Do I have a chance?

  • Hello! I don't really post here, but I have lurked here on occasion...I need advice concerning a man I had a recent fling with and was hoping if anyone could shed some light. Last week I had asked a psychic if I was ever going to see him again (we live over a thousand and a half miles away from each other; he came to my city on a business trip). I really had no expectations, and I was prepared to hear a direct "no" or "maybe in 6 months to a year." To be honest, I was looking forward to another little "fling" with this man and not an actual relationship (LOL).

    Well, after I dealt the cards, the answer was surprising for the both of us. She told me that if I left the door open for him (and I have a window period of about 4 months), I could develop a relationship with this man (!). Needless to say, I was really stunned and said, "what?!" She thought it was strange, too, especially given our living and work circumstances. She told me some very sweet things about him saying that I left a strong impression on him and I'm on his mind as I am with him. 😄 I was very flattered.

    Yet, I couldn't help but have this nagging feeling in the back of my head if it were true (even though I trust her opinion very much; she's incredibly accurate). Recently, I have e-mailed him a couple times just to "test" him, and he's always replied very eagerly and with great pleasure. However, I'm I really have a chance at having a relationship with him? Especially since we both live in opposite states? His job requires him to travel extensively, and I am still struggling to get by; moving would be difficult for either of us. And also, we only knew each for a short period of time; I treated it as a very simple fling.

    I need some honest feedback about this because I really cannot wrap my mind around how it would work (and trust me, the psychic was also shocked, too). LOL, I am prepared to hear the worst. If it helps, he's a Cancer and I'm a Gemini.

  • I also wanted to add that this man confessed to me in a joking manner he'd make a bad boyfriend; he did NOT come off as someone who wanted a relationship (I know he's had several flings) and I didn't mind that as I was also looking for a fling. So this whole relationship idea reallly throws me off.

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