Here goes anything goes !

  • You are all so inspiring, I am so glad I read this post.

  • Hi Lilacrose ~

    I don't know about Amantim. Haven't seen any post from her but I may have missed her in another thread. As for my sign, I am a Gemini...but I am right on the cusp of Taurus. Lol! I wonder about that sometimes...I don't know a lot about astrology...I was born overseas which is in a different time zone then the US, but I think it's based on where you were born...either way I'm still on the cusp. Lol! Hope all is going well with you my friend 🙂

    Love and Blessings to you...and lots of ((((Hugs))))

  • I think the fac that we are all tauruses or have taurus linkings, is way cool. It makes sense. My BFF since the last 32 years is a taurus as well.

    Maybe it's because we are the only ones that can truly understand us !! LOL

  • Loving the connection here. Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. This is a place to find your way and to not feel guilty or wrong about doing so. I love it here, I'll admit I find myself drawn here sometimes I worry that is a bad thing but after a few hours away I know it isn't because the feeling is so good from the positivity. Will see about getting the book you recommended. Anxious to learn more everyday.

  • A BULL PARTY! Now all we need is lots of food--a keg--and some music!

  • Sounds great, nothing like having a good time with friends.

  • Hey time traveler!

    Any dreams lately? Mine have mostly been very "busy"---I hear a lot of people have been getting that. I hate those kind that seem to be a jumble of activity. I'm hoping whatever's in the air lately will soon smooth out. Maybe the full moon will end this phase. I see a lot of female energy around you right now--a change as you had a lot of male spirits last I looked but there's a very prominate woman ---she uses the word matron. She is an ancester who goes way way back---oh she just corected me not matron but the word matriarc--too tired to look up the spelling but I think you get the word. She is a large woman but very fit--light hair--gray white. Braided and pinned close to her head---white apron. She's rolling dough on a floured board. Strong hands--loves the kitchen--she keeps telling you---gather in the kitchen more--the heart of the house--she says keep it lean (organized) and bright filled with love--food is love to her. Her husband is a small man---she loves him almost like he is childlike. Very loving spirit--she brings you good family vibrations. She says you will have to look in another direction to find her.She shows me apples and grapes--a vineyard. She's raising grandchildren--mother died in childbirth and the father -her son--is either in wales or is on a boat catching whales---I see both words. The two children playing in the vineyard are boy and girl--very close in age--twins maybe. I hear her call joeseph but it sounds more like yoseph--I think it's her husbands name. I hear another name like martha but sounds more like Marta. I'm tired sorry can't see more. Enjoy this female presence--she brings good energy. BLESSINGS

  • Hi Blmoon,

    My yes the dreams full of activity that make no sense, what a jumbled collection of garbage it seems to be at times. I'm really hoping it will get better soon. I did post to you on

    But my oh my you have made staying up restless worthwhile this evening or should I say morning. It's 2am where I am and here I sit typing away. I love that I have a woman's energy with me. I've felt that, often it's my mother but this woman you describe I can almost picture. Now I have more research to do. You are probably connecting the dots on my family tree for me. I do recall a woman years back who raised her grandson that I knew of, he was one of the first in our family to come to this country. You intrigue me as always. Thank you so much for the message. I'm still trying to find my great great great grandfather. His wife's picture comes into my head numerous times throughout the day as my subconscious searches for him. Ah but perhaps in my mind I am simply looking in the mirror. I have so much to learn but I am working at it.

    The dreams of late are so vivid, full of action and people. I read over my notes with my brother and he is astounded how much I write down. The most recent didn't feel like a visit but I think I was visiting elsewhere. Read that other post and let me know what you think about that. As we say the plot thickens....... LOL

    I can't tell you how often I mention the information you have shared with me and the gracious woman so willing to guide me with her generosity. I thank you, you don't know how much it means to me to get these messages from you, really, thank you so very much.



    Dear Danr,

    I hope that Amantim is doing ok ,whilst i was sending her healing energy i was strongly drawn to her lower right hand side as if something was giving her problems there. I dont know much about astrology my dob is the 27-4-69 when your born on the cusp is that the end and begining of a month for example 31/1 ?

    Dear BlMoon,

    I was wondering did you name yourself after the rose thats called Blmoon?

    Dear Taurus7,

    I agree with what you say in your post about tauruses,LOL though come to think of it none of my friends are taurus, im married to a scorpio and he drives me crazy half the time very stubborn and i thought that was a taurus trait ((((( LOL)))))))

    Dear RC,

    That book is really good i refer back to it often , i actually done it on someone else who was very grumpy and it worked i sent positive affirmations like ,YOU WILL ACKNOWLEDGE ME , YOU WILL SMILE, YOU WILL BE HAPPY and not even two weeks later they were one of the most pleasant people you could ever meet . you have to keep at it everynight but believe me it does work the results you get from it are unbeilevable .

    Dear Paddifluff ,

    Another Taurus welcome to the bull party LOL

    Take care everyone (((((HUGS AND WHITELIGHT 2 ALL))))) LILAC

  • lilacrose, I love that YOU WILL SMILE. My you are a good friend, sure beats get away from me in your crappy mood. LOL I'm going to look that book up next time I'm at the library sounds worth a gander for sure. I am at a loss lately in trying to figure out just what it is I want, out of life, in a job, in a home, for my future. I think I've spent so much of my life putting others first I just simply don't know how to get to the head of the line myself. There are some things I want "stuff" really that's not of great importance. But the bigger stuff is a mystery to me. Someone described me as paralyzed at the moment. I understand that concept, I do kind of feel that way at times. Anyone else struggle with figuring out what they want?

    People in the past have called me wishy washy, indecisive, I guess that is true because I always put the others first. I am a true Taurus and can be stubborn too. But I'll also go the extra mile for anyone who needs me. Anyone have any suggestions on how to dig deep in this brain of mine and figure out what is really important to me for me? Hope I'm not going too deep in our conversation or being selfish by asking for the advice. Thanks in advance.

  • Dear RC,

    I can totally understand where you are coming from , i to am a very indesive person i can drive others totally insane with this and like you i am a true taurus will give my all to anyone in need .

    When you say you feel paralyzed sometimes ,im assuming it is because all of your children are grownup and you are at a stage in your life where you have plenty of free time on your hands (im the total opposite hardly get a spare minute to myself) , are there any hobbies that youve always wanted to do but never had the time? If you are looking for a job surround yourself in whitelight( i always ask my spirit guides to help me when i do this ) and tell the universe what sort of job it is that you want for example, I WANT A JOB IN RETAIL WITH A GOOD PAY RATE

    AND SUITABLE HOURS and envision in your mind a picture of you working at the job remember you must stipulate to the universe that you WANT not WISH for this!!!!!!!!!

    RC please dont ever think that you are being selfish in anyway or going to deep into the conversation, you are such a kindhearted person i have read many of your posts on other threads, and im so glad that we have finally got to conversate( in cyberspace) with each other .

    In order to find out what is really important to you ,you need to be a peace with yourself, so if you are stressing out or worrying to much call upon whoever it is that you feel comfortable praying to ,with me i pray to Archangel Sandolphon who has helped me stop worrying immensly .

    I hope that i have been able to help you out in anyway .

    ((((((( SENDING LOVE AND WHITELIGHT 2U)))))))) Maggie

  • Blmoon I think I've figured out who the matriarch is I believe to me her name is Ann. If I am correct what a remarkable tribute to meet her in this way. Now if I could just connect her to my gggreat grandfather I'd be doing grand. Thanks again. Always welcome more info on my visitors. Wish I could "see" them like you do.

  • lilacrose, thank you for your gracious response. Sometimes I feel like by putting "my stuff" out there I take over a thread and that is not my intention so I very much appreciate the understanding.

    How can I describe this? When I say I feel paralyzed I mean kind of stagnant, sort of stuck in neutral. My daughter is in her 20's now and has a two year old we all live together so no I don't mean I'm alone and feeling empty nested or anything like that. I'm just at this odd place in my life where those I could help have kind of gone their own way or proven to be users, being out of work limits who I can help since it's mostly been financial in many ways, my daughter is becoming more independent although neither of us could afford to live here without the other. I'm in a weird place. I feel I've lost my independence since having to give up my car awhile back and although I still get out and about it's sure not like I used to do. I think I am directionally challenged, I know I need to move forward, I have the desire and kind of feel like I've done the work emotionally and soul searchingly to be ready and yet I'm in this kind of holding pattern. It's very frustrating. I've spent a lot of time trying to heal myself from old hurts, poor relationships, bad choices, I think I made good progress but still no forward motion thus the paralyzed feeling. I hope that explains it a little better.

    I do have hobbies I've put off in the past and what is tough is that here I have the time to finally do them but the 2 year old makes it kind of impossible to have a good outcome. I love her but if she helped me with my scrapbooking it would be a wreck. I do get to dabble in my genealogy research but only because I make the time even if it's the wee hours to do so. I can't very well spread out my materials without risk of her tearing into them. Not making her the problem just that she creates an obstacle at the moment. I don't want to yell don't do this or that. She is young enough and ornery enough to understand she should not mess with my stuff and yet she cannot wait to get into it. I have come to realize I have a touch of OCD in that respect, I like my things a certain way and it makes me crazy when she or anyone else messes with them. I think it kind of relates to clinging to possessions after losing so many to the fire.

    I very much like your ideas on how to ask for the job I want. I just must learn to be more assertive, especially for myself. I'm also very shy although you probably wouldn't know it here. Writing allows me to open up in ways I never would talking to someone on the street. My words flow more non-verbally.

    Lilacrose thank you, I will try to let go of the stress and anxiety of feeling immobile and see what I can do to produce the results I'm looking for in a job, in a way of life, in achieving my goals. i've always been the list maker, task master, write it down make it happen but lately my get up and go is just not getting me there, I don't understand the hesitation, maybe deep down I don't want to, I hate when thoughts like that pop into my head. Anyway, nice meeting you and chatting with you here too, its a great thread.

  • Wow just looked at the Taurus horoscope by Rick Levine for today

    Saturday, Aug 21st, 2010 -- You are very aware of the difference between how things are in your life and how you want them to be. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that have come to a turning point and it seems they will play through the same way, no matter what you do or don't do. Nevertheless, this isn't time to hold back the expression of your true intentions. Even if you don't change what's happening right now, your actions can impact the future as it continues to unfold.

    Is it me or does this read that no matter what I try to do history will repeat itself or is it simply that no matter what I do I can't control what happens, just hang on for the ride?

  • I guess it is simply that no matter what you do things will happen so hold on for the ride. Again. Good luck and hang on tight, I certainly am all day and the difference between where I am and where I want to be seems like the size of the biggest cavity in the world.

  • paddifluff I so hear you there. I was kind of hoping I was misinterpreting the horoscope, no such luck I guess. But really,again? I sure hope not, I don't know if can take that. Sometimes I feel like I've made huge strides and other times I wonder how much further is rock bottom?

  • Just curious since so many Taurus' are here, does anyone else feel like they have been trapped in a re-run on a loop, that just keeps happening over and over? Is it just me? If you've felt this way too, how long has it been going on for you?

  • RC this is my loop "Just when I am about to make ends meet, somebody moves the ends" and it has been going on since I left home which was about 20 years ago. Just short of the winning post, I get the "return to go" card. I do move a bit forward each time but it is taking ages to get there and I am so tired of fallbacks, wonder what kind of Karma I have. Not to be too negative, there have been a lot of laughs alog the way, you have to laugh and stay positive otherwise you will sink (well me). Actually to be quit ehonest I don't know where it is I'm going, I guess I will know when I have arrived.

  • Dear RC,

    I have been trying to get back into learning tarot and it is very hard with a toddler under my feet i cant have the cards spread out on the table or leave them lying around so i know where you are coming from , . I understand now what you mean now about being paralyzed i have felt the same way ,i seem to constantly attract friends that are users this is one rut that i always seem to get stuck in , from when i was a teenager until now 41 years of age my mum being the wise old owl that she is would always tell me on numerous occasions (becareful of that one they are no good for you ) and she was always right . I have a friend in my life right now that i know is no good for me and ive totally had enough of her crap but our daughters are good friends so it makes it hard for us to cut ties with them.

    I have another good book recomendation for you its called Handle with prayer by AlanCohen

    and on the front cover it says ,


    it is a very good book very similar to the other book but it has different techniques .

    I to thought what was the point in todays horoscope i agree with paddifluff (no matter what you do things will happen anyway) so why worry WE MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY OURSELVES lets crack open a bottle of my finest rose quartz reisling waiter drinks all round ITS A BULL PARTY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((SENDING HUGS , LOVE AND WHITELIGHT 2 U ))))))) LILAC (MAGGIE)

  • paddi, well I am so sorry to hear we walk the same kind of path. It's bad enough to think it is happening to you but when you realize others in your circle or sign have the same issues it can be very discouraging. I suppose you are right. Ride the wave so to speak but like you each time I get to a certain point I may even get just a little further and then wham, start over. I was thinking it was something I was doing or some karmic joke against me. Like everyone I've certainly made mistakes in my life but never considered myself to be a bad person or the cause of the problems I've encountered countless times. Sure makes you wonder.

    I hear ya when you say "Actually to be quite honest I don't know where it is I'm going" I want very much to figure it out but I have this deep seeded fear once I do I'll only be disappointed at the results.

    Sorry not on a bummer trail just baffled by the insanity of the repetitious cycle.

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