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  • Beautiful chakra pic.

  • Dear RC,

    Thankyou so much i hope that you didnt mind that I borrowed some of your words on Notshy2bemes healing thread normally i can put my own words together but when Sheila told me that Elaine was really ill i kind of went into shock and couldnt think straight and you have such a way with words RC they come together beautifully .

    Thanks RC from the bottom of my heart you are one in a million I hope all is well take care Lots of love and Hugs Mags

  • Mags, no worries, use my words. I'm glad to help. I am so very sorry to hear of Elaine's sad news. I cannot only imagine what this is doing to her psyche above and beyond to her body. In the end no matter what the circumstances may be we are all just trying to be good people and get through this lifetime feeling loved. I pray that in spite of the medical news that Elaine can feel the love and care of others during these times, to know it's not about a label, it's not about a diagnosis, it's simply wanting another human being to feel what all of us deserve to be treated right, fairly, out of love because it is the right thing to do, the thing God himself would expect from us, the thing he bore us to exude that we are all His children and he loves us no matter what. If we all could feel that way about each other, wouldn't this world be a much nicer place to live? Many blessings to Elaine and her family, friends and to you my friend for caring so much that's our purpose, just to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

  • Oops I mean I can only imagine.....sorry

  • Thanks RC

    I totally agree you are a kind and beautiful person who always know the right things to say my thoughts and prayers are with Elaine and her family as well my heart goes out to them .

    I am a bit worried about Mishelly we havent heard from her for a while i hope that everything is alright and that she is ok .

    Thanks again RC take care lots lof love and hugs 2u Mags

  • Hi folks, I do not know Elaine at all but my heart still goes out to her and I would like to hope she can heal but still I cannot imagine what is like to be told your end is on it's way.

    As for me well I have decided to drop all business ideas and help my hubby build up his new plan and develop my own psychic skills and use what I have instead of dreaming about what I don't have. So this evening I decided to study myself in the mirror and look for an aura and wow it actually worked, I could see three energy fields of varying shades of dark, the colours did not come. It freaked me out. Now I am seeing energy fields around everything. Practice makes perfect.

    xhope you are all well and that the white light not only shines on you all but fills you all to overflowing abundance.


  • Mishelly, Where are you? Know we are thinking of you and hoping all is well.

  • Paddi, loved the aura experiment. Sounds a little frightening but cool. Did you follow some meditation ritual or just stare into the looking glass?

  • RC, I have wanted to do it for ages but it never really worked. I just planted my feet firmly on the ground, took a few deep breaths and let my gaze wander. and yes it freaked me out.

  • Perhaps I too will give it a try one of these days.

  • So I'm stumped, how does one imagine internally all they want externally. I picture you dreaming of the perfect guy 5'10" dark hair green eyes whatever... but it's not that it's wealth overflowing to meet all needs and others, yes this is regarding the new discussion page but I'm baffled. I just wondered what your ways of doing something like this might be, care to share?

  • Hi Sheelagh and RC ,

    Still no Mishelley i hope that she is ok its been a while since weve heard from her . I hope that all is well with both you guys Sheelagh I love how you seen you aura that is awesome i would love to see mine i might give it a try as well .

    RC is this the captains new thread that you are talking about i had a quick look tonight when i get all the kids down ill have a proper read and let you know what i think.

    Take care guys sending peace and light your way lots of love 2u both Mags

  • yes Mags, I feel like every time I think I am closer to achieving a sense of abundance in my life or prosperity that sort of like the rules shift and I'm going about it all wrong. I was having this great positive feeling about the whole experience and then I got frustrated at the closing end. I think I'm making it harder than it is supposed to be because of comments not how I feel. It's that two steps forward, ten steps back kind of feeling. I'm just not sure what exactly we're supposed to be thinking. I know everyone's thought process is different but if the answer is A, B or C, how can it be M? You know what I mean. I'm confused.

  • HI RC I left an reply on the Abundance post that Captain started. I guess we shouldn't look to closely at the workings of the universe, it would just drive us crazy. Though I am positive there is a logic in it seeing as everything else in nature and such is so symmetrical. But you are right, Murphy's Law. You are nearly there and then someone moves the winning post.

  • Hi girls !! I am back. i went on a mini vacation. needed to clear my head and regroup !! I am off to my sons football game, I will read and catch up. Sorry I did not fill you all in...I missed you girls terribly. I just needed some major alone time.

  • MAGS !! You have no clue how much I needed guidance from the arch angle Zedekial........

    Ok girls, here goes, I am so full of anger, hurt and contempt for my ex, that is why I had to get away. I was being mean, nasty and hateful and I was not liking myself. he does not leave me alone. He actually spit on me, twice. Ya...spit on me.

    I try so hard to keep the peace for our children and all it seems to do is make me angrier. I have no clue why he continues to hold onto hate. but he does. And, he unleashes it all on me. I have thought about restraining orders, supervised visits ( he does not do that to the kids) just me, but I am afraid that if I take any more stands, his anger will start be directed at our children.

    I have to be honest and say, I really just want him permanently out of my life. I know that is not an option. I do not understand how I could have maried and been in love with this man. And the kicker, he is a respected and beloved business man. The irony and horror of it all. And he tells me and tries to convince me that he loves me.

    He does not know what love is. He has no clue. I thought being away from him was supposed to be better.

  • Dear RC,

    What The Captain wrote is very similar to what it says in the book i have read called creative visualization, yes apparently if we think we are poverrish we will be draw poverty to us i have tried to focus on drawing prosperity to myself many times and like you said i take two steps forward ten steps back i have copied what The Captain wrote below

    I invite everyone to look at your outer circumstances to glean the clues for what is going on inside you. If outwardly you are living in a state of poverty, then inwardly you also also feeling poor and without abundance. If you have no love on the outside, it is because you feel no love inside. All you have to do is change your inside feelings and the outside circumstances will also alter to match whatever mood you have. So focus on feeling prosperous, instead of concentrating on what you don't have. Imagine yourself filled with love if you want to find the right partner in the world. The outside does not create the inside - the inner feelings you have create your outer life. Attract what you want now!

    Yes its whats inside that counts, with me its just hard trying to focus my energy because at the end of the day i am totally exhausted and that is really the only time that i get peace to do anything for myself . Try imagining receiveing money in the mail visualize yourself going to your mailbox pulling out an envelope addressed to yourself and when you open the envelope you see a heap of dollar notes in the denomination of your choice hear in Aus we have $20, $50 ect

    I know now what im about to tell will make you guys laugh your heads off but i am doing the exact same thing but not with money with BonJovi tickets go on laugh lol hehehehe, i am visualizing two tickets coming in the post ,i am going to the mailbox taking out the letter addressed to me and when i open the envelope their they are two tickets that clearly say Bonjovi general addmission (i didnt aim for the stars) where its to be held and the date i can see all that clearly in my mind eye . I will let you know if i receive them or i should say when i recieve them.

    Sorry if i waffled on to much I hope that i have been able to help in some way

    Take care lots of love Mags

  • Sorry RC

    I should have added that you might not attract money in the mail bit you are still drawing it to yourself and it will come to you by other ways and means .

    Love and Light 2U MAGS

  • Mags, thanks I appreciate the added explanation. I think what is hard for me is not that I don't understand it is that I am struggling with visualizing that which has seemed impossible to obtain. I think it is a human block, perhaps it's just me. I will just have to make and take the time to be more determined to focus on that. I think what I will start with is just adjusting my focus to be grateful for all that I now have even the simple things like the internet provider that lets me talk to all of you and the funds to pay that bill etc. Maybe if I re-focus in that direction I'll trigger the harder stuff more easily.

    Good luck on the Bon Jovi tickets.

  • Wow Taurus 7 be strong and get yourself away from the monster. That kills me, hearing about abusive husbands. I am just reading a Wallander book (a thriller) and the plot is centred round respected businessmen who beat up their wives and mistresses. Be good to yourself, you are too good to be receiving that sort of treatment. So, deep breaths, centre yourself, and move in for the chop.

    x S

    RC re the abundance broadcast, I never give up on friends. Facing demons is nasty but you will feel so much better afterwards (wish I could take my own advice)

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