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  • i am a pisces, and i have different moods which seem to change with the wind. the mood i don't like is the crying a lot without knowing why. is it something to do with the planets at all. the highs and lows are really intense. for the past weel i have done nothing but cry. since the new moon in pisces last tuesday, 24.feb. i call it doom and gloom. i am feeling better today, have had only a few bouts of crying. the feeling is like being depressed which i know i'm not. i am such a fun loving person normaly. if anyone relates to these feelings please reply to


  • I have noticed feeling tired/drained, scattered, or 'up', depending on what sign the Moon is in. My son, whose Mars is in Scorpio has also noticed this. I wonder if water signs are more susceptible to the Moon (since it affects the tides, too). Also, have you been under a great deal of stress? When we have been stressed for a length of time, crying seems to relieve some of it.

  • I have mood swings also when we have a full moon. I used to think it was because I am a woman. But my son also changes with the full moon. I cry easily with the full moon coming in. But I will be a crier also if I am around someone who has something going on it their life. I am empathetic to an extreme and I have always been this way. When we had our refinishing business and we went out on an estimate on a housefull of furniture that was in a fire or water damaged from pipes breaking, I would just breakdown crying for these people. I would show the feelings that they couldn't show. If you don't think that's hard to deal with, think again. I thought that I only did it with people close to me but I have been known to do it with people I don't even know and haven't met. I have had aches and pains to body parts that I don't have a problem with. I had a friend say to me " I knew you were an empath but I didn't realize how strong an empath you were." I said is that what I am? And she just smiled at me because she knew I had no idea. But I can cry for days sometimes when we are coming into a full moon. I am not depressed either.

  • Damn I Know What ome Of Yall Mean Like Yesterday Or the Other Day Like Two Days Ago I Felt Alittle Sad I Was At Home And Well Since My Ex Called Me And She Is A Libra And I'm A Sagittarius (Esa Mamada) Haha I Have Been Thinking About Her Hoping Or Waiting To See If She Calls Me Or When She's Going To Call Me And I Just Started Thinking About Her And Something I'm Not Sure Exactly What It Was But I Just Felt Sad And Sort Of Like Crying Or When I Be Thinking About What I Would Say To Her To Saying While Walking Back And Forth I Feel Sad And Like Crying But I Usually Don't Even Thou It Would Feel Better If I Did If I Think About It

  • As my grandma and mother would say to me...."deal with the good, deal with the bad but always deal with anything and everything with good thoughts". I know it's hard to think positive at times, but if dealing the bads is crying then let it all out! I have 1 day a month when it's "poor me day". I stay home in my pj's, do nothing, dwell on my crap, cry, listen to sad music and even watch bad movies......but the rest of the month I work on being positive and so I attract it also.

    Good Luck and God Bless, life is full of ups and downs garanteed!

  • I have found the start of the planetary lineup to be very disconcerting, as my body energies are definitely affected each time there is a change - this did not used to happen so often, but from what I have heard there is now a celestial magnifying effect going up. I am used to the senseless depression, but the occasional and totally unprovoked instances of senseless frustration are alarming new symptoms.

    For yourself, you may wish to review whether the onset of these negative emotions happens after being around a negative individual or group. It could be their stuff you are picking up and there is nothing the matter with you.

    We fish are very vulnerable, which is why we understand others so well.

    Serenity 120

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