• Ok a question back to you i forgot how to change my avator help if you can

    hugs sheila

    i just found this site when i was looking for angel pictures its pretty cool.


    i think this is how you do it

    ok click on forum settings

    click on edit avatar

    then click on browse

    then i think its upload

    hope it works

    thanks for link going to have a look at it now

    love and light Mags

  • sorry i meant click on my forum settings

  • I did it bye george i did it hahaha

    you see we helped each other

    Thanks lilaaka lilacrose,aka,maggie,aka mag haha

  • Bye George i did it as well wonders will never cease and it was so easy .I love your butterfly did you get it off that glitter website ? Thankyou for the link i love it had a quick look so many nice pictures on there that i would love to have, love the angel ones so many that i want my poor computer would probably run out of memory LOL .


    ((((HUGSTOYOU))))) MAGS

  • Hi Mags, yep I got it from the site, there are so many to look through, I'm going to be the picture poster of the year, and I think you will be right there with me hahaha

    hugs to you Mags



    <<<<<<<<wow what="" a="" beautiful="" angel="" i="" love="" those="" pictures="" ,="">>>>>>>></wow>

    I will have to have alook properly when i get time i just tryed to shrink a picture on that website you gave me and it said that it couldnt do it , i was wondering is it a trial website only ?

  • nope i just posted some on cwb's joke thread i i use it all the time, just refresh the page and try it did that to be yesterday i can't rember what it said though haha. i have never signed up....i just remember instead of right clicking the picture to save as when the resized it ,i pressed download instead and it didn't work

    hugs mags

  • i'm goig to try and resize a pi again and see what it says...Do you upload more than one picture at a time because that is the one that is a trial one...i just use the one only...

    this is an outfit i put on one of CWBs threads i told her i found the perfect outfit for her when she is feeling better...hahaha

  • it worked haha

  • H iSHATZ,


    I tryed to upload just one picture and it said we cant resize it so i assumned that it was small enough all ready and when i tryed to put it on the abundance broadcast it said size denied so i dont know whats happened . When you say you use the one only sorry do you mean the one picture? Sorry a bit confused .<<<<<< SENDING ANGELWINGS2U>>>>>> MAGS

  • PS sorry forgot to ask you if its ok would you be able to put the of the picture that you got from the enchanted pond with people holding hands in the shape of a love heart ,on the thread so that i can make a copy of it ? As i really like that picture and i cant find it again . Thanks SHATZ

    ((((Love and Light ))) Mags

  • Sorry message didnt make sense its past my bedtime my brain is fried!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • welcome to the mommy's fried brain club, hey theres a good post to start haha, you can look at your pis by puting your mouse on them i think tarot allows only 400x? can't remember hehe, yes just uploading one picture at a time on that site hehehe

    sweet dreams


    hugs,peace,light,love and manny blessings

  • Dear Shatz,

    I hope that you dont mind me copying some of your pictures i have copyed healing energy and the two angels thanks i didnt know about putting mouse over pictures thats a handy tip to know .

    Thanks live and light to you Mags'

  • Shatz i found picture that i was after on the enchanted pond thread i think its so beautiful

  • Hey no problem Mags' hehehe, I have been working on all my pictures and i have many, I have been putting them in separate folders it takes alot of time now when i copy something it goes straight into my tarot folder....

    We had the Olmpics here in Feb...and i finally put those in a folder which took me 2 hours...i'm about pictured out, no not really hehe

    live and light also to you Mag's

  • Oh that sounds much easier than looking through all the pictures to find them how do you set up a spearate folder ? as it takes me ages to find a certain pic when i want it .

  • right click anywhere you keep your pictures and a box will pop up and click new then it will say folder when you have the new folder right click and then you can name it to whatever you want...

    I love the enchanted pond and all the beautiful woman i have met on there,and the other threads including you Mag's.

    its so peaceful there at times, if you have a chance read some of the posts they are very spiritual, and inspiring..Sometimes i find my self right in the middle of the pond...sitting on a rock and contemplating my life..

    hugs mags..

  • Thanks Shatz that was EZ

    im learning so much from you everyday never did much with my pc before now im getting so much use out of it ust a quick question (sorry if im being a pain) how do i transfer the photos that i have stored into the new folder? Shatz now when i click on browse all other stuff is coming up insted of my pictures do you know how i change it back?

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