Prayer needed

  • Hi everyone. I'm new to the site and would love a reading or just good vibes - I'm like many now, unemployed and praying that I don't lose my house. I feel lucky in so many ways but those ways don't unfortunately pay the bills. I've been looking at "The Abundance Broadcast" and there is so much help and inspiration around - I'd like to be part of it!

  • ChadShe,Welcome to Tarrot..Take a look around there alot of laughter, love,prayers to go around..If you need some advice theres a topic on here just click the link ,or copy and paste

    its from one of our gifted readers, and alot of our gifted readers who get bombarde with questions, have no fear when your reading it though, its a place where they can go and vent some frustrations with people seeking advice, i have learned alot here on the tarrot board and have grown in leaps and bounds...Beautiful people here.

    Just add your name to the abundance thread and the Captain will let everyone know, who will be the next 5, it changes weekly...I'm on there so take the leap of faith and join us.

    Hugs to you and my prayers to you also


  • From one Sheila to another... Thank you so much for the welcome Shatz, it helps to know there are people around to give support - thank you

  • Your so welcome,Sheila,:)

    before you know it you will feel apart of the tarot boards...

    All the best, and may you get the answers you seek



  • HI she, I see you made it to the abundance thread, all you need to do first is to send out your energy to the five that are listed,I usually just copy and paste the five...Captain who started the thread will list the next five, but never forget to BELEIVE...The energy still sends abundance out to all of us even when the next five is posted..

    Have you had a chance to loo around the threads posted yet..

    How are you doing?



    Sending many Angels your way.

  • Hi Sheila,I really hope you are okay 🙂

    just wanted to let you know that Captain has put you on the list for the abundance thread next week...We will need your full name and where you live...

    peace,light, and love


  • bump,hoping you will see this,

  • Apologies Shatz I haven't been able to get on my computer until now - am trying to catch up!

  • Dear ChadShe,

    Hello and welcome to tarot ,im sorry to hear about your financial predicament , its great news that The Captain has put you on the abundance broadcast for next week this is a good sign as i believe that there is power in numbers with so many people sending positive affirmations out to the universe, hopefully it wont take to long for your situation to improve. I will also send positive energy and prayer your way . Take Care

    Love and Blessings 2u Lilac






  • Thank you Lilac for your prayers and thoughts - and thank you Sheila for your encouragement! You know, it's quite overwhelming to think people you don't know are - just there for you.

  • Dear ChadShe,

    You are very welcome

    sending love and whitelight 2u Lilac

  • Chadshe, how are you? i thought i would pop on to see if you were ok. sending you lots of light.

    Letting you know i was still thinking of you.

    Peace,Light and Love


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