My cancer man has stopped walking sideways

  • Ok.....mercury in retro..I really, really, really need to read deeper and understand.

    B/C my cancer guy is acting like a love sick school boy !! Which I think is very cute. One minute I can tell he is distracted or not in th emood to communicate. Fine. No big deal. Sometimes I do not like to talk either....then the next minute........WHAM !!! he is decisive, talking up a storm, playfull....and I am like WHOA.....gotta watch the whip lash buddy !! LOL

    But I love it !! he loves how I handle him like I am watching a ping-pong match !! He basically told me today, not in these words, but his..that he is planning on us being together forever !! My idotic response was..."GREAT !! " LOLI have yet to tell him that sometimes he scares the crap outta me. But I figure, my taurus intellect will work all that out. No need to send out smoke signals, especially when they ar emy issues.

    I think i need a drink !! lol

    Is that acceptable here ??

  • I think I want him to walk sideways again !! LOL That was easy...this straight forward stuff.....waay more intense than what i thought it would be !!

  • Thank you all !! Our energy is over the top right now !!

    here is my question. i know this will sound silly, but i do need to ask it. B/C of my horrible, abusive previous marriage, I sometimes wonder if this is too good to be true ? I have read a ton of stuff on cancers and well, I keep waiting for the shoe to drop if you will. But, it hasn't.

    Maybe I have even pushed the shoe to the edge of the shelf...and well...he does not react the way I have read his sign to react. I want to rejoice in this. i really do...but I am scared of getting hurt.

  • You kind of have an easy pace going; you don’t have any expectations and are not making any demands on him. You’re just enjoying things as they are and letting things develop naturally, so it’s not surprising since you haven’t experienced any major blips. I believe everyone needs their own down time and for someone who is sensitive to their environment and can feel the affects of both negative and positive, it’s almost a necessity otherwise it completely drains your energy. That’s the case for mine and even so for me. What you have to remember is, unless you did something to upset the apple cart then it has nothing to do with you. If he doesn’t perceive a threat (your anger) then he will even tell you beforehand that he needs to go into his cave, and usually the length of time will be short. It’s when he’s afraid to tell you that he just goes and does it, that you’re left trying to figure out what’s going on and then you get angry….the disappearance can be longer to let you cool down. It’s a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

  • Aquabubbles, that makes perfect sense. Thank you for putting it so easy to understand. So, actually, by protecting myself and keeping things slow, I am doing both of us a favore, if you will.

    I did not realize that. I just knew I was protecting myself and trying to let go of the bad junk to not bring anything toxic into any relationship.

    Wow. So much clarity Aqua !! thank YOu !!

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