Alzheimers, is the soul still there

  • i was wandering if any one had input on what happens to people when they no longer know you or anyone else. have they died and crossed over and a sub spirit takes over ...any input what happens with alzheimer patents?

  • great question! I hope you get some answers! I cant wait to read them

  • Alzheimer's is a form of dementia caused by hardening of the arteries in the brain.

    Many patients do well for years, gradually regressing to childhood, babyhood and then being unable to swallow. Death usually follows soon afterwards. It is no one's fault. There is no medical cure for the disease, although some meds have proven to slow the effects.

    The best known way to describe it is detailed in the movie "The Notebook." Periods of momentary remembrance become shorter and shorter. When they die, they have no reason to come back as everything is gone from their memories.

    I've had many alzheimer patients, and they all follow a distinct path of degeneration. Families know that the person they once loved is physically present but not mentally engaging in meaningful life. When their minds have gone, in essence, what made them unique is gone, and what is left is the outer shell, something like cast-off skin or shedding hair that is no longer needed or serves a function.

    Most spirits who come back have a reason and a message to deliver to the right person. An alzheimer patient would not be one of them.

  • i was just wondering.. i have a family member who has gotton to the point where she no longer knows us at any point..esp her husband....she looks at him strangley... he is kinda weird.. i'm wandering if he abused her in some way.

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  • about alzheimer you can google it for more information. there are a lot of online articles that are free about it. and the doctor should be able to explain to you the symptoms and how to deal with them.

    as long as she is still alive, her spirit or soul hasn't left her. it will if she dies. if she doesn't know people because of certain disease causes it to happen, then it is not spiritual case.

    it is not impossible that she is suffering spiritually, but healing her spiritually will not cure her alzheimer although it may help to a certain degree for example it will return her will to live and fight back the disease.

    certain healers believe that all sickness is homesickness. we have strayed away from our home too long and can not find our way back and therefore we are suffering spiritually. If the suffering is not dealt with properly and timely, it can create visible problems on the physical. but if these physical problems are not dealt properly and timely, it will not be possible to reverse the damage even if the spiritual problems are solved.

    The physical is only a temporary plane, as such is not as strong as the psyche. It is not meant to be permanent for the universe doesn't see death as the end. It sees it as a way for the spirit to leave the body and occupy another or linger in the physical world or return to spirit world (aka home) whichever the spirit chooses to do or be instructed to do by the universe.

    So if you want to find out for sure, take her to a spiritual healer. anyone that you feel can shine a light into the matter. Her spirit/soul hasn't left her, but it is slowly leaving her. I don't know how much time she has left to fight back the disease, but if the damage on the brain cell is on a high level, it shows that her time is close and nothing or nobody can act against the universe, not even a spiritual healer.

    Very sorry to say this. It's all I can say for now but try take her to spiritual healer see what they say. You need to also find out about her situation with the medical doctor. healers are healers, no matter what plane they are working on. consider both sides' say.

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