Anyone in a HAPPY RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE with a Cancer man?

  • XOXO - Thank you! I get what you are saying. I will keep you posted!

  • I hope things go well and that your relationship with him will last.

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

    Just be you. 🙂

  • XOXO - I won't!! For what it's worth, i have already made numerous mistakes int his relationship, but, it is working out. But I do hear you. i do tend to hold back, and the reason why is what you already know.

    BC of you and your solid advice, which took me awhile to process, I have even started being more myself this week.

    This week has been a tough week at work. it has, but ultimately, it has not been that bad. doable but not preferable. If that makes sense. Anyways, we had a difference of opinion this week in what he deems hard work and what I deem hard work. He is self professed lazy and I go at everything like I am killing snakles.

    Anyway, we disagreed, but it really wasn't a big deal towards our relationship, just each getting out of differences of opinion. Not huge on a major scale, but, big for me. Due to the fact that i stood up for what i believed. Make sense?

  • XOX - Oh..and thank you!! me too. But if it does not, trust me, his loss....:)

  • Ohh I see. Sometimes arguments like that due to different opinions actually scares me too at times. Because those little things sometimes pile up and can effect others too (especially if there are children involved). Like for example, you have your ways of raising your child - he have his own ways too. Like his ways on making money and your ways on how to earn a living. Those difference sometimes we also have to keep in check. You mentioned that he's lazy - I just hope he's not the type who will depend on you if you know what I mean - like being the man/provider. I don't know - it's really tough I know especially if sometimes money is involved too. Plus the stress you are having with work and your children adds up to the arguments you two are having. I think that's really part of every relationships. Let's hope for the best 🙂

  • I just realized something. This whole thread is a little moot in this kind of forum, as most people in happy relationships/marriages with Cancers (or any zodiac sign really) probably wouldn't be on here, LOL.

    Just a thoouugghhtt!

  • xoxo - No, he has a good job and makes good money. His laziness is more like, he'd rather lay on the couch than do dishes.

  • Hi Taurus7,

    The perspectives of how men and women look at things are very different most times, which stands to reason. We are female and male energies.

    If he has a good job and makes good money, he has and does expend the greater part of his energy in taking care of the daily financial needs. Perhaps that is why at the end of the day he does what he does.

    You, the female energy, have a different priority, that of nurturing and taking care of your family first, and thus you expend a great deal of energy doing so.

    At the end of the day, your day does not end.

    Perhaps having a heart to heart talk with him in a loving calm manner about this will help.

    Relate that you acknowledge his contribution to the family effort. Let him know that you too try your best, but at times it becomes overwhelming, and you would appreciate his assistance.

    Asking him from the depths of your need as opposed to who is more worthy according to definitions of work will accomplish more.

    I remember those arguments with my ex husband. He was always trying to prove his self worth through his opinions of others. He wasnt a very happy individual. One cannot be degrading others and have a true satisfaction within themselves.

    The source of peace comes from knowing you love who you are and fear about not being good enough is not an issue.

    It takes some a long time to learn to love and accept themselves.

    May your days become filled with love and peace, each day a little more so than the last.


  • PatchLove!! Thank you. I am ok with it. Want to know why? BC I bring out the best in him. I really do. The more and harder I work, he is slowly following suit!! lol He doesn't like it!! haha, but he DOES it!

    I know and respect how hard he works. I truly do. I think BC I do, that fuels him in a weird way. I don't know, don't really care, other than I am having the time of my life with this odd, wonderful, weird, beautiful, strange and interesting man!! lol

  • lol So very glad you are happy Taurus 🙂 You seem to be working out things well together.

    The acknowledgement and appreciation of how hard he does motivate him. He can see that it is not in vain.

    May peace and love continue to manifest in your relationship and in your journey here.


  • Cancercutie, please give me guidance, my cancer boyfriend is driving me crazy... Why if you need to have your time for making life a better place... For example he doesn't understands the same when its me who needs time apart to make "life a better place" ... Or why its always my fault, or why he gets angry at me for stupid things and gets verbally abusive and hurtful???

    Can you please help me figure out how can i learn how to deal with this parts of a Cancer?

    Please give me direction since you are Cancer i think nothing more perfect than ask you.

    Thank you so much !!!

  • Hi virgogodes, i replied to your post in horoscopes.. hope this helps ou

  • Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:34 PDT


    Im sorry to hear that, how he is treating is wrong and as you said yourself is abusive, in which that's exactly what it is abuse, so it;s good you see that it is that, just need to get yourself to stand up to it.

    What you need to do is when he is start the verbal abuse is to let him know it and you wont put up with it.. I know your thinking easier said done, but its the start to standing up for yourself telling him how it makes you feel..Try standing in front of a mirror look at yourself, how your body language is tall strong or slumped imagine your stand tall. focus your eyes be looking straight ahead to him take deep breath be firm not shouting and say i have had enough of you make me feel like this its the first start.

    This is a character of any sign that does not matter he is bulling you and anyone can do that.. he as issues and needs to be put back to him OK.

    What i said in case you did not go back to horoscopes/

  • You are so right there! They are liars and manipulators. I've been married to one for 26 yrs and it's been a rocky road! I'm still contemplating leaving since my son is grown and gone now.

  • Ive been married to 1 for 19 yrs....Boy they love making you feel little. Thing is cant allow them to have control over you. It's all bliss in the beginning, once they get bored. Now there always the 1st to want to walk out. I guess my Cancer, understood, when I said you may walk ou that door anytime. 1 thing you need to know, it doesn't revolve, neither does my HEART. So my advice is to get strong and defend yourself, and do show emotion, cause once you have they know that they got you.....Im like JewelLeo.......I want OUT..!!!

  • Sorry meant to say dont show emotion...

    Ou is out....Sorry

  • My cancer guy has feelings for me he say and scared to fully let me in because he was hurt really bad in his past relationship but recently when we went to a christmas partya gentle men started to perform and he got jealious and said im going out side you can move over so you can be closer lol... I think he more than just has feeling for me he just wont admit it.

  • ishuld giv eyou his ne w gfs site, and ou cabn see and ask wat up,, i thing its just lots of love but also very games playing like

  • wow, all you go,, well at least there is love there right, i do agree with the abuse part too, except abuse can happen on many levels,and from other people as welll i also agree with the manipulation parts

  • read about my experience with a cancerian guy...

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