• Conduits of Creation and Releasing Limitation a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, as we make this turn I have much to share with you, for I wish to plant in your hearts and in your consciousness the vision of Love that you are holding now for the world, that you might feel this vibration and that you might become its truth standing here in the world as radiant hearts for God.

    What I Am asking of you, creating with you, is the ability to live the truth of Love, to hold this vibration, this resonance that we have created together.... while becoming fully engaged in the exciting field of life. It is to plug in this Source of unlimited God energy and Love, into the grid of the world consciousness that we might light it up -- that we might awaken and electrify every heart, every mind, every consciousness, that the acceptance of life and the joy that it brings might become that which fuels the vitality of each person, rather than living empty ideas in a world that is a reversal of Love.

    So you are each here to walk a path through this world that is the resonance of Love with such conviction, such commitment, such clarity and determination that I Am able to come forth here and now as you and gently kiss each heart awake, electrify each human mind until it slips the bond of human thinking and becomes the free and open limitless consciousness of God.

    But to do this, beloved ones, is going to require of you a deep commitment to not limiting anything -- yourselves, those with whom you work and come in contact, and not limiting the vision of what we can do together and what all of you are here to express or embody in the world. There are so many ways that this applies to your life and to your thinking, for while it is our goal to release the realm of thought, until this is fully accomplished, dear ones, you must be aware. You must be vigilant in your commitment to see where you allow the boundaries of the human dream to constrict you.

    I Am creating here a sweeping vision of Love and I Am placing in your hands and heart My Call, that you might take it forth and be that instrument through which it rings out into the ethers, eliciting the deep remembrance of the truth of every being.

    So I must say to you that this shall require continual alignment with Me in every turn, every aspect, every quote and every idea, and in all the ways that you must weave this Love into the world as it is currently known, without allowing that weaving to become the old pitch of a world based on duality.

    One of the most challenging of these areas I shall address today because I want to continually work with you, that you might bring forth for Me a new vision of life, the implementation of a new awareness of the power of the heart to open every doorway and to be alive to the Source of life that is Me.

    Let us start then with a conversation about money. this topic is of interest to most of you. I have said to you many times before that money follows energy. Money is energy. Money is a symbol for the energy of life, and how perfect that in this country in which you live, it is even green.

    Now I want to address the power of Love to transform every limitation and to entrain the mind beyond the old concepts of lack and of dollars and cents. Let Me begin in this by holding for you the example of a limiting thought that brings many of you so quickly into the realm of the ego dream that the heart is completely shut off. This is the idea of "not enough," of being unable to reach out and take life.

    It is the idea that takes this unlimited life of God and sucks it dry of its vitality, and it is encompassed in those words, "cannot afford," which basically is the symbol for "cannot afford to live." What I Am attempting to show you here, beloved ones, is especially important in the spiritual realm, for you must open before you this block, this narrowing of the passage of life that has to do with resource, for I Am your unlimited resource. If you lift into your heart, you know this. You feel the expansive generosity of life. You feel the electric orgasmic expression of "more."

    And yet the reversal of this abundant life is the most reversed in the area of spiritual thought, of spirituality and spiritual being. And beloved ones, My precious hearts, you must release this gerbil wheel of thought that you are now treading upon, that keeps you bringing before yourself the symbol of "without resource." You must know that if you are the open hearts, the open heart of God I Am that is Everything… then the moment this Love pours through to you and through you to ignite life in another, in that moment the resource of Heaven is open, the resource of the Moment of Creation begins to pour forth the endless life of God that it might be cupped in heart and consciousness and made of it what you will.

    I promise you the moment this life is opened in any of you, the resource is unlimited, absolutely infallible, continual expression of the abundant life I Am and then, becomes manifest in the symbols of the world by what you believe in your hearts.

    So may I affirm for you that for any of you, and you know this, when you choose to have something because your heart resonates with it, the means for its manifestation shall appear. But even more than this, and this is where I have been going with all of this, beloved ones, I want you to see just how you have been limiting yourselves.

    All of these things that you draw into their life are symbols of excitement and life force and therefore, life provides for them the life energy to appear in the symbols of money and provides for them that which makes them joyful. I desire you to hold the resonance of purest Love and allow the life force that is generated to go flowing forth and to come back again in a glorious meeting of grace and an expansion of the life energy that appears ultimately as the symbol of money.

    Thus, beloved ones, please start with the assumption that every life is abundant, that every one is a child of God with unlimited resources, unlimited life energy and thus, unlimited money. For I promise you that it is your "buying into" the consensual reality and your heart's beliefs that bring you into the strata of duality and the concept of lack in this area.

    So energy, life, life energy, but not only for yourselves, for your excitement, not only in finding ways to engage heart, soul, consciousness, Twin Flame hearts, cosmic awareness… but in giving this to everyone and refraining, refraining from buying into the consensual reality of lack all around you. It truly does not matter what happens to the rest of the world. What matters is what you feel as your heart's truth.

    Many of you have been asking in your own ways about how to break free of this mire, this seemingly stagnant place, this reflection of "not enough." My answer, beloved ones, is rise up. Rise up. Rise up. Rise up and experience life through your heart as it truly is for everyone, including yourselves. It is unlimited, unlimited life, unlimited Love, the unlimited resources of All That I Am and this must be your felt experience of life.

    Because the movement of Love is serving, it is even more important to see everyone before you as the abundant open doorway of My resources, available to you with joy in the expression of the celebration of all that you give and bring and everything you are.

    If you experience this and truly let yourself feel that truth of resonance, then you will recognize that the only reason that any of you can have that which does not support you in your life is because it has to be within you.

    Because you are in the midst of this most important turn, I am asking all of you to transform this, to rise up into the experience of the resonance of Love. You can feel this unlimited exchange and focus here until you truly believe it, until the heart entrains the mind and you feel the truth of God as unlimited resource, unlimited life, unlimited abundance in everyone before you. You know that nothing is solid. That everything is energy and vibration.

    It is this power of the heart's awakening. It is the sudden resurgence of life. It is the rebirth into the Spirit when everything opens. It is the amazement and the miracle and the wonder…these are the things I Am asking you to capture and to create in every person within your sphere of contact...the resonance of their truth in God and as God as the heart of Love.

    I will guide you in the little steps and big ones, push you where you need to be pushed, and most of all, love you with this endless Love that brings everything you need and what Love wants as it finds itself expressing in you perfectly. The resonance of awakening, awakened hearts of Love, begins.

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  • Beautiful! 🙂 Enjoy!

  • bump! We have to focus on the Abundance that is around us and not on lack!

    Just sharing!

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  • I think the main idea is that if you always focus on "lack" and "need" you will always lack and need, instead focus on the abundance around you and realize that God is limitless and there is not anything you can't get or achieve as long as you align your heart and mind with GOD.

    My answer, beloved ones, is rise up. Rise up. Rise up. Rise up and experience life through your heart as it truly is for everyone, including yourselves. It is unlimited, unlimited life, unlimited Love, the unlimited resources of All That I Am and this must be your felt experience of life.

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