Question is killing me I need to know

  • I do feel it is his baby but I feel he wants to be finished with the woman. She naturally wants him to be with her and their baby. This is all to teach your husband that there are consquences of his actions and that he should never act on impulse. But your husband is drawn to the baby as he wants children very much. Your husband must be decisive and fair here - he needs to tell the woman that he will support the baby but that he wants to stay with you. You also must be fair to this woman - it was not her fault your husband chose to get involved with her. She had no idea he was married. Ideally you could all sit down and discuss this calmly and rationally as there is an innocent child involved here whose welfare must be considered. Only rash action and jealousy can ruin the lives of everyone in this situation. If you can deal with it like mature adults, everything will be fine. It's no good dwelling on what you would prefer to have happened but what is happening right now.

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