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  • Hi Kaz,

    Welcome to CLUB TAURUS i have been in your shoes many time, its so exhausting trying to make and keep everybody happy ,dont worry this awful phase will pass soon try not to let it get you down I totally understand where you are coming from whenever you need to lighten your load like i have done in my post to RC we will always be here for you .

    (((Sending love and whitelight your way )))) your friend Mags

  • Good Morning

    Mags, so glad I could help. Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest and off your plate I love that you have done that here. Good for you! Glad your eldest is feeling better and I bet the little one is loving Thomas and you know your daughter is getting to & fro safely can't ask for more than that.

    I totally agree with you about the unplugged is the way to go. I hear ya, if it doesn't take batteries and make some kind of noise or plug in they don't want it. i buy the educational stuff puzzles books etc. You should have seen my daughters face when she caught me and the little one acting out the nursery rhymes. I make her use her imagination because it will serve her in the future. I don't think she understands as much as she just enjoys playing with Mom Mom but I love the time we have together. I'm a little short on time so will stop there for now, know I am thinking of you and proud of you. Will try to check back later.

    Kaz, welcome, hope you enjoy the site and the wonderful people here, it's a great place to just be yourself.

    Mishelly, I love that. Enjoy that play time. We all deserve it and wouldn't you feel worse if you looked back ten years and could only remember the clean kitchen floor. Life is about the people in it and the love we share, the rest is just stuff. Have a great day everyone.

  • Oh I am so glad is it not just me who prefers to spend time with the kids than with the housework. The dust will still be there when the chicks have flown from the nest. I'll worry about it then. Im am Irish and the Dutch housewives here (in Holland of course) are all very perfect. I don't know how they do it. Still I always think, but have never had to say, did you come to see me or to check the state of my house? The vacuum cleaner is under the stairs, off you go.

    Kaz welcome, I hope you find as much inspiration and friendship on this thread and on the forum as I have done.

  • Dear Mishelly,

    Sorry forget to add in my post to you that i think Mishelly is such alovely name, im pretty sure that my little one watches a kids show that has a character with the same or similar name its so cute .

    ((Peace love and light )) Mags

  • Girls, to just wanted to say, I had a very wonderful day today !! It started off by reading here. And, I do not know about all of you, but just knowing that there are women out there like me, who can TOTALLY understand and know those deep places that I have been, and well, that we can share them and not feel all gives me energy. It does. In a cool way, I carrid all of you around in myheart today. I just pictured all of us at peace. Smiling, laughing and living as were are supposed too !!

    Dust bunnies be da***d !! lol


  • Mishelly I think everyone who joins a group like this has the pleasure of realizing just that. Once we touch one another and realize we are not alone, we find strength in numbers if you will. I know with all of you with me I am a stronger person and I am proud to do the same for each of you. Many blessings.

  • RC, back at you my love !! reading your posts, is like reliving my life. At that time I felt so alone. yet, now I do not. It reconfirms where I want to go. YOu are one of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the good pleasure to encounter !!

    Love ya !!


  • Mishelly I am humbled by the admiration. Thank you so very much. I was venting my frustrations to my brother yesterday about someone not treating another fairly. He stopped me in my tracks and said "that is really important to you isn't it?" I said, "yes it is, I know I sound like a little kid but it's not fair and they deserve to be treated better". The It's not fair, made him laugh, you're still so innocent at times he said. What's wrong with wanting to see people treated fairly. They give of themselves and get treated like dirt it's just not right in my eyes. I guess I look out for the underdog but still it got under my skin.

    Isn't it amazing how we strangers for all intensive persons can have so much in common and think the same way? Take note we can't both be crazy.......LOL In other words I think we must be doing something right, society as a whole may not have accepted it yet but there is still hope for us.

    Love the energy, support and encouragement of all of you here, thank you.

  • There was a notice up on a toilet - ever met someone normal? And what was it like? I think if people could just accept other people for what they are then life would be a whole lot simpler. Heineken is in the fridge.

  • very true !! it seems so simple, yet, very often do the majority of people do that.

  • RC

    My little one is the only one of my kids that is interested in toys my eight year old is still alittle bit but not much , i think that its sad that it everything is so hi tech nowadays when im playing with the little one its great to see him use his imagination talking to the toys interacting with them not glued to a screen .


    Yes it would be nice if people could just accept people for who they are ,i think that this is one of my faults as i expect people to treat me how i treat them and as ive found out this is not always the case but im slowly learning to accepting this.

  • I am glad your little one is stretching the old imagination muscle. I certainly encourage it at our place which I think deep down makes my daughter wonder about me and my sanity. LOL I talk to the little one at our place about the things Mom Mom did as a kid, how we had to do our homework first then we could go outside to play but we had to be in when the street lights came on. Life isn't like those days anymore and that is so very sad. Mind you I guess for those who think alternatively our parents may have had no clue where we were for hours and hours at a time but rest assured if we had gotten ourselves into trouble we'd have heard about it from numerous neighbors even before the folks got work we need to a good talking to. Imagine what the children of today would do with an 8 hour play day outside without a battery operated anything or something that connected to a tv set? Half the population would just morph into zombies of "I'm bored". I figure I have an opportunity to make an impact on our little one that could sculpt in some way the person she becomes. I prefer that to complaining about what she has become later. The other day she sat three feet from the television and said where's the remote, turn off the tv. I turned it off alright and we were tv-less for the remainder of the day. She didn't die from the experience like some teens might think possible but the first hour was no fun for me. LOL

  • RC,

    I remember the days like you said when we would play out in the street for hours on end in the freshair all in a group, now its like a ghost town very rarely do you see kids on the streets i wont let mine play out in the front yard as i live on a busy road but it wouldnt matter if i lived on a qiuet street either it doesnt feel safe anymore .

    My two boys were outside today playing on the swingset and the trampoline it was very good to see them getting some fresh air as it has been so cold here the poor things have been stuck inside for ages because weve had so much heavy rain which is good because we are in a drought and i have green grass again (not dirt) hooray!!!!!!!

    I constantly hear IM BORED thats one thing as a kid i dont ever remember being times have defenetley changed .The best times i had in summer when i was a kid was running under the sprinkler in the backyard it was even better then going to the swimming pools my kids cant even do that because if the drought its the simple things that were the best fun.

  • Hey, we live out in the country..we do not do TV....yes, we have internet, and my son plays and loves xbox live...but since my kids were born, they would rather be outside.

    When i had the satelitte shut off, I realized a couple of things. 1st being..hey I am in control here. lol

    Imaginations are a wonderful gift. The ability to just even greater gift. When my kids were little, one of their favorite times to play was during and after a be so carefree....that was part on my quest.

    I never care to purposelfully make myself feel overburdened and strapped by things again.

  • I wish my kids had more space around them to play outside, this is one of the reasons I want to move away from here. Whenever we go to the country they are out all day. I grew up in the country as well and our stepmother forbid telly and that was not so cool because we couldn't talk to friends about whatever series was on. So I will never ban telly in our house. The things have off buttons. We don't have nintendos or wiis or xbox or any of that stuff though, the kids are too young yet, in my eyes and I think they are much more addictive and difficult to control than telly. However, each to his own. When we are in the country the kids don't even ask for telly.

  • The kids get to keep up on the popular shows. they watch it at their friends house, etc. You are right, the xbox live an dstuff like that, can be very addicting. You just have to be careful.

    But the country is wonderful. So differentt than city living.

  • Oh yes it is so different. I chose not to stay in a rural area after growing up in rural Ireland of the 70's but now that I am older and hve kids I can rreally feel my heart tugging me back, whether there or in another country. I don't need the hussle and bussle of city life anymore, teh feeling you are not isolated because there are loads of people around you. well I have found I have never felt so isolated as living in a city full of people, so anonymous. I want the community spirit again. I guess both have their goods and bads.

  • I admire you so much for not doing the tv thing. We at our house are addicted in many ways to the old b**b tube. You should see the reaction I get when I turn it off around the little one. She has a hard time understanding we don't need it on right now. I put on some music or we just play or read. I think the tv causes a lot of nervous energy in children (adults too) it's like a stimulant and not in a good way more often than not. I'll admit I have some shows I like to catch up on but I'd like to think I don't need it. Kind of sounds like a drug doesn't it?

    I wrote something today on the "thankful" thread that I wanted to share with you here. It's a piece of my own personal journey in growth and healing. It just struck me with such awe today it seemed worthy of sharing with those I care about.

    Today I am thankful that although the revelations in my life come slow, they come. As I sat today watching little one sleep, moments of her mothers growing up flashed through my head. And it suddenly occurred to me how much time, how many years I have wasted living in guilt for something I had no reason to feel guilty. Bringing a beautiful child into the world who I'll admit has been a handful, even in those times was no less a blessing. I thought back to days when I avoided dating because her needs came first. I thought of the jobs I chose because they would better support her even if I was not happy in doing them. I thought of the people I surrounded myself with for her in spite of how some of them hurt me over the years. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I can finally let go of that guilt and know I did my best with all I had, that it was for the greater good of my family. Recently I shared with my brother part of something I think Captain said about us not being Humans caught in a supernatural world but Supernatural beings trapped in human existence. Since reading that things are just beginning to click. I don't know if it will prove to carry me over the hump but it is definitely giving me the push I needed to start the ascent up the hill. So much energy and time lost to an unnecessary feeling that was so debilitating, the second it occurred to me I swear it felt like rocks falling off my shoulders. I am thankful it's never too late to learn something new, change your life for the better or appreciate those in it.

  • LivingonaPrayer

    "I'm bored" how many times have you heard it or said it in your lifetime. Way too man right? Just imagine it's a hundred years ago, a hundred and fifty years ago, two hundred years ago. We think we are bored when there is nothing to do. Our ancestors lived lives where there was so much to do there was no time for just living. I do genealogy research so hunting family and history go hand in hand for me. But I often think about my great great great grandmother and wonder how on earth did she do all that she did, raise a family of 12, support her husband, do all the wifely chores and help out on the farm and live to be in her 80's having endured all that. They were strong women then, stronger than us (sorry girls), they had to prepare a meal, well first you had to go fetch the eggs, or gather the food from the garden, if there was meat or poultry involved you had to kill it and clean it first, butcher it, prepare it and cook it. And we complain about waiting by our microwave ovens for something to heat up for a whole minute. I think about how we open our refrigerator and pour some milk when the children are thirsty, what if you were getting up to go milk the cow to be able to do that every morning? We fuss about doing the wash, at least you aren't beating it on a rock down by the river. I often think back to when I was a kid, as a tomboy I got dirty, I could get more grass stains on my jeans than any boy I played with, it used to frustrate my mother so much but in the long run she just reached for the laundry pretreatment some spray in wash or shout and off the washer it went. What if you not only had to get the stains out of those pants but first you had to make the darn things by hand. Talk about having to be a jack of all trades. Our great great great grandmothers were remarkable women and their blood courses through our veins. We are a much lazier society, so addicted to our technology and battery operated gadgetry we can't live without. But deep down my friends we have their strength within us, we need only to tap into it to become the powerful people they know we are deep down. Maybe we don't bake cookies from scratch or ring the neck of the chicken we're eating for dinner but the enormous love with which all of that was made possible is a part of us, it beats within our very hearts and is there for us to share with our families, our friends, and all those whose lives we touch each day. The next time you are impatient waiting for the microwave to beep or the pot on the stove to boil, take a second to remember your ancestors, the grandma somewhere in your past who made your very life possible today, take a breath, push away the days frustrations and be thankful. We are so very blessed.

  • Oh paddifluff !! if I could live in rural Ireland....the land of my bones.....i am in America....6th generation immigrant. yet, even though I have not been there, i long for ireland !! I love to read books where ireland is the country surrounding the characters. I get so consumed in those books !!

    And, if it is any consolation, i have felt isolated and alone in the country when all was not well with my soul.

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