Firefly01 would you be willing to provide some guidance?

  • I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with some guidance regarding a current relationship I am in. I have a very close connection with a man I have been dating for about 7 months now but I feel like there is something that is holding him back...not sure what it is. I feel deep down that he loves me but he is afraid to admit it or afraid of commitment. If you could provide any insights as to how you see this relationship progressing or not I would be very appreciative.

  • Dear torgirl44:

    Since you did not state yours or his ages, the feeling I get is that he is not ready to settle down. Men usually wish to grab the "right woman" rather than risk having another man take her away from him. When he is truly in love, he will have no problem recognizing it.

    There are many different kinds of love and he's waiting for the right feelings to persuade him.

    Dating for only 7 months is certainly not long enough for the right kind of feelings to grow. Love needs time and it grows gradually like a tree taking root. If it is not fully mature, the time is not right for it to bear fruit. However, if you had been dating for 5 years and begin to wonder, then you might have a valid reason for questioning him as to his motives.

    In time, he will either stick with you or move on. You will know by his actions.

  • Hello Firefly,

    Thank you so much for taking time to respond to me.

    I should tell you that he is 42 and I am 45. He has never been married before but has a young child from a previous relationship.

    Does this make any difference to what you have shared? Thanks again. Have a wonderful day.

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