Here goes anything goes !

  • Hi Guys

    hope all is well long time no see happy good to have you back

  • Hi Mags, I was visiting some relative for Xmas and busy with school, now I'm back just busy with school again :-(... lol

    I'm ok just hanging in there... hopefully things at school will go well to have some good news soon!

    I'm glad this Mercury retrograde is over today!! 🙂 looking forward to 2011!!

    How are you girls going to celebrate? I dont have any plans yet and I'm quite broke anyhow... but at least I'll get a bottle of red wine and a can of smoked oysters and crackers... that'll be my dinner 🙂 some cheese too... next to my faithful puppy 🙂

  • Happy I will be here with the kids and maybe husband if he does not trhow a fit about something stupid. I was going to get the 1000 piece puzzle out that is seriously covered in dust and see how far I get together with my eldest daughter, I am going to eat a lot and drink even more and hopefully be shortly before oblivion when the New Year comes in. There are loads of fireworks here at midnight and then our neighbour usually has a karaoke party which we are not invited to but can hear as if it was in our own living room. So it will be busy and I will be plastered by the end of it.


  • Hi All,

    Happy im just staying home as well having a couple of friends around hoping for a happy night we have heaps of fireworks as well my dog goes nuts with them .


    I will be surrounding myself in whitelight and wearing my amythest pendulam just to warn off any negative energies that may be lurking around oh and speaking of that i hope that my hubby hasnt secretly invited his mother as that would be a whole other Jerry Springer show .

  • Everyone enjoy your New Years celebration. I'll be checking in from time to time. Stay safe everyone.

  • LOL Paddi, I'm also planning in being plastered so I might just stay home because I don't want to be driving or not drink because I have to drive... It'll be fun!! Enjoy it! I love puzzles! This 2010 I finally finish one over 1000 pieces with a Disney mosaic, it took forever! I even moved to Canada and had to put it in a box but the parts that were put together I glue them to paper underneath it.... lol

    I was afraid I had lost pieces with my dog wagging his tail and seeing some pieces flying... but I had all the pieces... by email I'll share a picture of it 🙂

    Hi Mags, LOL it's funny about your mother in law... reminds me of my Mom and sister, lol, I dont have a mother in law yet...

    I bought amethyst but I just have the string of beads, I dont know how to do collars or anything 😞

    u think I should carry it with me?

    XOXO to all,

  • Amethyst is also good to prevent drunkenness.

  • LOL RC how do you prevent drunkenness??

  • Hi guys.


    i find that amythest calms me down the colour purple is real soothing to me as well im sorry i dont know what collars are my mum bought me this big massive amythst heart pendant and i find if im stessesd out i feel a whole lot better when i put it on its to big to wear for everyday so i think i will have to invest in a smaller one.


    hubby has just had a massive fight with his sister over what happend at christmas so other then getting a couple of abusive phone calls i think that i will be arsenic and old lace free tonight .i didnt want it to turn out like this but they needed telling and I i know that i will be feeling guilty about it even though they are in the wrong as a lifepath 2 i dont like conflict but sometimes it cannot be avoided . just cracking open a bottle of riesling it is 39 degrees here at the moment to hot for anything but chlling out with a cold glass of wine .


  • Hey Mags enjoy your celebrations, I guess you are already starting the countdown, we are still morning birds here!

    I use garnet to calm myself down and to help solve problems, amber does a good job too.

    Glad your folks had a clear out and blow up, hope things get better soon!

    Still ahve to get some shopping done and this and that, we were at the docs this morning as hubby has a really sore wrist and the doc told him he has gout. So he is on heavy painkiller kind of tablets to clear up the inflammation and pain and he is not happy that he has it. So I will be drinking the bubbly myself...

    Will be around on and off all day.


  • As difficult as it is to not say what's on your mind...sometimes doing just that clears the air. No better time to do that then at the end of one year and beginning of another, don't want the negativity crossing that line. Happy New Year all. Stay well, stay safe. Our is still over half a day away, I plan to sleep through it. It's usually a safe way not to get into trouble in the process.

  • Happy New Year everyone

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! May this year brings joy, health and happiness.


  • Hi Guys ,

    hope you all had a wonderful new years other than getting bitten to death by mozzies mine was an enjoyful celebration

  • HNY to you all ,my kids stayed up all night well till 2am and it was lovely though not very alcoholic, hubby lay on the couch in agony with his gout, NY day was a disaster but never mind I ended up driving hubby to A&E because the pain was unbearable and got stronger tablets so today has been relaxed. Back in action tomorrow!


  • Hi Sheelagh,

    Sorry to hear that hubbys suffering with gout my friends hubby suffers with it as well as he said its extremely painful.

  • Mags love the new avatar.

    Paddi, sorry I had to cut you short yesterday, life gets in the way you know how that goes. Anyway, had fun.

    Morning all.

  • Hi All... today I start my work week, I want to feel more excited and really make it work, I want to finish my degree so badly. I also know something will happen in my romantic life since I've got tired of always "getting the shorter end of the stick". Although not sure how to do either I'm hoping for the best outcome.

    I wish you all the best. 🙂

  • Hi everyone, life as hectic as ever here, kids back to school so I should have more time. Should...

  • Sheelagh ,

    how many school terms do you guys have a year ? as mine are still off for 4 weeks

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