Please someone help my family, and my heart full of fear

  • I have this burning fear in me where it makes it hard to sleep think or consentrate on anything....Im dying inside more and more everyday trying to live my life with this and no knowing the truth.... can anyone answer me these questions I have? My husband and I were seperated for a couple months and had a fling with this women anyways now all the sudden she is pregnant and she says it is his. I need to know is it his is she lying and what is going to happen with my family, We got back together we are happy and our family is doing great I dont want to ruin my life over this. please if anyone can help me is this baby his and what is going to happen....

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  • Jenna 29 may I please suggest that you talk to Blmoon or The Captain.

    These two are excellent psychics on this Forum.

    Also, I would like to say that I am SO SICK and tired of good families being ripped apart by SLUTS. PLEASE find it in your heart to forgive your husband. These women are VERY Calculating and Sneaky.

    They start off as being nice, and then as soon as the man is caught off guard, they will pounce on - a lot of times the unsuspecting man- that is when things spiral out of control.

    I have seen so many families ruined in my parents church. These women target Christain Families especially (Reason being, Christain Women are not willing to do certain acts in the bedroom; therefore, promising to fulfill the husbands fantasies, is an easy sell.... to the weak Christain Male mind).

    Again, I will PRAY hard and long for your family.

  • if you go on the websites i put and look up the individual card meanings its easy to understand.....

  • hey jenna29 please hang in there she will go away it may take time but she will go away

    as what pilot007 said she is so on the mark with these type of women. (been going thru it myself and the stupid woman is married she calls, texts& chats withhim online on facebook & isntant messenger) but I have notice since we have been building our relationship again she is fading away)

    as for her supposed baby two words paternity test!!

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  • i think you are going to be ok. stay positive and make the best of the situation as best you can. I think you are strong enough to get through this. and believe that you are and that you can do this . believe in yourself and ask the angels for help too!

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  • Look Jenne29...YOU are human, I do not think that individuals would expect you to accept this child with open arms.

    This is so unfair to you 😞 AND it is unfair to the unborn child as well!!!

    SO, what we have here, are TWO victims;YOU and the unborn child.

    Having someone elses child outside of a marriage CHANGES the whole Family Dynamic.

    It is one of the worst betrayals that a man could do to his wife!!

    May I suggest that you watch and read Interviews of that one politician"s wife (Elizabeth Edwards). I think she wrote a book as well.

    If the child is his...I would also find a support group that deals with this type of situation as well.

    Unfortunately, this woman will be part of your life for 18 years if this is the case.

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