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  • Mishelly,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with difficulties from the ex. Daughter is going through similar anxieties with the babydaddy on our end. I think when things are made to be so difficult it is not anything you are doing or not doing wrong, it stems from their realization that they no longer can control you so they lash out. I don't know all the issues you face and I'm sure it is wearing you thin but I hope that you soon find some resolution to the problems. I know how you feel sometimes you just want him out of your life. I felt that same way, believe me. But with my daughter I had to help her find her pause button. Because he knew what buttons to push to get her mad and acting out and he would do it every time to say she was crazy and out of control. Once I made her realize he didn't have control over her that all his bantering back and forth was simply him running his mouth and it boiled down to nothing more than hot air being expelled. She then was able to find a trigger within herself that when he would start she would stop, breathe and then sort of say "it's just hot air", then she would just look at him as he went on and on. The silence made him crazy but it did eventually work because it took his power from him. Like I said I don't know your situation exactly but maybe something like that will help you. Think about.

    In any case, welcome back, we've missed you.

  • Dear Mishelly ,

    Welcome back we were worried about you , im sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your ex i hope that things improve for you , Im glad that you are happy about the archangel that the angels chose for you Zadkiel

    Zadkiel will help us to remember our True Spiritual Relationship with those we desire to Forgive. Helping us to remember that our True Relationship transcends this earthly experience, allowing us to gain greater appreciation for the spiritual journey along with the ability to find peace for the path that we have shared with others.

    If invited Archangel Zadkiel will facilitate the healing and transcendence of unhealed energy generated from painful experiences so that we may realize forgiveness. Upon our request, Zadkiel will assist in our releasing, healing and transcending negative thought patterns and negative beliefs that we developed within the illusion of self defense against painful experiences and against unbalanced relationships.

    Archangel Zadkiel’s Angelic Mission of Mercy is to unchain us from the heavy burden of unhealed energy that we have held against our self and/or against others so that we may reclaim our Freedom to Flourish!

    Forgiveness is a very honored and sacred journey within our earth life experience. Zadkiel will assist us to realize personal freedom through the Golden Gate of Forgiveness, discovering newfound confidence, empowerment and inner peace. Through realizing forgiveness for our self and others, we will also have the opportunity to rediscover that Life is a joyous journey, allowing us to realize and experience our world as safe, supportive and filled with love!

    Archangel Zadkiel has a very kind and gentle angelic presence. His energy is supreme compassion and naturally aligns us with the ability to see and experience the divinity within all. Zadkiel’s energetic color is often seen as a magnificent dark blue and is aligned with infinite peace. Archangel Zadkiel, like all those within the Angelic Realm, will come with unconditional love, providing guidance and assistance toward our highest good and always honoring our Free Will.

    I thought i would give you some more info on Zadkiel and from what that info says it sounds like he is the perfect Archangel to assist your needs right now .

    Im so glad to hear from you again take care lots of love Mags

  • Thank you very much mags, I definitely do need that. I need some quite time today. So, I am going to go for now. Be back tonight maybe.

  • Tauruse7

    no need worry. u be untouchedables frome my reedin'. but why there is none sounds in my reedin'?any issue two of you has?

  • normalistalis, I am afraid I do not understand the question. Thank you for telling me that though. That makes me happy.

    Paddy & RC...thank you both. I love you girls....I did not mean to leave you out.....just so deep in thought right now. I am clinging to everything all of you have said.

    Mags...bring on the white light darlin !! I need it !

  • Mishelly, do you feel the spot light on you? You're a star we have white light coming at you from all directions. You're never alone remember that.

  • Mishelly every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes like a spotlight

    In the words of our beloved RC ,"May the white light not only shine upon you but fill you up to overflowing abundance. You deserve it. We all do!! "

    Sending whitelight peace and love your way take care ((HUGS)) Mags

  • Hi guys have any of you read my thread to Blmoon about the song i keep hearing over and over in my head ?I really need some help as to why i am hearing it all the time i understand that Blmoon has low energy and cant reply to many of her requests so i thought that i would ask my beloved cybersisters (you guys ) to see what you think and if you might know any reason as to why this is happening to me i would be very grateful for you help.

    Thanks guys heres the link

    sending lots of love and whitelight 2all Mags

  • Mags, OMG, that song is one of my absolute favorites. I just looke it up on youtube....I have to injest all the thoughts coming into my head. let me sort them out, watch the vid again and again..but let me tell you...for all of us here, me, you, pad and rc...this is major deep. I have the gut knowing that it is. I feel it deep in my bones.

    We are 4 kindred spirits who have met so randomly yet, maybe not so randomly...;)........

    Thi song totally depicts our nature. Our deepness. In the video I watched..angles were dancing..ya...not a surprise.....we are so unique and different...i am so blessed to call all of you lovely, beautiful ladies friends...I am. I need you all now. I truly do.

    I really believe this song is our hearts cry. let me sleep on this...I will post more tomorrow...

    I love you all


  • Mishelly, Divine Intervention, that's all who would've thought it could bring so many of us together for the same purpose. I'm beginning to feel like E.T.

  • Lol all ET wanted to do was go home! Like me!

    Mags I replied to your music post, just my thoughts.

    This forum and this thread has become part of my daily life. Is that good or bad? It is so releasing and fine to be able to virtually chat with people on the same spiritual level without getting raised eyebrows.

    xx to you all and may you all have a happy peaceful Sunday.

  • Paddi, we are blessed indeed to have a place to just speak whatever is on our minds and know we will not be judged for our opinions. I'm with you I'm so drawn to this place, the people I connect with, this thread too, it's almost as if I don't have a choice but to check in because it will make a positive difference in my day, every day. My daughter thinks I'm addicted to you all, to this thread, this forum. For myself it's only logical, why wouldn't you want to go somewhere where you can always be yourself, no holds barred. No trying to conform to what society deems normal or worrying about how people will react to what you think or say or believe. It's a remarkable freedom we get to share here. I remember telling my brother about it after my first visit and at first he said there are a lot of sites like that but I responded but here they don't look at me like I have two heads. Naturally I got roaring laughter for that response. But for the most part he is the only other person I can speak so openly to about these subjects. I'm lucky to have my bro who doesn't think I'm nuts.

    And yes I do feel like E.T.. I mean think about it everyone freaked out because the poor little guy was different, the only ones who simply accepted him were children, like ours who can innocently see what most do not understand. Ultimately he just wanted to go home where he could fit in, isn't that exactly what we are all striving for here eventually?

  • That was good RC..... too...and yes girls...I did feel the glorious light !!

    Saturday was an excellent day. I was happy, centered and easy going.

    Mags, still going over that song. here is one place i would like to start. For me, I can make love out of nothing at all. Sometimes that can be bad, but most of the time it is good. the best way I can explaing this is by example.

    With my ex, I can honestly say i am not sure if I was ever in love with him, like I should have been in love with someone to marry them. But I did marry him and I really, really tried to make him happy, be a good wife and mother. Sometimes during th ecourse of our marriage I felt that I was the only one making love out of nothing. Or trying to create a loving enviroment.

    Now, the bigger uestion was, why did I put myself and him through that if in the beginning I married him KNOWING ( even if subconciously) that I was starting a marriage trying to mke love out of nothing at all. I really do think I did that. I am not being to harsh on myself, just honestly going back trying to figure out and settle all these horrible emotions between us.

    Yet, at the same token, I know how my spirit seems to uplight others. Especially with my children. I know you all know what I mean. That in the midst of their sadness, confusion or is like our spirits connect and we walk out of it together. Them being stronger, wiser, happier and knowing they are deeply loved by their mother. That is a gift. Knowing that in the middle of our kids' pain we can help them find (make) love out of nothing that resembles love.

    i am going to go listen to the song again. probably several times today.

    White light girls, white light !!



    I am hoping that someone out there can give me some persective on my current situation. I will try to make the story short as possible. I was dating a 39 year old taurus man for about 3 months. Im a pieces by the way. Anyway, we hit it off and everything was great. But one day he we took a walk and he was telling me that he is not a jealous kind of guy but was bothered by some of my guy friends talking to me in a prevocative way. I reassured him that I only wanted to be with him. We had dinner and everything seemed fine. Then the next day he sent me an email about the future, and that he couldn't give me the 110% that I deserved and needed to focus on his career. That he wanted a more platonic relationship, but didn't want me vanishing from his life. I was very broken hearted. He called me after the email to talk but he had made his mind up, so there really wasn't much talking. Anyway, two days after this email he texted me on my phone "hope your having a good Tuesday". And for two weeks it's been random text here and there. Then last Friday he called me at my desk and we chatted like old times. When I joking ask who it was, he said not (and then mentioned one of the guys he got upset about before the email) Funny huh? It was very strange. Then I didn't hear from him for about 5 days, which isn't normally like us. So I sent him a text message to let me know I am still around, (just in case my taurus is testing me). I texted him "Hope your having a good day". No pressure and nothing that needed a response. Just letting him know I am still there. He responded with lighting speed. It was really like 1 min. So now it's been about 2 days since I all that. Nothing from him as of yet. So where do I go from here? Any insight on this situation would be helpful? Does he still like me? Does he really want to be just friends? Please help me with my taurus man.

  • I can't speak for the others, but I am not a game player. I detest games and drama. I can tell you from my own experience that I have always been open, upfront and honest. The only person i am not clear with is myself. Weird huh ? meaning, I doubt myself, usually not others.

    I can say this, as I have gotten older, I need more of peoples actions versus their words to show me what they think/feel.

    I would like to know, is his career that demanding ? Do you feel like he is being open and honest with you ? Has he been married ? Doe she have children ? I am not a physic, just curious.

    i think whatever you are truly feeling in your gut, is the best advice and indicator that you have.

  • My bestest bestest friend is a taurean man. They have a tendency to be jealous indeed but they are very very very faithful when they commit. They, like female taureans, do not like to play silly games, they like to be straight, having said that they love to play silly games when they are in a relationship but ahem that is not the question here. My advice, take your bull by his horns dear dreamy pisces and ask him where he wants to go, if he wants to go there with you.

    Now pisces men, they absolutely melt my heart...

    Good luck, be honest about it all and you will get an honest answer.

    Taurean men looovee to cuddle. Even with friends.

  • Hi Mishelley I am with you on that one, actions speak louder than words for me too.

    I just had an altercation with our neighbours, they have a smoking room upstairs in their house which backs on to our upstairs room and the smoke is coming in to our house and it stinks so I finally got my courage together and wrote a neat little note explaining the situation. The mum came round this evening and we had a very polite conversation about it. They have 2 girls and those girls are never allowed out to play except in their postage stamp back yeard and with our girls.never on to the playground in front of the house and never with any of the kids in the neighbourhood. They are 9 and 8 years old. They have home schooling after school and all sorts of lessons to become brilliant at singing and piano. I feel so sorry for them. Our house is their only escape. They are only allowed to play with kids of their own race which they parents approve of (apart from my raggamuffins). It drives me nuts having 6 kids in the house, garden but I have learned to shut my mouth because it is the only way I can help them retain a bit of their childhood. Sorry, had to get that out. The kids lack in nothing except maybe spirit. They are not allowed to make noise at thome, their mum told me, she does not find it ladylike (we were discussing what you can and cannot hear through the walls) whereas my kids are really noisy. Well each to his own. Poor kids.

    Have you guys read The Secret? I picked it up again today and decided to try and apply it but I am finding it quite a challenge. I am also quite sceptical of it, not the methods but the manner and means. I guess Rhonda Byrne was lucky becasue she wrote it down before someone else did. Someone else may have had a better style though. What do you guys think?

  • Sheglah, I have not read The Secret. What is it about ? Thank goodness those little kids have you !! Not lady like ?? What about kid like ?? I detest controlling parents !!

    I had to laugh at your take your bull by the horns.....THAT should definitely get his attention !! it would get mine !! lol

    I too detest games, like I said....actually I used to detest confrontation in a good argument/debate that is another story.

    And so true..I am quite enjoying the silliness with my BF. I love to giggle.....

  • Taurus 7. Thanks for the response. He is a manager for a major airline. Trying to work his way ahead. He came to where I live with a plan to get ahead and move on. I don't think he expected to meet anyone. We both weren't looking for it. And he is also taking an online college course. As for the married part he has been married twice. Once when he was young and had a son who is 15. And the second marriage was quick. They knew each 6 months and married 2 years. She cheated on him. Now he has been single for a good few years. As far as I know. My taurus is very guarded. I texted him today about the bears game and he responded with lighing speed again. I have no idea what to think. I don't want to scare my taurus away. Help again.

  • We do tend to be guarded, especially after we have been hurt. However, I am always open to what if...paddi answered you well...take him by th ehorns and ask him what he wants.

    We are hard to scare away. really. We enjoy people by nature. We love experience, pleasure and newness. Just make sure your actions match your words. Don't try to impress him, just be your natural self. I hate fluff. I do. We like realness. Even quirky realness.

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