• MAGS (((((((((((((((i knew that was you hehe) your going to be busy, hows the baby...i said lots of prayers for you last nite, its funny alot of people came into my think maybe i'm on here to much hehe...

    i love the name change....

    hugs sheila

  • Dear Shatz,

    Thankyou so much for saying prayers for me i really appreaciate you taking the time to do that for me . My little one slept through last night so it looks like your prayers worked (Hooray) so i got to do some healing energy for you ,now without being to personal what i picked up on was bloating or swelling in the stomach area could you please just let me know if im hot or cold without revealing an details as this was my first attempt it might take few times before i pick up on anything more clearly.

    THanks SHATZ <<<<sending 2="" love,="" peace="" and="" glittery="" pink="" healinglight="" u="">>>> ((Hugs)) Mags</sending>

  • Thats sweet about Baby,I remember my x husband worked rediculous hours and he was never home, and drove one and half hours to and from work, i was virtually alone, my sons were only 11 months apart...We bought a house about one hour from all of my family and i was so lonely...It was long distance to call them and lets just say i wasn't aloud to call them too much...So thats what got me thinking about your little one not sleeping through the night...About your husband working long hours.

    Okay about me...

    Hot or cold

    warm hehe..

    I just love the baby angels,they are so preciou ( are they charubs or Angels i get mixed up)

    I am going to do it again for the baby...and you..You also need your rest.

    hugs,sending love, peace and glittery pink healing light,back to you Mags

  • hehe now i'm finding healing pics....

  • That ones for the wee one 🙂

  • Dear Shiela ,

    Thankyou so much foryour prayers and the beautiful picture yes the work hours are a problem i feel sorry for my two eldest kids they never get to see their dad during the week because they are at school, my hubby tries to get up early to take them to school but the poor man is so worn out i dont like to wake him and he gets very annoyed( with me because i dont wake him ) he misses them dearly luckley he can still spend sometime with the little one , sometimes i feel like im in between a rock and a hard place always trying to do what is right . My husband is trying to get a day job so he can spend more time with them , hopefully one will come his way soon i am so grateful for the job that he has now as it is paying the bills putting food on the table its such a fast paced world now with all the odd hours that people have to work it would be really nice if it slowed down once in a while to let people catch their breath LOL (wishful thinking)

    Thanks again Shatz Sending love and light 2u Take care Mags ((HUGS))

  • ((((((MAGS, where's my cyber friend tonight...I hope you are okay of course the children and hubby are included...


    peace,light,love and blessings

  • Hi Sheila ,

    I love the picture just got home been grocery shopping at Aldi do you guys have aldi in Canada ?

    its a great shop everything is such good quality and so cheap . I did some healing last night and i know that i dont have the full picture yet but im still getting swelling or bloating in the stomach area once i regain my full energy back i will be able to harness in on the situation better as bubby slept through again last night thankyou so much for your prayers ., they have been a great help. (( love , light and hugs 2u)) Mags

  • Hi Mags, yes we do have Aldi in Canada but very expensive ummm I love some of thier shoes...I'm glad Baby is sleeping again, I sent baby some light last night...I pictured some pink light and I ent it to you also...I have never done any of this before, but since you and i have been chatting I'm trying it...

    I might not be on here for the weekend, my brain and body are a wee bit exhausted for no reason...Its seems to be going around the tarot forms..

    But know this you and your family will be in my Prayers...Take care Mags...

    peace and light to you



    This picture was from healingways:)

  • Dear Sheila,

    Thanks so much for everything its working slept through until11.30pm this morning i had to go and wake him up ,i think that its great that you are trying to send healing energy believe me it works ive tryed it on a few people and have had great results you just have to keep focusing on it and i lknow that it is very hard when youre energy is low, so please make sure that you get plenty of rest and dont worry about sending healing energy ,you need to save your strength for yourself., you must take CWBs adivce and go to the rest healing room in the roman decadence thread .

    Sending lots(((( love and pink glittery light and prayers your way )))))Hope that you are feeling better soon .your friend Mags


  • to you Sheila

  • Sorry pictures are playing up

  • Shatz found a picture for you i hope it works

  • My pictures arnt working i dont know why

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