Surgeons tomorrow

  • Going to go see a surgeon tomorrow about my knee!

    Been hurting me for a long time, but two weeks ago I was on my hands and knees at work trying to give my left calf a break cause it had been cramping when I got up I put all my weight down on my right knee and heard a loud pop! Been in a wheel chair since. Going to see the surgeon tomorrow and I am praying it will just be something simple!

    Any thoughts about what I might hear or a prayer are appreciated!

    My husband is moving out this weekend and my kids will be at the beach so I am worried about being alone for 4 days as well! My daughter has been helping me at work and she'll be at the beach too!

    It's the unknown bothering me!

    Please do you have any thoughts of what he might say tomorrow? I can handle it, I just want to prepare! I am going either way! I do not expect medical advice just would like to know how "down" I might wind up being so I can mentally start the prep work!

    Thank you and God bless!

  • Dear Endless 1987,

    Im sorry i cant offer you any insight on what might happen tomorrow,but i will say many prayers for you and send you an abundance of healing energy .

    Sending whitelight and many blessings to you Lilac.

  • Lilac,

    Thank you so much! That means alot right now!

    God bless!

  • Knees are tricky. It sounds like it could be a torn ACL. If it is they may have to do surgery and recovery is often lenghtly. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



  • Thanks Luvslife!

    Indeed that is my fear. I also know I have osteoarthritis in my knees as well. I also have bad cartilage and had tendon surgery as a child. My gutts are telling me there are several problems and that is the reason for the butterflies in my stomach!

    I wish they'd go away!

    Thank you again!

    God bless

  • That happened to me before too endless, it turned out to be nothing, scary though good luck will pray for you! I had worn some really high heeled boots the night before. 🙂

  • Poetic,

    lol poor thing! Oh gosh I can only imagine what was going thru your mind! Trust me mind is well errrrr SHOT!

    Sorry to hear you went thru that but thank you for making me smile as I walk out the door to go!

    God bless and Thanks again!


  • endless1987,

    So what was the outcome? Good news I hope.


  • Hey Luvslife!

    Thank you for asking! Much appreciated!

    I am going for an MRI on Friday and back to the doctors on Wednesday. No driving in the meantime. I told him I manage my job, good luck getting me to stay still. My husbands items are moving out this weekend but I think he is going to stay with me until the oldest being my driver....comes back to help me out.

    He is going right now with a torn Meniscus. They'll know more after Friday. I could guarantee I am facing surgery but it looks more like arthroscopic at the moment. I am just praising God that it will be something simple. Hurts like crazy, both knees actually do. They are covered in osteoarthritis, but for right now I feel better knowing that they are going to go to the simple things first

    Prayerfully and Lord willing I'll make it thru this simply and quickly!

    Thank you so much again for asking!


  • Hope all is well

  • dear endless1987,

    Hope that you are doing ok and everything went well

    Best wishes Lilac

  • Hey Lilac!

    Thank you!

    Went back to the hospital today for an MRI should have the full report back by the middle of next week!

    Just trying to do my best around here and praying for the best!

    Thanks again for checking in, God bless!

  • Just popping in letting you know i was thinking of you also...

    hugs sheila


  • Still praying for you wishing you all the best

  • Shatz and Lilac,

    Thank you!

    Been a rough weekend with my knee! Feels almost as bad as day one! But I wasn't very good with it yesterday was up on it a lot! Going to work today in my wheel chair and hoping to behave once there! It's more of a stand up move around job. Just my nature though to take a beating and keep on going!

    Thank you both for the positive thoughts and prayers! I need them and very much so appreciate them!

    Hope all is well on your ends!

  • Dear Endless1987,

    Im sorry to hear that you have been in so much pain, you must try to take it easy if you can, i know that its easier said than done, is there another job you could do at your work where you dont have to get up ? I hope that your pain eases soon still sending healing energy and prayer your way take care . sending love and whitelight 2u Lilac

  • Hey Lilac,


    I manage a store, so I have to do what I am doing. However the owner is very good to me. I am going to work right now in a wheelchair and his thing with me is as long as I do my job he doesn't care how I get there or what I use once I get there! I worked my butt off so far and thankfully he knows this! The pay is also fantastic!

    Thanks everyone for checking in. I totally appreciate it! Praying for each of you!

    I will have a definite answer come Wednesday as they wouldn't give me any information over the phone today when I called. Thinking positively that it will be nothing major and just hoping for the best!

    Thanks again and hugs to all!

  • endless1987,

    Keep us posted, sending you hugs..

    Healingways has some beautful pics in her posts, so i thought I would send you this one..

    Hugs sheila

  • Dear Endless,

    Thats great that the owner of the store is so understanding can i ask is it your right knee?

  • Lilac,

    Indeed it is the right one!

    Ah yes Ed the owner is AWESOME!

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