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  • He is definately guarded. I would ask him what he wants but I am not sure he is sure. Just hoping he comes back to me in his own time. I am always real with him. Yes I am a quirky one though, but so is he and it works. I just still can't understand why he seem to put the brakes on our dating?

    Everything seemed to be going so well. I treated my taurus like gold, cooking for him, giving him massages every weekend. He had it good. And now he tells everyone how good I treated him, and they must be wondering the same thing. Then why aren't you with her?

    I am trying to stay positive that he will come back to me.

    Also, I wonder why he isn't in any hurry to give me my things back? Taurus 7 can you shed any light on that?

    By the way thanks for all your help.

  • Taureans also need a lot of mental food. And the thing about not being in a hurry to give things back, you maybe should step on his toes about it, bulls are rather slow creatures unless someone rouses them.

    Maybe he just doesn't want a relationship yet. I say, stick to the golden rule with bulls, ask them straight out. And be honest. And actions not words as Taurus7 said.

  • Dear Mishelly ,

    Thankyou for your thoughts on the song i am having issues in my relationship and we have in the last year gone through the baddest patch that weve ever experienced, but now things are back on track like i said in my post to RC , in my heart i dont feel that it has anything to do with my marriage but then again i could be wrong . My Husband has been suffering extreme moodswings lately i really feel that he is suffering depression but he wont talk about it he clams up on me and he refuses flatout to even see a doctor its awful because one minute he is happy as Larry and the next he is really grumpy and having a go at me for the littlest things .

    This has happened on the past two sundays it got so bad that i cryed my eyes out and i could here the song playing so loudly in my head that it made me stop and listen so i said out loud a big THANKYOU as it made me feel very comforting to hear like someone was with me . I just wish that i knew who was sending it to me whoever it is they have defenetley got my attention im asking spirit to send me a name now in a way that i will know its from them . I will post the story again on another thread to see if anyone can help me its not fair to Blmoon to keep bumping the thread if she doesnt feel up to it .It is a lovely song especially these lyrics,

    Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun

    Are streaming through the waves in your hair

    And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes

    Like a spotlight

    The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost

    And it's looking for a rhythm like you

    You can take the darkness from the pit of the night

    And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright

    But my favourite Bonnie Tyler song is total eclipse of the heart

    Thanks again Mishelly i really appreaciate you trying to help me Take care

    Sending lots of love and hugs 2u Mags

  • Mags when I hear it and when I read your posts about the song I am getting your daughter or somebody female young adult close to your heart who can't express her feelings in any other way, for whatever reason, be it shyness or that she has passed on. Funny isn't it. I got that feeling yesterday immediately and I got it again today when I read the song lyrics. i do not consider myself psychic but I thought I would say it anyway.

    Maybe you can do something with these thoughts.

    xx Sheelagh

  • Dear Girls


    lots of love 2 all Mags

  • Dear Sheelagh,

    I did have a friend who passed away a couple of years ago and we sort of parted ways a couple of years before this and i am very heartbroken over her death i grieved for her and our friendship badly before she died, i am so devastated that she passed and i never got back in touch with her again ,do you think this could be her ? She was a few years older than me .


  • Well the person I am feeling is very full of energy, very caring, I dare to say hair cut in a bob because that is how I picture her, white skin, very sparkly dark eyes gosh this is spooking me a bit... well she is very full of life, young at heart and she cares a lot about you and she really wants you to know she is there and this is how she feels. This is what I am feeling.

    OK I really don't know if it is any use to you, you need to get a hand from TheCaptain who is also a taurean and probably reads our thread as well, or BLMoon if she is up to it, or maybe CharmedWitchBente. Or poetic55.

  • Mags, I am no pshyic either, but the angels in the video, I think Sheglah and I watched the same one, really stuck out to me and I knew there was a connection there and I think Sheglah is on to something.

    I also think that since you heard that while your mind was on your relationship, it is related to that. I do. I got that feeling from the get go. Mags, it could very well be your child. You know that I suffered through a terrible marriage. I remember looking at my kids, especially my oldest daughter, her little face would be so troubled. I am positive so much was going through her head that she did not have the skills to verbalize.

    You do have a daughter ?

  • Woodenmeow, Iagain, I agree with paddi......I need mental stimulation in a relationship just as much as I need the other elements. And, I do not know about the others, but for me, looks are of no importance, especially if the mental food is superb.

    My current BF, is not attractive to "worldly" standards, but I think he is the sexiest thing walking !! I see his beauty in who he is as a father, individual, mate, lover and friend. He is probably one of the few men I have known that can actually outwit me. That alone makes me swoon in the knees.

    But here is something I just thought of, he could be a little leary. I tend to do that. maybe he is just asking himself if this is for real or to good to be true.

  • Thanks for backing me up mishelley, I tend more towards daughter than friend.

  • Taurus 7,

    Thanks so much for the insight. One of my friends who has some pretty good intuition and said he has a fear of rejection. But yes, he might be asking himself if this is for year. Obviously with 2 failed marriages he has a shakey track record. Which I understand. He has made it very clear that he wants me in his life. Just not sure where I "fit in" as of yet. I have texted him two times, with extremly quick responses back from him. But I figure if this taurus is interested then he will come to me. Yes? I feel as though I have extended the olive branch so to speak.

    I treated this man like gold. So I am no sure why he would want to make it so platonic?

  • Sheelagh, no problem. I really feel that way as well.Actually what Iam thinking is this. I was very spiritually connected to my great aunt that raised an my mother. Even though my mother and I did not really live together until I was 10. We were connected. Maybe the gifts in our family are passed through the women on that side, as I feel the same things with my girls. Until I have come here, I really had not given that concept much thought.

    But, perhaps mags' daughter is gifted as well, and this is a beginning to what will come ? I am really just guessing here and basin gthis on my own experience and feelings/intuitions. Nothing more.

    Mags is the only one that can truly sort our our inklings.

  • Woodenmeow, I think that could be very true. If he responds, it is b/c he wants to. Don't doubt that. As far as how he feels about you, I do not know. Let me ask you this, are the two of you pretty equal intellectually ?

  • Dear Sheelagh and Mishelley

    I do have a daughter shes 10 years old she has a pale complexion and long blonde hair,and blue eyes , im open to anything now but i really dont feel that its coming from her in anyway, i played her the song and asked her what did she think about it and she said that it reminds her of old nanna( who is my nanna her great nanna )who passed way last year ,i said does it remind you of Mum and Dad in anyway she said no . I dont think my Nanna would be sending me the song but like i said im open to anything now . I totally agree with you guys about the Angels that was the first thing i noticed and couldnt take my eyes off them i thought like Sheelagh said maybe its a message from them, but the whole thing has been so confusing i dont know what to think anymore. Sheelagh you must have more psychic abilities than you are aware of for the girl to make contact with you ,my friend had short blonde hair pale complexion and blue eyes

    (if it is her)

    I dont know of any other younger females other than my daughter .

    Mishelly, Its making me wonder now about my relationship i really thought that we were making progress over all the hurdles so to speak ,but now with these sudden and dramatic moodswings that my husband is having i dont know where i am, he says im not angry at you just at everything but it doesnt feel that way to me when hes having them . We dont argue or anything like that around the kids but at the end of the dayi know that the kids are not stupid they pick up vibes .

    If the message is about my relationship do i take it as a good or bad one ? like i said im open to anything now but still totally confused !!!

    Thanks girls i really appreaciate your help and Sheelagh i will repost it as an open thread so that anyone can help if they wish because you guys have been wonderful both yourselves and RC have opened my mind up to new possibilities .

    Sending lots of love 2uall Magsx

  • Mags I hope you have more luck on the open forum. This woman came back in to my head when I read your post, I can see her so very clearly, she is teaching some kids, probably around the age of your daughter or a bit younger, but not in school, it is like a dance lesson or ballet lesson, some extracurricular thing inside, there is movement involved anyway. It is kind of like she is going - come on you know who I am! I am asking her for a name. Maybe it is you. Maybe she is meant for someone else. I have never had this before. Maybe I will post it on the open forum too. And she is not a young adult, I would say she is about your/our age (I am 38).

  • Mags, regarding your relationship and the song, I do not think it has to be a bad thing. I think it is meant to be encouragement and support to YOU. It sounds like to me you feel lost in your relationship. Not knowing what to do exactly. But you are still trudging through, creating a loving home enviroment. By your actions and prayers.

    Do NOT give up. keep loving your way through everything. From figuring this out to your relationship. This is definitely a message, unfortunately, we just can't figure out the specifics. Sorry that we are coming up empty for you. I will keep listening to the song.

    Sheelagh, is there any defining characteristics or a word that you are getting in your vision. I think the dance is perteninent. The angels dance all the time. And in the video that is what they are doing also. Do you think it could be Mags friend who passed ?

  • Dear Sheelagh ,


    OMG you have bought tears to my eyes its my friend she taught little ones how to dance she loved dancing i asked her to show you what she loved to do the best in life and that is it OMG im am so happy that it is her when i first seen the videoclip there is an angel dancing with ballet shoes on and i thought of my friend straight away her name is Basia i am lost for words Sheelagh i have been asking her for a sign for the last two years i keep telling her to come in my dreams i was always worried that she never forgave me for what happend ., on my last birthday my mother inlaw gave me a card that said in big glitter letters LIFES TO SHORT NOT TO DANCE and she said to me im sorry i dont know why i picked this card and that is what Basia always used to say i knew without a doubt this was from my her ,she was 44 when she passed Oh Sheelagh this means so much just to know that she is ok and still doing what she loved on the other side its amazing , you truly do have a gift Thankyou so much i feel as if all my dreams have come true .

    Sending lots of love 2u Magsx

  • Dear MIshelly ,

    Thankyou it totally makes sense what you wrote yes sometimes i do feel like that trudging through my husband isnt home much because of work and im left to carry the can so to speak

    he is a good man i just dont know why he is acting like this . thanks so much it all makes sense how you put it into perspective for me . My head is still reeling from Sheelaghs contact with my firend its so spot on its remarkable she truly does have the gift and my friend was like us very open to the paranormal and loved tarot cards and having a reading done god i miss her so im so happy i will forever hold making love out of nothing at all dear to my heart .

    Thanks to Sheelagh i dont have to start a new thread now thats how certain i am that its my friend 100% Thanks again Mishelly i appreaciate all that you have done for me lots of love Mags

  • paddifluff, Sheelagh ,

    You have given Mag's such a beautiful gift, Your Gifts you have received has just given dear Mags back her beautiful life in a way. I know it was non stop playing in her head for her..THANK YOU!

    I'm so happy for you Mag's when you posted this link I sear it jumped off the page... I never go to our link first ever....Then poof i go there first thing this morning and you give me this link....

    thank all of you who share their gifts wisdom and love on tarot..its such a beautiful relief to see someone get answers that they have been waiting for...



    Aka Shatz


  • Hi everyone, i was so excited for Mag's and sheelagh that I didn't say hi.. hehehe

    I have read this thread numerous times,but just haven't had the time to join in..But i am very grateful that i did this morning.Again my apologies for jumping right in, but i am so excited for Mag's..You to Sheelagh, you taped into your gifts until you gave Mag's her answers.


    Peace,Light,Love and Laughter to all of you



    aka shatz

    Big cyber hugs all around

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