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  • Hi guys its me lilacrose just wanted to let you know that ive changed my username

  • Hey !! I have the beer !!! And I will share !!! I just made a long post in my cancer guy is no longer walking sideways...I do not want to repeat it.

    Lilacrose, I read your post and it broke my heart, only b/c I could so fully understand. Yet, without sounding like a was difficult b/c it reminded me so much of my sadder times. Which, I am just not wanting to go there right now. I am enjoying my new relationship, my new life......and someone encouraged RC to think postively. Well, when all those negative feelings come flooding back, all I can do is cry.

    However, before your reading your post. I was a crying mess the other night. So, in spirit, I am right there with you. I am just trying my best to refuse it from coming to the top. I am not going to go there...or at least try not to go there. And right now, all I am really trying to do is encourage. And say that it is possible for us taurus' to break free from our intricate minds patterns and heart emotions.

    I have been working on this for 2 years. It is STILL work everyday. I am not trying to run away from who I am, but rather trying to put who i am into a prespective that brings about the abundance of peace, joy and happiness.

    It is much better than feeling the weight of the wrongs and injustices of the world. I know all of you know what that

    Anyway, I love you all and am so excited about getting to know all of you !!

    May the Joy you feel, make you laugh without ceasing !!

    T7 ( that is my new easy signature ) lol

  • Dear Tauras7

    Sorry didnt mean to put a downner on everybodys good vibes

  • Livingonaprayer..lilac rose !! Yiou DID NOT do that whatsoever !!! I tried to articulate that. I think I failed. Please, accept my apologies !! I mean that. I just wish I could pass along the euphoris that I am feeling....maybe we need to do shots ?? lo ??? hehe

    I know the heavy burden we feel. I do. It has almost consumed my entire life. 40 years it lasted. The last two have been spent trying to break free. Oh, I hope you see and feel the intention of my lsat and current post. It can be so hard when they are words.

    And, let us make this rule #1...we ARE taurus !! So we are all coming from the same place, and that is just a very deep place to come from !!

    i had 3 kids, two of them, 17 months apart...I so remember that time of my life. The work, the teaching, yet the joys too. I know I allow everyting that is important to me, it consumes me. My entire mind, bosy and spirit. Let me encourage you to say, your children WILL grow up magnificiently !! YOur investment of your love, time, and deep concern, will not go unanswered !!

    Again, I am so sorry love !!


  • Dear T7,

    Please their is no need to apologise im sorry i didnt mean to offend you in any way ,i can totally understand what you wrote in your post and where you are coming from . I am so happy that you are at a time in your life where you feel complete and at peace with yourself , because i feel that one of the taurus traits is the we judge ourselves to harshley and this is something that i have done all my life and now im a mother its gotten worse like us all i just want to give my all to my kids and sometimes like this last week when things have gotten on top of me i feel that i havent coped well even though the wise old owl my mum has said to me just do what you can as long as the kids are looked after thats all that matters ,and i must say that my mum is a great help so im not totally on my own so to speak i know that shes right i take on to much and start reverting back to the negativity when i cant cope ,even though i have plenty of help with my mum around their are certain things that she wants to help me with but i like them done my own way and she always says who cares who does it as long as it gets done whats the big deal!!!!

    and thats just the taurus in me coming out again being STUBBORN!!!!!!

    So once again T7 im sorry i hope their are no hard feelings and thankyou for starting a great thread for us have hearts to hearts in with all wonderful people that i have met here.

    Sending love and glittery whitelight 2U (((HUGS))))

  • Hi guys found this and couldnt wait to show you all

  • LoaP that is just so cool, mu kids want me to wear high heels all the time and i so hate them!! I know that feeling of being not able to cope. Just hang in there.

  • Isn't that the truth !! I have never been known for my tact and flip-flops are the most comfortable shoes in the world to me !!

    LoaP........even though to YOU you may feel that you are coming up short ( again, I think that is just another part of our nature) I bet your children are some of the happiness on this earth !!

    All I can tell you is, I felt like that all the time too. but now, that my kids are older and I am seeing them groww, make decisions and spread their wings..I could not be happier for them. And well, I realized that I really did not suck a a mom as bad as I thought I did, b/c these kids had to get it from somewhere. Talk about a hard concept to grasp onto !! lol

    I remember how tired and at the end of my rope I felt at that time. My thoughts and prayers and love are with ya darlin !!


  • Dear Paddifluff,

    Please call me Mags im a die hard jovi fan thats why i wanted to change. I am exactly the same i hate wearing heels as well i cant walk in them to save my life lol,thanks for your kind words of encouragement im feeling a whole lot better now that im surrounding myself in whitelight and sending out positive affirmations to the universe i feel that this negative phase is finally shifting (Thankgod) .

    Thanks again sending ((HUGS))and whiltelight 2u Mags

  • Lol Mags I am Sheelagh and I bet your kids are like devils at home but the best behaved kids on the planet (except for mine of course) when they are out and about. If there's one thing we taureans are good at it's giving loads and loads of love and being the best mommies in the world!

  • Dear T7

    Thanks for sharing and caring they grow up so fast i was cuddling my litte one off to sleep before thinking how much he has grown 3 already where did the time go ? I know that they are not going to be kids forever and i want to enjoy this time in their lives i dont want them to think that there mum is a major stresshead . I am thinking positive getting back into a better state of mind feeling alot better now. I totally agree with you about flipflops we call them thongs they are heaven like walking on clouds LOL ., oh and by the way please call me Mags as all my other friends do . THANKS AGAIN T7 WHITELIGHT AND(( HUGS )) 2U

  • Mags, may I call you Mags, I hear ya. Like you I look at the little one at our house and think she's 2 looks 5 and is growing up so darn fast. We've struggled a lot since and before she was born so I know where you are coming from not wanting to be the bad guy of stress all the time. Let me tell you what I told my daughter the single mom of this 2 year old angel. She knows you are busy, she knows you have lots to do, she knows somethings wrong (at times) but all that matters to her is that you are her mommy and you love her, she knows that too but make time to remind her once in awhile. I'm sure you are a loving mom, I can tell from your cuddle comment so don't take what I said the wrong way. This is something I shared with my daughter a 20 something frustrated young woman struggling to be RIGHT, a single mom, a young woman looking for love and acceptance and a hard worker not getting the recognition she deserves. Notice I say she first is someone who wants to be RIGHT. Her Aires has a lot of Taurus in it she is stubborn as the day is long. Life throws us all these challenges and at times they consume us and oppress us which is the worst. Been there done that. And don't you go thinking I'm some happy go lucky chick with no troubles because that just is not the case. When I say been there done that it could mean yesterday. Like you I am trying to push aside the stress and angst of simply not being perfect, having parts of my life beyond my own control which we know is exasperating. But in the midst of that I've come here to learn from others, to share their struggles too, it makes you realize you aren't in it alone. We're all learning at different levels. I'm the worst back slider ever when it comes to feeling down about money. But in spite of that I am trying really hard to have a more positive attitude to take things one day at a time. To realize in this world we live in that in as much as we cannot live without money to get the things we need, the things we need the most don't cost money at all: love, acceptance, someone who cares, encouragement that's all free and more abundant than we recognize all too often. So you know what the next time you are feeling oh so stressed, take those deep breaths, if that isn't working for you try something else. Something I have taken to recently is I just STOP, I look at our little one, I mean really see the child not the mess, not what she is doing, just see her, what a joyous blessing that child is in our lives even under the most trying of circumstances. Feel that blessing. It may only last a split second but it may be just long enough to change your state, change your focus on the negative into a feeling of love. A child's love is so pure it can be healing. I got the best "I love you MomMom" hug ever last night and I don't mind telling you at that moment I really needed it. It didn't pay the electric bill or give me a job but for one second it helped me escape those thoughts and realize no matter how important those things are, the love we share is way more important than any of that.

    I'm not a psychologist these are strictly the ramblings of someone who knows how you feel. Just know you are not alone and feel free to dump on us here to help you feel better. Sometimes just getting it out helps, sometimes a simple you are not alone helps and sometimes nothing does but isn't it better to not feel so alone in the struggle? That's the place I've made it to, yeah me, yeah you, you will get there too. So love those kids, they love you, you are not alone and if you ever need to vent I for one am here anytime. Have a good day you deserve it.

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    What a lovely name is it pronounced the same as Sheila ? Do you know Shatz? Sheila is her real name she is a lovely person one of the good friends that i have met on What you say about how kids is very true my eldest son can be a devil for me but for anyone else hes a real angel its amazing isnt it .

    Yes i do believe that your right about taurus being good parents plenty of love and patience to go around . Sending love and whitelight 2u Mags ((HUGS))

  • Dear RC,

    Of course you can call me Mags, You have brought tears to my eyes { in a good way }. thankyou so much for sharing you experiences with me it means so much especially what you said about your grandaughter and your daughter and about money yes that is so true what we really need doesnt cost a sent i am so over the material world now i dont care about keeping up with the Joneses (cant afford to anyway) i dont have everything modern with a brandname but i do have everything that i need, today i never cleaned up properly i have my eldest son at home sick so i spent my day relaxing and playing with them it has really lifted my spirits, i still feel a bit drained bit that is nothing that a good nights sleep wont fix that is half my problem as well as not going to bed until late waiting for my hubby to come in, yes i know this is a no no as hubby says, but sometimes i get a bit freaked out if i start hearing noises and my mind starts to wander and my imagination runs wild.

    Thankyou for your support towards venting I think venting is very good for us i know that it helps me to get things off my chest i tend to build them up and stew on it which is not a good thing .

    Once again RC thanks so much for being here for me and for your kind and considerate post i will learn a lot from your experiences it means so much to know that we have such good friends that we have never met (in the physical) .{{{{{{{{{ Take care lots of love and angelwings 2u }}}}}}}Mags


  • Any time Mags, any time. And I love the name change "Living on a Prayer", aren't we all? When your eldest is feeling better make sure you get that time to catch up on some rest even a few minutes cat nap while the little one is down will make you feel better.

    I'm with you, there's no keeping up with the Jones' at my place. I am a picky taurus so I will save and wait to get what I really want but not to please anyone else or be like them. I grew up the surprise child of a couple in their 40's whose elder sons were finishing school and heading off to serve our country. I will admit I kind of got lost in the shuffle of life. Mom worked days, dad worked the grave yard shift, brothers were off in the army, getting married, having kids, thank God for the dog but in spite of all that ..... I never did without, not knowingly. My clothes may have come from the clearance rack, the neighbors yard sale or good will but they were always clean and pressed when necessary. My friends all came to hang out at our place because there was always room for one more. I realized once I spent the better part of 17 years of my life on a couch because every time someone needed a place to stay, it was me who gave up their room for them. Mind you not always by choice but that was how I was raised you reach out to help and you take in those needing it and when it's all said and done God will be grateful that you did. I learned the hard way in my times of need others weren't raised the same way but once I got over the hurt I realized that's a shame for them. So don't fuss over the mess, tomorrow is another day, let your kids feel better knowing you were there to take care of them. Some day you'll go places you never dreamed possible, eat things you thought you could never afford but even on days when all you can swing is spaghetti, isn't it better than going hungry? We are blessed, we just have to choose to recognize it. And sometimes even on the worst of days taking that moment to do that can make a world of difference.

    I agree with you. I have worked hard in my life to always be a good friend to others, often times I didn't get the same treatment from others. But isn't it nice to know that thanks to the internet we can have friends near and far who accept us just for being who we are, ourselves.

    Hope your son feels better. Take care.

  • Dear RC,

    I was just looking at my kitchen floor and thinking how much it needs a mop and i thought to myself who cares it can wait rome wasnt built in a day ,my little one hasnt stop pestering me to put a thomas the tank picture on my lounge room wall ( i really dont want to see thomas in the lounge) but i thought hey whats the big deal if it makes him happy and gives me peace we all win . I have a story about keeping up with the joneses everyone i know has those new plasma tvs and i have the old style (thick not thin) ive had friends say when are you going to update that tv you can get more channels better picture quality Blah Blah Blah , my reponse back to them is the tv works i can see the picture and hear it what more do i want, if i want extra channels i can buy a set top box for $50 , with a toddler in the house can you imagine it ,he would be pressing buttons and they are so thin i would be worried sick that he could topple over easily .


    My Nanna had a suprise child in her 40s, there is five years difference between my uncle and i . I feel that women who give birth later in life live longer i feel that little ones keep you going, there are a few ladies that i know that have given birth late and have lived to watch the child grow up. My littleone was a suprise child i was one month off turning 38 when i had him


    My children never do without they get everything they need and sometimes what they want depending on what it is as it seems that everything they want needs to be plugged in (ipods, wii, dsi) it drives me crazy ,i remember when we were kids we used our imagination and played outdoors, now because of these gadgets its hard to get them to play outside, they cant go outside much at the moment because its winter here in Australia and its been raining constanly but when the summer comes i want them playing outside in the freshair . (unplugged ) LOL .

    Thankyou for you comment about my new user name yes i agree i love it as well ,

    being a die hard bonjovi fan , loving the song to bits and always praying i thought that it was the perfect name for me and you are so right we are all living on a prayer !!!!!!!

    It does hurt when you be a good friend and you dont get the same in return i cant count how many times this hs happend to me i have so many stories that i could share with you, i will tell you one about my user friend.

    One day we were at the seaside it was blowing a gale the rains were coming down it was the most miserablest day ever (weather wise) we decided to go shopping it was so cold outside we thought that we would get a coffee from a cafe well there wernt enough chairs inside the cafe because everyone was taking shelter from the bad weather , we ordered our our food and the man who was serving us said i will have to go outside to get you a table and chairs (that were undercover but no one wanted to sit out there because it was freezing ) anyway my friend says to the man i will help you ,she was only gone for a couple of minutes ,but in the meantime our food was ready so i paid another lady who was working behind the counter for both our orders, when my friend came back to her nice cup of coffee and cake she never once mentioned to me"oh im sorry how much do i owe you"? please dont get me wrong i didnt mind paying for her but it was the fact that she never mentioned it at all not even a thankyou, i was totally appaulled i would never do this to anybody yet it keeps happening to me time and time again .I am still very hurt over this but i have to let it go and by typing it to you i feel that i have done just that . (hope i didnt drive you mad with it )

    Thankyou so much RC for asking about my eldest boy yes he is doing much better back to school on monday for him ,and anytime you need someone to talk to i am always here for you

    thanks for listening .(((((( Sending love and light your way ))))your friend MAGS

  • Hi Everyone

    This is my 1st time on here & the 1st forum I have read.. I felt compelled to read it!

    I just wanted to say a very big thanks to everyone you have all helped me greatly today.

    All your love and support for each other has had me in floods of tears. Reading all your posts has been a rollercoaster of emotions !

    I have felt really lost, numb & withdrawn from my family & work the last couple of months and thanks to everyone who have taken the time and effort to share their lives on here (which I can really relate to) I no longer feel alone. I thought it was just me! lol.

    I not really sure where I am heading at the moment all I know is that i would like to stop the repeat cycle of the things that happen! like many of you.

    It would be lovely to lighten the load, act like a kid and try and stop taking the responsibility of eveyones happiness on my shoulders. I'm trying to explain to my family how i honestly feel as a person at this time and have stopped doing everything for them (Im tired!)but its not going down too well at the moment and is causing a rift. Im sure its just a blip and im just going with the flow, however things turn out it will be for the best.

    Thanks again to everyone from the bottom of my heart you have made life a lot better with your kindness and support and have given me faith in people again.

    Love to you all

    Lots of love and hugs from yet another

  • MAGS !! I am yelling with love and excitement for you in my heart !! That's the way girl !!

    RC, you aer so eloquent and beautiful !! great words.

    mags, I have to tell you this. That IS the way to go. let it go. I had to. I was so obsessive about getting this done, that done, etc, that I was making everyone miserable. You know we think we have to do it all, b/c we can, but it isn't very fun!

    One day, my littlest asked me to play, I said..oh honey..mommy has to do this, this and this.....she started to cry. That day, "I" started playing. I have not regretted that.

    My name is Michelle...but all of you lovelies can callme mishelly !! it's my fave nickname !!

  • Welcome Kaz !! i am so glad just our simple getting it outs is helping you. Life is beautiful and kind that way.

    Do not feel alone. I have crie and felt that feeling so many times in my life. I even had a mini nervous breakdown. One day, I started crying and shaking and it took it awhile to stop. I was no longer in contol. I had just broken. But, I made it through. I did not need meds, just time to reconnect and live my life how I need to live it. We will all be here for you.


  • Hi Mishelly,

    Yes theres been a whole new turn around for the better, my house is such a mess that Kim and Aggie would have a feild day (LOL) but i dont care a good friend of mine has been helping me out by taking and picking up my daughter to and from school and allthough this doesnt seem like much its taken a load off as i was being run ragged i am in high spirits now and i hope to stay this way for a long long time .

    {{{{{LOve and Light 2u }}}} your friend Mags

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