Captain, can you help??

  • If you get this and are able to help thank you in advance... My name is Claire, my birthday is 7/21/57.. my dilemma is the man I'm dating. His name is James, his birthday is 7/9/66. We are in a committed relationship and I'm very much in love with him. He tells me he loves me but I feel him holding back. We have known each other for 16 months, a year of it long distance. the last 4 months we have been seeing each other. He is a busy guy with 2 young sons, 10 and 12. I would like to believe that his reasons are legitimate that he has limited time to spend with me but I'm worried that he just isn't into the long term like he originally said and still says. Maybe I am too old fashioned and believe that if you truly love someone you do what you can to make time for them. Any insight you can impart would help as I'm going in circles wondering if he is the one or just another in a string of failed relationships. Thank you.... Claire

  • I'm sorry but the astrological profile does not bode well here for marriage. A Cancer man's heart will always be with his children first and foremost. A love affair here usually involves a taste for secrecy and risk-taking, a combination that can encourage extramarital and other covert relationships - are you sure your man is single and free? The thrill here lies in the covert nature of your relationship - which is why marriage with its stability and social approval would quickly lose its excitement. Adventure and the thrill of the forbidden is the lure here and family life would just destroy the attraction, at least for one of you. Cancers especially are into fantasy, and real life has a way of driving them to finding more exciting ways to pass the time.

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