Feeling low

  • Oh man, can I ever relate to this. It started for me approximately 1 month ago. One morning I woke up and felt miserable. Now I have had these types of feelings before, but not like this, it simply would not go away. Finally after a week of complete and utter misery, I called my doctor and he put me on prozac. I have to say, without it I would probably still be crying. I'm not a huge advocate of medication and I'm not against it either. It's different for every person, whatever works is my logic.

    Now, you say you're not depressed, then what do you call this you are experiencing right now. It sure sounds like depression to me. Examine the issues in your life today and see if you can turn your situation around. Don't kid yourself, dig really deep and you will find the answers you are looking for. You might not like what you find, but, no one ever really does when it comes down to the heart of an issue.

    If you're having trouble with clarity do a tarot reading, that always helps me.

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