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  • i love pictures of whitelight

  • Awesome Avatar. And thanks Paddi, no rush, enjoy the party, another milestone good for the little one.

  • Dear RC,

    I asked the Archangels which one would be able to assist you the best and the one they chose for you is Jophiel,

    Here is some info ,

    Archangel Jophiel 's name means "beauty of God." She's the patron archangel of artists who help us to see and maintain beauty in life. Call upon her before beginning any artistic project. Since Jophiel is involved in beautifying the planet by cleansing it of pollution, you can also ask her for a n assignment to help in this vital mission. I also call Jophiel the "feng shui" angel, because she can help you clear out clutter from your home, office or even your life in general.

    I will also send healing energy to your friend i hope that you are feeling heaps better

    Lots of love Mags

  • Dear Mishelly,

    I have also asked the angels which one would be the best for you as well and the one they chose was Zadkiel, heres some info

    Archangel Zadkiel

    Zadkiel’s name means “Righteousness of God”. Archangel Zadkiel helps you in developing compassion and forgiveness. Archangel Zadkiel also helps those who are in the teaching profession and students. Generally he can help you to access knowledge and understand it.

    Hope that all is well Lots of love Mags


  • Thank you Mags I will put that to good use.

  • living on a prayer,

    i want to thank you ever so much from the bottom of my hear for responding to my post to you,

    the angel you sent to amantin is just breathtaking, amazingly beautiful, also thank you for explaing the angel of healing for her, i truly appreciated that detail, some things in spirtuality i am rather new to , you made it quite easy for me, i just pray that soon we get a answer from her, and also thank you for letting me know what you saw in her, god bless all the wonderful souls in this forum and in this world,

    have a great day, follow by many more great days,

    yes, i am aware of the name change, i think this one is more suitable for you, it sounds like you, living on a prayer for all those in need, just beautiful!



    blessings and light!

  • Dear Ramonita ,

    Youre very welcome and thankyou very much for your kind words , i think that Sheila and yourself are true earth angels for caring and worrying so much about Amantin, i am sending out positive affirmations to the universe surrounding her in whitelight and envisioning her making contact with us again i will ask Chamuel and Sandolphon( who is the angel that was chosen for me ) to assist me with this Shatz and yourself can also do this if you want the more mind power the better . I pray hope the we hear from her soon take care ((HUGS2U)) Mags

  • living on a prayer,

    i sent you a post to my post,

    thank you so much,

    you are also a angel, here to help others,

    god bless you every second of your life.

    hugs, ramonita

  • Dear Ramonita

    Thankyou so much for your kind words .

    ((HUGS2U)) MAGS

  • my journey,

    just got up to start my day look all over the place for you, i believe you are sleeping, may god bless your sleep, may you feel great when you get up to start your day, happy i wont say because you are a beautiful sparkling bubble of happiness, already, just stay happy,


    hugs ramonita

  • Today could be a rough day, it's a day to remember, perhaps for some it is a day of wonder or worry. Today is also an opportunity for each and every one of us to do good, make a difference in someone's life. It sounds like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Perhaps you could reach out and call a friend or relative you haven't spoken to recently to see how they are doing. Maybe say hello to a neighbor you haven't met yet, introduce yourself. Talk to your children, not at them, to them. Make a cake, what you say there's no special occasion. Just celebrate the new day and those you get to share it with that is special enough. Drop some change in the donation cup for the ball team, the scouts, Ronald McDonald house, it may only be a little but everyone's little can add up to a lot.

    I saw a clip on the upcoming tv movies and there is a one coming on called "Pay it forward" I've seen it before, it's a great story. I can't wait to see it again, I hope to watch it with the little one because it's important to me that she learn to give to others and appreciate what she has and is blessed to have. Not that my daughter won't teach her such things but lately she doesn't have much time so while she is in sponge mode I am trying to make sure she absorbs lots of good examples to live her life by. Yesterday she learned you clean up after you mess up. Naturally every kid makes some kind of a mess while they are playing, toys strewn about, but yesterday she learned if you pick up one little thing and put it back as you go along it's a lot less to clean up when you are done. No fancy book learning, just basic common sense stuff but a big lesson to a 2 year old. I already know she is a remarkable person, she will touch the lives and hearts of others in tremendous ways during her lifetime. Love, consideration, kindness pours out of her and that will make a difference in the lives of others. We should all strive to have such an impact on someone each and every day.

  • Good evening dear friends, I have been wallowing in a low state for the past couple of days without really knowing why, it started when a client I translated for said that the translation was grammatically correct but commercially needed to be altered slightly and it made me wonder what kind of life we are living where you can't do business without talking straight. Legal language is the same. It is all for show. That combined with kids who don't listen and bad weather was a bad mix. I am also really thinking the move to Ireland through and have caught myself continuously finding excuses for not doing it. So now I have decided to slowly start checking out the possibilities, I would love to have a B&B there, and to find ways to get the cash together. I wish someone could tell me if I am doing the right thing. It feels good and I guess if it is wrong the angels and guardian spirits will be quick enough to put a block in my way.

    x to you all and my thoughts are with those who lost loved ones 9 years ago today.

    x Sheelagh

  • Dear RC,

    Pay it forward is a great movie (not only because it has jon bonjovi in it LOL) I really love the concept .I hope that you are feeling ok my heart and thoughts go out to you, and to all who lost loved ones in this tradgedy, i cant believe that 9 years have passed already its still imprinted in my memory as if it happend yesterday . The world has changed so much since that day . Take care RC sending whitelight and hugs your way Lots of love Mags

    "May the white light not only shine upon you but fill you up to overflowing abundance. You deserve it. We all do!!

  • Dear Shelagh,

    Im so sorry to hear that you have been going through a bad patch i hope that things improve for you soon i know what its like with kids and all . I am still praying to Archangel Raguel for you ,i hope that your littleone enjoyed thier birthday party . Sending an abundance of whitelight 2u

    Lots of love Mags ((HUGS))

    May the white light not only shine upon you but fill you up to overflowing abundance. You deserve it. We all do!!

  • Thanks Mags, I'm doing ok. Just very reflective yesterday and it felt impressed upon me that it not be a forgotten moment in time or in my own life. Events like that make others thinking of war and getting back at people, looking out for number one when in my opinion those are the times when you should real dig the deepest to sort of rise above the ashes, find some good in all the bad, touch others in a positive way, not negative. Anyway, I'm ok.

  • May the white light not only shine upon you but fill you up to overflowing abundance. You deserve it. We all do!!

    Mags you need it too.

    I did a chakra cleansing last night before going to sleep and I feel very relaxed today. When I am relaxed my kids and my husband are also automatically relaxed too so things are quite peaceful here. Funny how they all pick up on and react to my mood, I can understand it from my kids but not from hubby.

    I also read Captain's blog and she is so right, we block, or at least I do, ourselves off to keep hurt out and block everything else too including love. I am going to work on this.

    Hope you are all having a nice Sunday

    x S

  • Dear RC,

    I totally agree i do feel that as time goes on people will rise above the ashes and see the positive maybe when our little ones become adults, but the sadness and pain are still fresh in most peoples minds today. Im so glad that your ok Take care lotsof love Mags

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    Im glad that your chakra cleansing helped to relax you how do you go about doing one ?

    Is it something thats easily learnt ? I have done whitelight on myself and it did put me in a more positive frame of mind . I to find that if im more relaxed so is the rest of the family i think that the kids pick up on the vibes the most as they are very sensitive souls . I havent read the captains blog i must go and check it out when i have time .

    Take care Lots of love Mags

  • Mags, my chaka cleansing is a pretty standard one I think, actually I have no idea since I never talked about it to anyone. All it is is moving from chakra to chakra from the base to the crown and observing the colours of my chakras and if they are a bit dull then I do breathing exercises to them until the colour is more shiny and I try to release any muck that might be there. And at the end I have a nice shiny row of equally balanced chakras and I feel good and centred.

    There are two energy springs - the ground, Mother Earth, and the Great Universe (God, whatever, Cosmos). Some people draw their energy up from the ground by placing their feet firmly on it and breathing the energy up, and some absorb the whte light from above, sending it to each chakra, or some people actually send the white light out from their own heart chakra but I have not tried that yet. Some say that the kundulini energy lies coiled like a serpent in your base chakra waiting to be awakened by the white light coming from above or the power from the earth, but you have to waken it carefully anad be relatively strong enough when you do it because the energy is very powerful and can lead to over-agitation, nervousness, sleepless nights etc. So if you do the white light do it gently.

    If anyone has better tips or anything to correct or add I would be very interested.

    Wow don't I sound like an expert. It is my favourite theme though. Chakras.

    I hope your white light is filling you to overflowing abundance.

    x Sheelagh

  • Dear Sheelagh ,

    Thankyou so much for for explaining everything to me i will give it a try ive seen lots of pictures on it like the one that im going to put on my post now it will be interesting to learn something new im very attracted to the bright colours of the Chakras . I hope that all is well Take care Lotsof love and(( Hugs ))2u Mags

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