Here goes anything goes !

  • Mishelly, why so absent? Have you been busy lady? Missed you. Try as I might I can't seem to get the whole chat thing figured out, if you can let me know. We are in transitional times, the oddities are "normal".

  • Good morning new day new chances new week let's hope it brings results. Hubby has been asleep for 17 hours. Hope he wakes in a good mood lol.

  • Hi All

    Sheelagh ive never heard of anyone sleeping that long before does he always sleep for that many hours?

  • NO he doesn't though he does sleep a lot, he never gets up in the morning before 9.30am. He was on a night rain back from berlin and I don't think he slept much so he was catching up. Luxurious life that he has.

  • Perhaps he'll solve your housing dilemma in his slumber.

  • LOL he didn't solve anything except his sleepiness. I have made a decision - I am not accepting the lease-buy offer because of the legal problems that might arise at some point and because I want it to be mine. I sent a mail to the owner and thanked her and said we were just not able to get the funds together so she should not consider us potential buyers anymore and if the day should come that we do have the funds and the house is still there then we will be happy bunnies. I had to make that decision. it is eating me up otherwise.


  • Yes! I have been so super busy! But it is all good! 😉

  • Hi all


    I hope that tarot card i pulled didnt worry you the owner might come back to you and lower the price i could do with some sleep like your hubby has didnt get to bed until 5am no more sleepins for me back to kinder and school in the next few days .

  • Awww Paddi, I know you were struggling with it so you have to do what is right for you. You never know what miracles could find their way to you & yours. Don't lose hope, you will find the perfect house.

  • Well I am kind of hoping for a miracle. If it is meant for us it won't leave us alone. Mags hoope you get some sleep when your brood go back to school. Oh and by the way listen to your Mum, as you know yourself they are usually spot on with their advice. And yes I have been taking in to consideration that lady and the advice to be patient and not rush it. It is how I feel too.

    Have a good day girls, will be online round the same time as yesterday if anyone else is.

  • Woohoo the tarot cards arrived, can't wait to get crackin, can I use you all as guinea pigs again please???

    Forgot to mention that every time I ask Archangel Michael for help or white light he comes and stands beside me and you know we have a really great laugh most of the time. How strange is that. He gave me a huge big hug yesterday. I thought these angels were supposed to be divine and supreme and distant. This one isn't . He is lovely. Like a real mate. Invisible friend. Oh dear I wonder what the experts would say to that. An invisible friend. Ah who cares.

  • Hi Sheelagh,

    I would love to be a guinea pig for you and when i find my proper cards( as ive hid them somewhere in the house from littleone)you can do the same for me . Thats great you are communicating with the angels on a level like that i was wondering when you get chance could you ask him which Archangel guides me the most? I feel that it is Sanolphon it would be great to know for sure , My kids go back tomorrow so i will be able to start getting back into the swing of things and practise reading again with some peace and quiet .

  • Hi girls just popping in to say hello, won't have internet for a few more days or so we're about 75% moved.....wish us luck on the balance. Miss you all.

  • Miss you to RC,

    Cant wait to chat with you soon.

  • Luck RC !!

  • wow Paddi, that's wonderful!! I love that you can see Archangel Michael... I always tell them that I wish I could see them to have some company here 😞

    LOL well maybe he'll tell you one day why I cant see him... maybe I'm doing something wrong 🙂

    Paddi, another question, I didn't understand, do you need to know that my friend/boyfriend knows that I want to contact his mother or can you do it anyway? I haven't asked him but if you want me to I can.

    Just wanted to say Hi to all of you here also 🙂 Hugs!

  • Happy, his mother will be in his surroundings and not in yours and I just do not like to invade another person's area without their person, in fact don't even know if that is possible.

  • Paddi, it's no problem at all I will ask him, perhaps she'll want to send him a message...

    🙂 I'll let you know what happens

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    Have a wonderful week all!!

  • HI Happy, pity about your boyfriend, can you find a work-around?

    Darn it is quiet on ehre without RC. COme back soon woman!

  • Hi all ,

    Hope all is well yes it is quiet i miss RC its not the same without her but it is quiet on most of the threads lately Sheelagh would love to have caught up tonight but i will have to turn in soon as i have to get up for school its been exhausting trying to get back into the swing of things .

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