4-5 Violent Migranes/wk really worried about him- can you help?

  • Thank you ms sunny... more than anything, it's just nice to know that someone is there to lean on. Thank you a billion times a billion!

  • Just wanted to keep you all in the know.

    The migranes are still horrible, 4-5 a week, violent, non-responsive to meds. I still think stress is the main trigger.

    His mother just found out she has metastasized ovarian cancer and starts chemo on tues. And his grandfather just died on friday. Anyone willing to offer up a reading? I'm feeling really unsettled but trying to remain positive.

  • Just wanted to keep you all in the know.

    The migranes are still horrible, 4-5 a week, violent, non-responsive to meds. I still think stress is the main trigger.

    His mother just found out she has metastasized ovarian cancer and starts chemo on tues. And his grandfather just died on friday. Anyone willing to offer up a reading? I'm feeling really unsettled but trying to remain positive.

    here's a picture, if anyone is interested in trying to read it... it's fairly recent, during the time she was cancerous.

    On the far left is our son, then Christian, then our daughter and on the far right is christian's mom (the one who is sick)

  • gladyouwroteme, Oh I am so sorry,I am so lost for words right now...But I can offer you a big hug and my prayers to you and your beautiful family...

    Peace,Light, love


    aka shatz

  • Shatz, I didn't recognize your new name! Thanks for your words. I'm sad too...mostly sad for him bc he just has never known how to handle stress like this. :0( I think the kids will be ok but he's not in his right mind, I worry about him, for the sake of the kids. I do know I can't control what he does and what happens but I worry about the effect that his actions have on the kids.

    Your support means more to me than you can know....

  • I used to get severe migraines and the medications DID work. the fact that his medications he has for his stressed migraines is a sign that it's not stress related. as much as you want to believe this, I think he is taking a greater risk by not following up with a second opinion.

    many times a second opinion will diagnose the problem. I feel he is not with the right doctor.

    I no longer get migraines. there is a secret i learned years ago to alleviate severe headaches and migraines.

    1. deep breaths and exercise. such as walking. not run, or jog, but walk. very different pace.

    2. acupuncture is thee most effective treatment. but underlying medical issues needs to be ruled out first.

    3. has he considered it's an allergic reaction? what is he eating just prior to the headaches.

    he needs to slow down and to take a good look within his surroundings. when he has those attacks, where is he? is he at work? or do these headaches come on randomly.?

    I still feel it's an underlying medical issue, and not stress. I know lots of people who are under extreme stress and they don't get headaches like his.

    stress does kill, no doubt about it. excessive worrying and anxieties can harm your body over time.


  • He won't go to the doctor again. I think he doesn't care, honestly, I think he's hoping it's more severe. He gets them no matter where he is. If he's at home, he gets them, if he's in the hospital, he gets them, working in the clinic, he gets them... As far as diet goes, I don't know what he eats. He knows all the triggers and he could do massive elimination of ingredients to find out if he wanted but he hasn't...

    He does have, has always had, alot of anxiety.

    He doesn't sleep well.

    He has a ton of stress (impending divorce, medical school, and now mom with cancer, he doesn't live anywhere near us so he hardly ever gets to see hte kids) - he doesn't deal with stress as well as a lot of people...

    I think he needs to go talk to a psychologist to help him deal with his emotions, who might then be able to convince him to go get his head scanned. Right now he claims he doesn't have time but really, I think he just doesn't want to.

    I would love to get him to try accupuncture. I have heard great things about it.

  • acupuncture worked real well for me when I suffered from TMJ last year. the relief from the pain was just wonderful, and I would just fall asleep during the sessions.

    I absolutely love it. it's good for women with PMS, restless leg syndrome, facial pain, TMJ, and nerve damage even.

    getting his head scanned is exactly what he needs to do. sorry I know it worries you as you want him around for your kids. am I right? it's the kids you are concerned with.

    prayer works when everything else fails.

    wishing you magic, Sunny

  • I pick up two things--the physical and the spiritual. I suffered with very intense migrains when I was younger--pain so bad I often passed out. I too had young kids very stressful life. With migrains you have to treat before they set in as once they happen they are hard to undo. Doctors do not have time to investigate the whys other than tests--they just give pain killers but as you know migrains are so bad that this rarely works. I found out on my own after listening for info to come my way that it was allergy related. I always knew I had allergies but never took antihistamines regularly because back then they all made you groggy and I had young kids so would never follow through with the meds--even though the doc said the drowsy would lesson. I was stubborn! I didn't make the connection because found out my allergy reactions take 24 hours to show up. I noticed the migrains followed 24 hours after an allergy exposure that was heavier than normal--for me it's dust--dust mites and weeds. If I was going to do yard work I took antihistamines first! Or if I was going to clean house--the same---and if I felt a migrain coming on--the flashing lights etc. I immediatly took three benadryles. Once I began treating my allergies seriously on a daily basis my migrains disapeared. I take at least a small dose of something for allergies everyday and increase or decrease according to my environment. I pick up he has blood pressure issues as well so he needs to be careful--it is not completely in disease mode but it is up and down and could be a future issue. I also pick up the spiritual side of this--a holding back or holding down of outside psychic intuitions coming at him. As a psychic this has happened to me when bad news or trauma is up ahead but too painful for knowing it manifests in anxieties and physical problems--it has to go somewhere! If he wants to test the allergy theory-the next time he feels one coming on tell him to try a heavy dose of benadryle--but do not plan to go anywhere! Just rest. If it stops the migrain or at least eases it you know. Also anti-inflamatories (ibuprofran) are good with this as migrains are about swelling pressure---these help in larger doses with the benadryle. Together they stop the swelling. If this works then he can try a daily dose of non-drowsy allergy med to prevent then save the heavy stuff for bad attacks. Hope this helps. Blessings.

  • I will pass this along to him. You are right about the blood pressure issue. And like you he does pass out from the pain of the migraine. He doesn't seem to have issues with allergies here in california, I remember that in Montana he certainly did, maybe his allergies aren't bad enough to have symptoms but are underlying. He takes his meds before the migraines start but usually he has to take double or triple the amount and it doesn't eliminate it.

    You are also right on the suppression of emotion. He never learned how to deal with them because his whole family stuffs emotion and doesn't talk about feelings. So, I have often felt that he was like a volcano, ready to explode but never did. One day though he's going to crack bad, I'm sure of it.

    Thank you blmoon :0) Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Sometimes allergies can be a hidden thing--mold in the wall---dirty filters at the office--mold in the car. The reason that pain meds do not work well with allergy induced headaches is that pain meds do not address the swelling. I was told that passing out and the vomiting is result from the pressure of swelling. If there is swelling three benadryles definetly will knock that out--but you will be not up for driving but then when a migrain hits that bad you are not going anywhere anyway! I did have one reacurrance years later with migrains and couldn't get a hold on them--kept thinking it was stress or low immune THEN got a big desire to redo my bathroom and when my husband tore down the walls guess what? MOLD! As soon as we replaced the wallboard with new board made to be water resistant--headaches gone! Sometimes it's hidden in our daily enviroment!

  • How are you? Just thinking about you after your post about ice cream hehe



  • I LOVVVVE the icecream analogy but how freaking true is it!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've stood there trying to decide which one when I finally came to the conclusion that I didn't really want it to begin with! haha. Life is like that. We always feel that we have to decide when in truth, if it's suppose to happen, it will decide itself. :0)

    Your photo is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing by the way!!!! Thank you for sharing it! I love it!!!!

  • Gladyouwroteme, i have become a picture hoarder haha, can't take credit for the photo, between healingways, and living on a prayer we are the photo girls hehe...Take care and just bump it up if you need a chat or a hug 🙂







  • Things have been crazy lately. I started a new job, still full time student, busy with the kids, etc. Chrisitian's headaches are lessening...he's getting 4 or so a week instead of one every day so that's good. Hopefully that trend continues.

    My MIL is here for our grandpa's funeral and she's going through chemo but looks ok. She just pushes forward all the time, it's pretty incredible.

    Divorce is nearing the end here so that's taking a lot of stress off of the situation too. :0) Thank you so much for caring! I actaully popped on here to give an update so it was sweet to see that Myjourney checked in on us! Thank you1!!!!!

  • I just wanted to give an update. Christian's migranes are fewer per week than they were. He's doing much better, found that dosing with aleve every day several times a day has helped. It was really scary for a while but he's better...

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