• 🙂 Ha ha well, I have to find a selling point right? With all the people needing readings, I know I would be lucky (and blessed) to get a response, so I will just keep my fingers crossed!

    My birthday is 8/07/1985 born Page, Arizona at 5 am

    My husband is 6/7/1979 born Mumbai India

    we are newly weds, Salt Lake, Utah, July 14, 2010 at 130 pm

    and will be having a second wedding in Mumbai 1/1/2011

    (I told you this would be interesting!)

    While I am happy with my beloved husband, I am curious about our future; we need to move out of Utah and are considering california or atlanta. Finances are in trouble, but I feel they will be better soon.

    Also, due to religious conflicts, my family has pretty much ousted me and I have been severely angry, depressed and anxious due to this. I have friends and I have my loving husband, so I try to keep my chin up but I feel my mind is fogged over, can't focus or think straight, always ready to cry!

    I am not looking for some uplifting comments, hope has always been my life-line, and strength, well that's a part of me. I need something else. I don't know what it is!

    A chill pill? 🙂

    Therapy? Ha ha ha yeah please don't tell me that, I don't have time for therapy!!!

  • stay away from california!! lol congratulations leolover as long as you are happy that is what matters. your family will come around when they see how well your husband treats you.( family can be a pain sometimes)

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