Here goes anything goes !

  • LOL! me again, if you know me sometimes i tend to like to write rotfl

    Sheelagh, the strangest thing just poped into my head, as i was writing your name, my dad was the only one who spelt my name this way....He passed on 4 years ago in August..I always knew he was with me now, I definately know....Another cyber hug to you.



    Peace,Light,Love and laughter

  • Awww that is just so cool! So happy you got the message from someone so special.

  • Oh boy I am really overwhelmed, I can see her still and she is nodding her head and doing twirls. She is very happy and she just gave me a hug which I guess was for you Mags. I am crying writing this I am so happy for you.'

    Sheila yes my parents chose this spelling for me, I have had all variations of pronunciations in my travels, I like to say they were high on something when they named me and spelt it wrong. I like it though.

    Oh boy I am overwhelmed. I can't believe I acted as a medium.

    Got to swallow it.

    xhave to feed my zoo.

  • Taurus 7,

    Yes we are both an intellectual match. We have the same kind of sense of humor, and really complete each other. Both out-going but quiet when we are together. We mesh very well. I found out that one of our mutual friends chewed him out, when he said he wanted to be just friends with me. She called him on it. The next day he called me. (I guess out of guilt). Not quite sure. I did tell him on the call it was nice hearing his voice, and he said the same to me. Not sure, maybe he was just being polite. He also told my friend that he cares for me very very much. But I know Taurus's can be guarded so I was surprised he even said that much. So I haven't texted him since sunday. And haven't heard a peep from him. I hope he will contact me. But who knows at this point. Thanks so much Taurus 7 for responding. Makes me feel better.

    I was thinking about making some cookies and leaving them on his desk? Good Idea or Bad Idea??????

  • RC lol thanx

  • Sheelagh "I like to say they were high on something when they named me and spelt it wrong. I like it though." TOO FUNNY,MY MOM STILL DOESN'T SPELL MY NAME RIGHT HAHAHA...

    Oh boy I am overwhelmed. I can't believe I acted as a medium.


    Got to swallow it."








  • Dear Sheelagh ,

    I hope that you dont mind that i told and invited my good friends Shiela and Ramonita they have both been so helpful to me like you guys trying to help me figure it out I have been thinking about Basia i can see her in my minds eye twirling around i see lots of pink around her she is a beautiful soul she just radiated beauty from both ways inside and out. I am still hearing the song i also got her age wrong she was 46 when she passed i couldnt stop thinking about her last night, it often did enter my head that it might be her sending me the song but i sort of pushed them thoughts aside because i felt the song was more to do with relationship issues than friendship if you know what i mean .

    Is she wearing pink when you see her twirling around? i wonder if we are getting the same visions . I think that its wonderful that she came to you Sheelagh the way you decribed her first off sounded exactly like her you were spot on and i knew the minute you said dancing she loved teaching the little ones unforunatley she couldnt have kids and she would have made the best mother ever isnt it always the way !!! I am still reeling from it, i took it so badly when i heard she died and i never got to speak to her again to apologise for what happen this is one thing ill ask of you if i may as i dont want to put any pressure on you Sheelagh but does she know that im sorry i think she does but could you let her kow that from me if she comes to you again im in tears now because im so happy yet sad i really miss her

    Once again many thanks you dont know how much youve done for me i think that this will give me the closure that i need which means so much .

    Take care sending lots of love 2u in the words of another Sheila NAMASTE Magsx

  • That is really awesome, you ladies are in sync today. What a great validation.

  • Sheelagh and Mags, All I can say is, I was crying tears of joy !! My skin was on end.......literally.

    You are both so beautiful and kind !!

    Love ya !!


  • Thankyou Mishelly and RC

    It still feels so surreal to me ive been thinking of the reason as to why she chose to contact me by way of the song, maybe it does have something to do with my relationship issues it was great way to get my attention because i dont ever remember her metioning liking that song ,but i think that shedefentely would have with the lyrics , the filmclip angels and angels dancing yes its everything Basia would have loved .

    Im just so glad that i now i have confirmation of whos sending it to me like i said to Sheelagh it means so much to know this is from her not a day has gone by since she passed that i have not thought about her i grieved for her and our friendship as we lost touch long before she passed away ..

    Thanks guys sending lots of love 2u both Magsx

  • HI Mags, she is still with me and she waved at me when I opened up this post, the not having kids thing would explain the deep look in her eyes which I have seen with other (alive) women who have not been able to have kids.

    She looks sad now I am asking her is she mad at you she is shaking her head, gee this is weird she put on her dancing shoes and is standing like with one foot on the ground and the other up in the air behind her you know like in Swan Lake, it is a room with a darkish wooden floor and for whatever reason that seems to be important. Ah now she is smiling again. I am asking her does she forgive you and well she is nodding very fast at the same time kind of looking at me wondering what I am talking about. I am asking her for a sign of forgiveness and she is showing me her shoes. Sorry Mags I don't have any explanations for you but I think you can rest assured that your friend does not hold any grudge against you and I think she misses you too.So, I have asked her if she has anything else and she does not seem to so I will leave it at that, I thanked her and she danced off. The room has a mirror and a chair and red curtains Mags, this seemed to be important too.

    It all sounds like rambles to me but maybe it is a message for you.

    Love you all lots and thanks for all your encouragement and thanks Mags for giving me the chance to do this. it is really amazing looking in to the life of someone else or being able to help someone else in this way. My mother died when I was a baby and I have always always had a line with her, I know she is watching me as I write and I have made contact a couple of times. But I have never considered it a gift because that is just life for me, my Mum is a ghost who stands behind me all the time. I have introduced my kids to her and they being kids jsut talk to her as well. Funny huh.

    Sorry had to get that out, better go and tend to human thiings now like cleaning the mess up and getting some bread for lunch.

    xx to you all I feel a great wave of energy and I pass it on to you all

    x Sheelagh

  • Dear Sheslagh,

    Thankyou so much for everything that youve done for me ,about the room a few years ago she was telling me that she wanted to convert it was kinda like a garage but looked more like a big room into a dance studio for herself ( i dont know if she ever done this as we lost touch ) i think that this might be it and the floor is very important for dancers thats why i am assuming that shes showing you this , i remember her saying that she wanted a big mirror and the red curtains thats exactly what she would have had velvet ones . I have had visions all throughout the day of her twirling around wearing a pink tight fitted dress at the top but flowing material around the waist shes smiling at me which makes me so much better knowing that she is happy are they ballet shoes that she is showing you? i know that she loved tap dancing as well

    Im so glad that i now know the mystery of the song thanks to you you really do have the gift and to see your Mum thats fantastic the movie ghost is coming to my mind how whoopis character thought she never had the gift then all of a sudden she was bombarded with spirits i hope that this doesnt to happen to you, i hope they come to you when they know that you are ready for them and i feel that this is exactly what Basia has done because i felt a strong urge to tell you guys about the song . Im so happy that she forgives me that is the closure that i need now i will be able to still think of her everyday without wondering does she forigive me .

    Once again from the bottom of my heart thanks so much for bringing her back to me and solving the mystery once and for all i will forever hold making love out of nothing at all close to my heart Sheelagh harness your gift its very special that you have been chosen .

    Sending lots of love and sparkly whitelight 2u ((HUGS)) Magsx

  • Wow I am so glad you were able to read something in to the things I saw, yes they were velvet curtains, lovely colour, deep red. I guess she got her room then. They were her ballet shoes she showed me. And that top picture of the dancer is exactly the one she was showing me at least that is what she was doing.

    I guess I have to learn to close myself off from spirits, I will ask on this forum for help, my friend's mother passed away yesterday (she was 89) and I got an sms from my friend this morning on her way to the airport and whoom bam I had her mother in my head telling me to tell my friend not to worry she was fine and she had crossed over. I felt really stupid doing it but she kept urging me so I did it. My friend will think I am nuts but I hope it will relieve her a bit. Her mother has been dying for a while now but it still doesn't take away the pain when it happens.

    Wow I am so gobsmacked you were able to make anything out of this all.

    And now everyone I need loads of vibes because I have found my dreamhouse in Ireland and I want it and need to attract the money so we can buy it...if it has not already been snapped up

  • Dear Sheelagh ,

    Im sorry to hear about your friends Mum passing , you are really opening up to the spirit world

    you are so lucky to possess this gift im sure your friend will very happy during this difficult time to know that her Mum is ok it will mean alot to her .

    Would you mind if i nominate you for the abundance broadcast ? I dont want to do it without your consent . I will send prosperity and abundance energy your way and pray so that you shall go back home and move into your dream house they all look lovely which one do you like the most ? so i can focus my energy on it .

  • Ladies I am so very impressed by the information and images you've shared. I am so glad it was a positive experience. Wow to have it just come to you like that is really awesome. Yes, you may need to seek a way of turning it off at times or so I have been told. It's funny the couple of times I have felt someone like that come to me it never felt like an intrusion but for me it was a much more personal connection.

  • Wishing you grand success to obtain your dream home in Ireland.

  • OK my dream home has been sold, never mind there will be more. The link I posted was the house but it is not there any more. So I will keep searching, or rather wait for the house to come to me.

    Mags, that would be an honour, you are so kind.

    OK life goes on as normal though I feel my whole life has been turned around. Have to take my youngest daughter to the doc to get a wart frozen off. I think it will hurt me more when she starts crying.

    xThanks Mags you have opened a new world to me

  • Mags, the right one will come along, you'll know and it'll all work out.

  • can i just say, how cool this is for all of us?? I know it was HUGE for Sheelagh and mags, but it has been the 4 of us from the beginning. I think there are great things in store for all of us. I truly do. prepared darlin....I will be praying for you as this new gift emerges and begins.

    Mags.....basia is definitely trying to tell you something...

    RC..your gift is developing..your writing is incredible

    As for me girls, my oldest daughter, just got deployment orders for Afghanistan. Please beseech and pray on our, especially her behalf.

    Love & Light to you all !!


  • Woodenmeow....I do not think the cookies would be a bad thing. Do you play any mind challenging games ? Like chess, scrabble, etc ?? I think matching his wits is the best way for you to go !

    And, I did not mean to ignore you. As you can see, something huge happened and well, I was just enjoying the moment.

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