Question is killing me I need to know

  • If anyone can help me it would be so much appreciated I havent ever really consented anyone in anything but I have this fear and its ruining my life I need closer......My husband slept with this girl and she is saying that she is now pregnant by him.... I havent slept well in weeks this is killing me. We were seperated for a short time and now back together and our lifes are great except for this problem its killing me on what to do..... I want another baby but to scared that either I shouldnt because she is pregnant or if I even can have anymore..... Is she going to ruin my life? Is it his......................... please if anyone can help me at all and let some of my fears be lifted ill never ask for anything again i dont want to know my life but i need to know if this is his and if its going to ruin my family

  • This post is deleted!

  • Please calm down - panicking will not help you or your situation. You should not consider getting pregnant until your marriage becomes more settled and secure. It is not a good way to keep your husband around. Your panic will only drive your husband away so you must try to be rational and sort things out peacefully. Please re-read my answer above as I gave you advice on how to handle this there.

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