• 🙂 Ha ha well, I have to find a selling point right? With all the people needing readings, I know I would be lucky (and blessed) to get a response, so I will just keep my fingers crossed!

    My birthday is 8/07/1985 born Page, Arizona at 5 am

    My husband is 6/7/1979 born Mumbai India

    we are newly weds, Salt Lake, Utah, July 14, 2010 at 130 pm

    and will be having a second wedding in Mumbai 1/1/2011

    (I told you this would be interesting!)

    While I am happy with my beloved husband, I am curious about our future; we need to move out of Utah and are considering california or atlanta. Finances are in trouble, but I feel they will be better soon.

    Also, due to religious conflicts, my family has pretty much ousted me and I have been severely angry, depressed and anxious due to this. I have friends and I have my loving husband, so I try to keep my chin up but I feel my mind is fogged over, can't focus or think straight, always ready to cry!

    I am not looking for some uplifting comments, hope has always been my life-line, and strength, well that's a part of me. I need something else. I don't know what it is!

    A chill pill? 🙂

    Therapy? Ha ha ha yeah please don't tell me that, I don't have time for therapy!!!

  • I am feeling northern california around san francisco area would be good for both of you. But I do have a strong pull to Atlanta, Georgia.. cost of living is cheaper there, the weather is very different from the west coast. but the opportunities for work is better in Georgia for what your husband does for a living. I picked up military contractual work and the medical field.

    as for your family, I do feel it will be a long while before anyone is ready to reconcile. I do feel you father will be the first person you will reach out to when the time is ready for such a reunion.

    Blessed be fellow Leo.. me 8/12 but I am old enough to be your grandmother LOL

    Ms Sunny

  • Oh you make me about to cry! You are darling! I don't have a grandmother, (or mother) so I will be grateful for your kindness to answer my questions and the time I was given to hear from you!

  • Plus, happy birthday to you tomorrow!! :))

  • aaww thankie very much!

    while I was typing out the answer, I almost said you will reach out to your mother, but I stop for a sec, and I heard Father


    Thanks for the feedback, blessings..Sunny

  • and thank you for the birthday wishes! belated birthday wishes to you!

  • GOod Evening Ms.Sunny

    How are you and Happy early birthday too you. My name is Illona Jameson and I am a cancer my dob is July 12 1961 and I would like to know if you could tell me what you see for me. For the next three months. And I have a question about my SSI I had a heart attack high blood pressure and now I am a diabetic. So I applied for that. And my other question was there is a man that I like he is a little older than me and we have been friends and lovers before. We was talking about two weeks ago he is a aries his dob is April 13, 1955 what do you see for him and I. Most people say that aries and cancer can't make it but that is not true. What he said too me was he really telling me the truth from the heart. And do you see me going to Texas next month around the 25th with him or see me going to meet him there. Again happy early birthday


  • My dear Leo friend, are you still hanging out around here? Would it be too much to ask for another reading?

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