Here goes anything goes !

  • Hello all 🙂

    Hi Paddi, well about the boyfriend turnaround we will see... I'm hoping to see him this week, keep your fingers crossed everyone!

    I'll let u know what happens 🙂

    Good luck to all of you in your different projects... so much going on this month uh? mine will just get crazier the next two weeks... today was my free day and did a bunch of laundry... at least i'll have clean clothes for another while...

    Hugs to all!

  • Paddi,

    I'm back, guess "it's quiet" means I must make more noise on here than i realized but that is ok. I don't mind one bit being known for my noise factor. I was famous for it as a kid, the girl with the loudest yell when the mom's around needed to get their kids to come home. Man I haven't thought about that in years. It's great to be back, I have a lot to read to catch up but have missed you all. Paddi, did you need something specific or did you just me? Either way I'm flattered. LOL

  • HI all great to have you back RC

  • Mags there you are, I sent you a message. It's good to be back, thanks.

  • HI everyone, hope you are all okay, I am fine, we did not get a sale for the company today, at least not in the near future but we will keep trying. The best part of the day was coming home and having my girls jump on me with squeals of delight at seeing me. I was gone for about 4 hours in total. it was so sweet. I know why I chose being a Mama as my lifetime career. Those little moments are so rewarding.


  • That is the best feeling ever Sheelagh kids are so precious

  • Mishelly where are you?

    i hope all is well its a shame that theres not much going on at this thread anymore as it brang us all together as a circle of sisters . Hope to catch up with you soon

    Take care lots of love Mags xx

  • Wow didn't realize it had been so long since we all got to chat here. Ditto Mishelly, hope you and yours are doing well. Hey Mags.

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