Marriage Compatibility-Please can someone help me.

  • I am not able to do a good reading for my brother. Can anyone here help me.

    My brother's date of birth

    25th May 1980.

    Girl's date of birth

    3rd April 1983.

    If any other detail is required please let me know.

    Will they be a good match for each other?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.


  • These two people generally have an unsettling effect on each other and an explosive mixture can brew here. However a real bond of deep emotion can be established if they have enough solid trust in each other. But the only way a successful relationship of any sort can be made here is if both partners are given near total independence - either through an open of free marriage or love relationship, or alternatively to let faithfulness or monogamy rule the relationship. It is one or the other, whichever suits this pair best. Nothing in between will work for them. If possessive attitudes can be relinquished here, a remarkable acceptance and understanding can be formed. Humour will also add strength to the relationship. Their relationship may well survive and even flourish on banter, bitter-sweet putdowns, and even ridicule, well meant or not.

    Both partners are easily irritated and upset, and long periods apart may be necessary to calm things down. Yet such frictions can also be stimulating and this relationship's moods and angers may quickly pass. In a day-to-day living situation, the girlfriend's working capacity and energy combined with your brother's quickness and technical expertise can guarantee the success of many domestic, creative or commercial endeavours. Working relationships are especially productive here.

    So if trust, a non-possessive attitude, freedom, humour, and time apart can be attained here, the relationship may succeed. If not, it will prove a disaster.

  • Thank you Captain, I really appreciate your help.


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