When a man falls in love with you,what kind of signs you can say?

  • hey everyone,

    I would like to really understand what happens a man,when a man falls in love with you???

    could you please share your experiences wtih us??


    enjoy your day!!!!

  • In my experience, it's not what people say to you about how they love you, but what they do and how they treat you that best shows how they really feel. Anyone who treats you badly does not love you.

  • That is so true. Actions always speak louder than words. Love is beautiful. Love gives and receives, but it should not ever take, expect or demand.

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  • hey

    @Captain ,I agree with you..Love comes with peace,happiness .....not with wars etc....I guess love is kind of feeling that does not need to be proved...

    But sometimes as woman you need to hear...maybe ...It is about receiving...


    What you said is very interesting..I did not pay attention to that...

    thank u all

    all these made me happy:)))

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