Gwalchmai GAVIN please !

  • Hi gwalchmai, Gavin!

    I requested you for a reading before too.

    Im torn between what my heart tells me and what common sense pushes me to do. I want you to do a reading for me drgagannagi 1 march 77 17:57 india and him gurbirgill 6 jan 82 18:26 india. what do you see for us? what has been the past present and future of this friendship?

  • Not only would I be happy to do the reading for you, but I'll also figure out each of your Soul & Personality cards. This will be of immense help to both of you.

    There are others ahead of you, but I will get to this as soon as I'm able.


  • Thanks Gavin, when can I probably expect to get a glimpse of your pyschic powers?

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