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  • I had my cards read - I can't remember where the positions were, but she told me (in a nutshell) He was seeing someone else but it was a platonic relationship and he felt guilty about it (the Devil card). He loves me and only me as signified by the lovers, two of cups, ace of cups, justice and fool. She told me the fool and justice cards are marriage cards and they surround me in his life. then she pulled the six of swords and I understood that card to mean that it meant moving on, but she said that it meant that things between he and I are going to be less uncertain. Is this correct? I keep trying to find this meaning in the six of swords but I can't find it anywhere. Also - I have never heard of the fool signifying marriage either....Can anyone help?

  • Oh - and I forgot to add that I am the Empress card.

  • The six of swords indicates that you are moving to new ground in your life, and that new ground will be better than where you are now. It's that simple, this new ground will feel and be much better than the ground you are on now. This card also imply's it is better to leave the past behind you. So as you cross the waters from where you are now to where you are going next, don't look back.

    As far as the Fool card implying marriage, I have never heard of that either, but, remember, tarot is all about interpretation. Sometimes we are at the mercy of the person doing the reading.

    The Empress is also my soul card.

  • Thanks so much for your comments! I appreciate the insight. Based on your interpretation I can see where she would say that he and I would be moving to a better place. It's make so much more sense to me now.....

  • Hi, my name is Jade. I'm a 4th generation clairvoyant,empath,healer,ect..runs in my family on both sides 4th generations back that I know of. I have a very old soul too 🙂 Here's what I get for u dear.

    Temperance Reversed-Look on the bright side of things. Coming clean about it was an honest decision.The two of you are past the hardest part now.Try and work it out.Even though the relationship is rocky and unbalanced now.

    Devil Reversed-You will find relief when you talk more openly about your relationship. Accept that people do make mistakes.

    9 of Wands-Stand your ground and make boundries. Rest assured that he will make the changes that you seek for him to make.

    4 of Pentacles-Hold on to what is dear to you. But, try not to be over possessive at the same time.

    8 of Pentacles-These hard efforts to work things out between the two of you will pay off. You will grow as people and the relationship will grow stronger.

    I hope this helps. I have never been wrong about anything. 😉

    btw, do you know a "Lisa" or some "Li" name..female...?

    I heard this name pop up in my head when i read the cards.


  • Wow! Jade - VERY interesting. I know two Lisa's and they both pertain to him. The first one was his sister's best friend that he still talks to. He was madly in love with her and things just never happened between the two of them. According to his sister, he tells her EVERYTHING. As far as I know she is in a very happy relationship with her husband. The OTHER Lisa is his former roommate and he always said she was "crazy" but I know they had a great friendship. I do believe he still talks to her even though she moved out a couple of months ago. I wonder if one of these "lisa's" is the person that he is talking to and feels guilty about. If her name came up, then would she be the "mistake" that was made?

    Thank you for your input. I met with an empath recently and she told me that in the next two years he will become more responsible and make changes in his life that will benefit our relationship. She also told me (like the other woman who read my cards) that he loves me, I'm the only woman that she sees surrounding him, she also sees marriage and children. She doesn't see anyone else that holds his heart, but he is still wounded from emotional pain that goes way back to his childhood. This is why he can't handle his feelings for me and pushes me away. She told me if I can put up with it and stick it out, our relationship will go to a more deeper level (deeper than it already is) and we will become two new people together. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Sorry everyone for bumping this - I'm hoping JadeEden will come back to it!!!!

    Jade - I'm dying to know about the Lisa connection - ACK!!!!!

    I spent this weekend with my honey - he acts like everything is normal....but I'm still wondering...

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