Here goes anything goes !

  • our lot get 6 weeks in the summer and 2 at Christmas and a week in autumn and one in Spring. I guess your lot are having their summer vacation now, my brother's son is the same. He doesn't get as much time in our summer/ your winter.

  • I never thought of it like that but i find that it gets hotter in feb when mine go back , they get 6 weeks at the end of the year and another 6 weeks throughout the year broken up into 2 weeks blocks

  • Hey girls !! happy..nice to see you back !

  • Welcome Back Mishelly i hope that you had a wonderful christmas and a great new years celebration .

  • Good Morning everyone. Hope the new year is starting off well for all concerned.

  • Hi folkies, just catching up on posts, got a bit of time on my hands for a change which I should be spending on the house as usual but hey this is me time. My year is doing okay so far, busy planning how to move to Ireland without too many bumps.


  • I got the flu and not doing so well, but I'm getting better and need to get back to work.. I'm getting behind on a deadline 😞 please send good vibes to me this weekend so my experiments go very well and I can catch up...

    I'll be going to bed soon, felt exhausted this last 4 days or so and yesterday I had a horrible bone pain all over my body, it's the first time I have felt that kind of pain... thank God it's gone now...

    Paddi, my best wishes in the move, I hope you feel excited about it, sometimes some change is good.

    XOXO to all, 🙂

  • Paddi, how far off is your move to Ireland? I can't imagine moving from one country to another must take a lot of planning indeed.

  • Well I am still so unsure about the whole thing so I have not set a date. Mid-End Feb would be ideal but too close so it will probably be in the summer after the kids have done their year-end exams, beginning of July time. Everything really hinges on whether hubby gets this job or not because it is in Germany and thus 2 hours from us now with a car and if we were in Irealnd it would be over 2 hours with the plane which means nearly 5 hours if you include check in and check out and getting from A to B. So we will see.

  • Paddi, I didn't realize how involved it all is, that must be so hard. No wonder your hubby is so stressed. I hope you will find a break in all this that allows you the best of all possible circumstances to work out in your favor.

  • Im Sorry Happy to hear that you are not well i hope that you get better soon

    Sheelagh and Rc ,

    I envy you girls i want to move as well does anyone see it happening in the cards for me ?

  • Hi all 🙂 thanks Mags, I'm feeling a lot better, just a bit tired but getting better 🙂 and trying to catch up with school work... my heart is a little blue because I haven't seen my man for a month now... trying to be positive...

    Best to all of you!! XOXO

  • Hi all hope all is well with everyone

    Happy you will see your man soon stay positive just think of the old saying absence makes the heart grow fonder !!!!!!!

  • Oh Mags, don't envy my move, I am considering it like climbing a stair case, just the next step.

  • I was only saying to my hubby yesterday that i want to sell up ,i love my house it has wonderfful energy but its the busy road that we live on i feel that i have no peace here but i am very grateful for having a house and thank god every day for that blessing.

  • Mags I know where you are coming from with the envy bit, that is also why I am moving, I am tired of seeing everyone else move on and get success and we are stuck in the mud becasue of our chaotic life and inability to accept change. So I have to do something. You should get your house valued just to ahve an idea what your budget would be and assess the market and ook for a new house, doesn't cost anything and it would get you started. Husbands tend to go along with our plans, I ahve discovered.

    Sorry folks not been around much, life takes over sometimes, we are off to Ireland for the weekend to look at a couple of houses and I am freaking out (hate change) Hubby will hear today about that job, they told him he was not technical enough for it but that they loved his brilliance and so they were creating a new job role around him and that the budget had to be approved, so keep you fingers crossed for us! He also picked up the book - The Mind of a Millionaire - which is about reconditioning your attitide to money in order to produce success and it means reaching in to the past and killing a few demons but we have decided to do it and see if it is successful. The book is by T.Harv Eker and he has a website as well. BAsically it says there is nothing wrong with wanting to be/with being filthy rich and once you can think like that the universe will understand your message and send you all the opportunities you need to get that way.

    So here's to my first million to be made doing the stock exchange which I am now teaching myself how to do.


  • Sheelagh,

    Hi you are spot on with what you say thats exactly how i feel we were thinking about moving to Brisbane 2 years ago hubby had a garanteed job up there but he decided not to take it as he wasnt happy with the wages they offered . I was wondering is your brother anywhere near the floods ? I pray that hes not .

  • Paddi,

    That book definitely sounds interesting. Sure hope you find something you like in Ireland that will work for you and your family. Yesterday we went by the "new place" to drop off our security deposit, I got the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. Suddenly the place just looked older to me. I know it's nerves related but it had enough of an impact to throw off my whole night. Daughter was in a mood the rest of the day. I love that this is her choice but she's the one with an attitude. My packing continues but has slowed, waiting on more boxes and sorting a lot of paperwork. I am trying very hard to keep a positive attitude that this move will show positives I might not have otherwise found but I can't help but feel disappointed. How on earth do you shake that feeling?

  • RC I think you shake it by backing out.

    Mags, my brother is okay, he is higher up and far from t he river so his place is not in any apparent danger but he is dreading it when the water recedes and the bugs and mosquitos and disease risk comes.

    Hope you are all well


  • Backing out??? Unless you know of a miracle headed my way, that is not an option at this point. My thought is that moving on will come far sooner than she expects but that is still in the distance for me.

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