Mikyo I need your insight

  • I Heard so many good things about you. mind doing a reading for me?

    I just have an issue regarding my health, do you see me improving within the next 2 months?

  • hi KushikamiKiba, I will give u a detail one for you~ Do give me some feedback..

    Knight of swords reverse + 7 of swords : to put it this way I would see that yoour health iis not in a risk right now.. and thing are getting better or i would say a recovery..

    4 of swords upright : I believe that u still need more rest before u can actually fuly recover..

    2 of pentacles upright : I would say ur health is under a control and more balance.. ur health should be just a small problem..

    9 of wands reverse : one thing about u is if u are sick U would really rest rather than let ur health worsen..

    9 of swords upright : I woould say U are afraid that ur health might worsen or never recover..

    7 of wands reverse : if something is wrong with ur health u would just find t the cause of it.. rather than don do anyhting..

    10 of wands reverse : in ur near future u would recover and of course a burden is taken off~~

    do give me some feedbak Mr Kevin~ 😃

  • Hit the nail on the head Ms. Priscilla. hahahahahaha

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