Dreaming of Kittens What does that mean?

  • Hello,

    I had a dream the other night where I was on the floor of a bedroom and looked under the bed and there were two kittens. I liked one right away a tabby , small kitty. There was another person in the room that told me that the cat had been in a coma and just came out of it. There was another darker kitten also, that was there just running around under the bed and than into the room when I lifted the bed ruffle and they came out slowly are first , than of course at a quicker pace.

    I do not know the meaning of this dream. So, if anyone that is good at dream intruputation would help me understand this I would be most grateful.

  • I believe this dream is about the parts of yourself that have been hidden or in a 'coma-like' sleeping state. Kittens represent the youthful aspects of yourself that you may have been neglecting or issues from your childhood that need to be addressed. These kittens are your light and dark sides - of course you liked the lighter one right away - no one wants to look at their dark side but it must be confronted. It's good that you are 'lifting the covers' from these buried aspects of yourself and rediscovering your whole authentic identity.

  • Hello, Captain

    Thank you for your inturputation. It makes alot of sense. I see why you are in demand for readings on this forum.

  • You're welcome. And you are not too sh(u)abby at reading yourself. 🙂

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