• hi

  • AWEEEEEEEEEEEEE, that brought a tear to my eye, thank you Maggs, i really needed that today/tonight thank you...

    peace ,light,love


    I found some more pics hahaha

  • You have to click and go back into the place where your pics are..

    and no you are not bothering are a quick learner sometimes i type faster the my brain hehehe

    ok to put pics into a folder hold mouse on pic and drag it into the folder then let go...

    if you have several pics go beside pi not right in it and hold mouse down and it will highlite the pics you choose then out side the highlited area right click mouse hold it and drag the pics into folder then let go

    does any of this make sense hahahah

  • I hope thats going to help, i'm signing off now its been a bad pain day...

    Hugs to you



    Thanks again for the beautiful angel....

  • Awwww back 2 u Shatz love the angel and butterfly

    thankyou for your help i think ive fixed the problem

    Sorry to hear that you are in pain ,i wll send you whitelight and pink healing energy , rest up and take care

    Lots of love Mags

  • Shatz one more thing ( i dont mean this in a bad way) please dont tell me where abouts it is that you are having the pain, because when ive done healing for others ive felt a strong pull to towards certain parts of the body it will just be interesting to see what i pick up, if this is ok with you of course .

  • Maggs, so sweet of you, thank you...its okay with me..

    I copied the rose and the butterflies into my folder..i hope thats okay lol..

    I'll talk to you soon.sweet dreams its 10am

    Hugs to you

    peace,light and love

  • Dear Shatz

    Of course its ok about copying the pictures you dont even have to ask , my vibes were off yesterday so i couldnt pick up on anything when i did the healing( my toddler just wouldnt go to sleep until late) so i will have another go at it tonight. I have found another cool glitter website for you . i love the doggie how cute thankyou .

    (((( Sending peace love and healing energy to you ))))) MAGS

    Sorry couldnt copy website properly

  • oh link did copy properly you learn something new everyday LOL

  • Oh boy i'm going to have fu with this one, Babies always know when mama has something on there minds hehe...

    Thanks for everything Maggs..I love our little chats...


  • Oh Shatz ,that is beautiful thankyou i love our little chats as well look forward to them everyday , love the pic my daughter has copied all the horse ones on the other website you gave me as shes mad about horses . ine learnt so much in this last week about the computer than i have in the last ten years LOL (((((HUGS LOVE AND LIGHT 2U AS WELL SHEILA )))))) TAKE CARE MAGS

  • Hi Sheila

    Just wanted to let you know that i just resized a picture on that website and it worked . just a quick question do you remove the picture from the website? or do you leave it on it one their because it says remove it now or it will be deleted in two hours just interested to know what you do (i left it in on but saved resize to pc) sorry hope that makes sense im in the brainfryers club at the moment the kids are driving me nuts LOL

  • Good Morning Mags,haha

    i just leave mine up there...thats an awesome web sight...I wonder sometimes if my teaching skills make

    you have 3 children right... your son..7 or 8..todler perhaps 3 umm daughter maybe my daughters age almost 11..???? I knew of your son because thats were i first met you on cwb's thread iss that brain is slowww this morning....

    we will talk soon...healingways did this to my name did i give you this web site....

    hugs(((((peace,light and love)))


  • yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee the horse worked tell your daughter i will try and find some more...


  • Dear Shatz ,

    Thankyou for the horse my daughter will love it ,will checkout website it looks good ,sorry didnt get a chance to do healing energy again littleone went down at 830pm was up again at 12am he has a cold which doesnt help poor little thing but hes fine now running around the house getting into everything . Yes you are virtually spot on with my kids ages my eldest son is 7 turning 8 in december ,yes it was on the cry whine and weep thread that we first met i posted on that thread yesterday for the first time in ages . i havent cyberspoke to cwb or rising pheonix for ages, i must make a point of trying to post there more often to see how everyone is going ,i just feel lately that there are never enough hours in the day as i do majority of my posts in between housework during the day and at night ive been trying to settle my littleone who hasnt been going down until 10.30pm and by that time im exhausted .

    YOUR TEACHING SKILLS ARE A GREAT HELP TO ME thankyou so much for this i really appreaciate all of your help . i always looked at others pictures on the threads and wondered how they put them on there and now i can do it myself thats a great achievement for someone


  • Hi Mags,I hope baby sleeps well soon...My little girl was up every 2 hours,,,,omg I was breast feeding her, she still never sleeps urrrr...she sneaks into my room.My son was like that also what i did was give him a bath at 830 quickly then a hunk of chese or a bowl of porraige or oats...He might feel your tension also..Some soft music i know its tough with daddy not ther and your doing it all...Try and take sometime for you...easier said than done right..You are a good mommy Mags, "and my word for my daughter is also ENOUGH!.."

    Take care and we'll talk soon, now don't aplogize for not doing healing energies you keep that for yoursef okay...when its time it will be time, gosh that came out scrambled hahaha.

    PEACE AND WHITE AND PINK HEALING ENERGY LIGHT to you...Okay, take care and this will pass, i remember people telling me that and i would say sureeeeeeeee....



  • Thanks Shatz you've made me feel a whole lot better as you know being a mother is the hardest and best job in the world I wish that he would eat something to settle him before he goes to sleep but , he eats like a bird actually i should rephrase that i think birds eat more than he does, he wont eat meat or vegetable all he wants to eat is fried rice from the chinese shop (he wont eat the one that i make at home ) pasta yoghurt ,noodles and bananas ive tried several times disguising the food and i cant outsmart him yet, ive been to the doctor about this and he says not to worry hes not malnurished and that he should grow out of it soon enough its very frustrating for me because i want him to eat properly . I normally bath him about an hour before bedtime i might give it a try bathing him just before and see how it goes.I think youre right about how he might be feeling my tension ive been in such a grumpy mood all day im amazed my mum hasnt throttled me .

    Thanks Sheila enjoying our little chats immensely .(((((Take Care sending love and light to you)))) Mags

  • Sorry Shatz that pic is way 2 small sending you another

  • Sorry both 2 small sometimes you cant win either to small or to big LOL Chat soon take care

  • Hi Shatz,

    I now have my new name trying to get my post back .

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