to another human. Im waiting for her to get her Karma and my Leo is once again trying toge rid of her but she wont get it. Help please.

  • yes ...i am my own worst enemy..because i do not trust no one but me..and i dont even understand this one..but i trust the one i love to and he hates least thats what it feels like..

  • she loves him and we never leave that man we love..and i am a scorpio and the opposite has happened to me..the sag woman manipulated the situation and now he and i no longer speak ..and i still love him..but i am not your scorpio girl..i do not have time for games..i want honesty and do not trust her..she is a scorpio..very smart..and she wants him back..i have me a leo 2..i have had him since j.h.s..then i started fucking him..and i never not leaving the one i love ..i dont care who he loves or who loves him..but i give him the room to make his own choice..i will not interfere in FREE now choose if u wanna stick around..we never give if u not prepared for the fight..bow out NOW..

  • not bowing out, i never give up either until im done, and if i get there theres no turning back . it will be history to me. sounds like the scorp loses, because of her own actions. sorry no offense to you

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