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  • Sheelagh ,

    Thankgod he is ok the rain is torrential here at the moment i must admit its starting to worry me its so loud im worried the roof might cave in it hasnt stopped raining for days and they said theres more to come .I totally understand his dread about mozzies they are bad enough here as it is without floods .

  • Hi guys ,

    Where are you all ?

  • Here I am Mags !! I have a ton of stuff going on girls. Most of it is good. Except my upcoming surgery. But, it is not a major one, so, it will be ok.

    J and I are doing great ! We had our 1 year. Time flies. His ex still hates me, but, nothing I can do about that. It is just sad. B/C the kids suffer. J is my rock. We compliment each other so well.

  • Thats wonderful Mishelly about you and J its great that you have someone who you can count on to be there for you. My husband has been so good latley its like we are first dating again hes really taking an interest and talking again with no dark clouds and all .

    .Im sure that all will go well with your surgery if you say it is a minor one .

  • Hi folks

    hope your surgery gooes well Mishelley.Things with my hubby are going well at the moment too thankfully, it makes for a very pleasant atmosphere in the house. it was his birthday yesterday.

    Busy sorting out how to get that house in Ireland, the owner wants to take part of the land and build a house beside it so I have asked her how much it would cost if we bought the land and built our own house instead as they are so emotionally attached to the house and the location. Understandably. Truth be said we cannot afford her asking price.

    xbetter try and sort through my messy house

  • Sheelagh, mags - I am so glad to hear all is going well with your husbands. I don't know how to describe it, but after the last retrograde, I feel so different. it could just be an age thing, I know we are all close in age, but I was wondering if any of you felt it too.

    And, it just isn't in my relationship that I feel differently, it seems to be an overall change. I feel calmer, I still worry, but as a taurus, I don't expect that to ever change. But I feel like I have come full circle, pardon the phrase, but that really sums it up.

  • I kind of agree with you Mishelley, I also feel alot more power coming from inside and I am not afraid to let it shine outwards anymore. I think I have a bit left to go in my circle though...

  • Sheelagh - I get that. I feel the same way regarding the inner power coming out. This is such anew place for me to be. I have had to be somewhat careful, as to not freak everyone around me out. Why oh why is that such a strong Taurus trait?

    It is like they are on page 8 and I am on page 152.......

  • Mishelly, I hear that. Isn't it amazing that we feel like the world looks at us at times like where on earth did that come from? What's wrong with you? When deep down we are wondering the same about them. In going through the motions of preparing for our move, I've been very methodical, I have a list to follow, a destination in mind and I'm keeping a steady aggressive pace to achieve that goal. But at times I feel like I'm leaving the world behind in the dust and their all looking at me shaking their heads like I'm the crazy one. I know what you mean when you say you are being careful not to freak everyone out. I want to say come on, get on board, this is for you too you know. How do people go through life on that treadmill affect? Me I want to climb the mountain and see the sights from the very top. Perhaps it is my person desire to achieve it, to see the beauty in the world that is there every day if only we take the time to appreciate it.

    My daughter she is focused on the end of the world coming in 2012 and what can she do to enjoy her life before that happens. Her most recent brainstorm, marriage and another child. Sometimes I'm the one shaking my head.....

  • I'm with you Rc....I would much rather be on the top of the mountain enjoying the view, then stuck in the valley, lost. At least we all have each other to understand us !!

  • Well sorry but I think if I thought the world was going to end in 2012 (which it might indeed do) then I would not (in retrospect) get married nor would I put another chld on the planet just to have it destroyed as well. All things to tie me down. I would leave my cul de sac (Garfield) and go and see the world while it was still there. But hey that is in retrospect.

    Get yer walking boots on girls we are going to the top.

  • If the world is going to end i hope that we all go together and no one is left behind i used to worry about things like this not anymore if it is going to happen which i highly doubt why worry as there is nothing we can do about it .

  • Hi all just popping in before the little one rises from her slumber. I told my daughter life is too short to spend the whole time worrying about when yours will end or when the world's will end. She complains I live in the past with my genealogy sounds to me like she is wasting so much time in the future that she missed out on the present. Time to live for today. As one of my friends says hope for the best, prepare for the worst and let the pieces fall where they may.

  • Your friend uses very wise words RC, ive already wasted to much time and effort worrying about things that may never happen, nowadays i can think of alot better ways to focus my energy .

  • Mags, don't fret about it, we all do it from time to time. The key is to know when you are spending too much time focusing on such things. I'm not in any way saying it isn't something to consider or even perhaps be concerned about at times. But these days as we struggle just to survive day to day I haven't the energy to focus on two years from now and the what ifs. I'll consider that and perhaps even worry about it .....later.

  • So true RC, now is what matters most right now. Kids are great for keeping us, well at least me, in the here and now. Tomorrow is another day, I'll worry about it when it comes.

  • Same here Sheelagh its true the kids keep us grounded in the here and now and i cant hear myself think somedays let alone focus on things that might never happen .

    Very true RC very true focus on the here and now it honestly doesnt worry me anymore because i know for sure that we are going to a better place

  • I must say I think you are right about that. As Poetic told me once, this is a test, this is only a test...... gotta love that.

  • Hello ALL 🙂

    I guess I'm still trying to learn how to live in the here and now 🙂

  • Hey girlies - all I can add is, the here and now has been consuming all my time ! Miss you all !

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