Help please

  • my birthday is july 7 1959 i need help any thing i would be ever so thankfull i have a any thing i will be at please i have a lot more than what to do where and the right thing please angelonwatch


  • Let's begin with your Soul & Personality cards, then we can move into some of your deeper issues.

    The Soul card represents the inner you, who you have always been regardless of incarnation.

    The Personality card represents the side of you that you present to the world. It is the outer you, if you will.

    Your Personality card is Judgement XX and your Soul card is The Priestess II.

    These are two extremely powerful cards, AngelonWatch.

    I would be happy to go into more detail about them when I have a bit more time if you'd like, but for now, I would say, get familiar with these two archetypes and start working with them, especially The Priestess.

    You are floundering right now and there's no reason to be. You are The Priestess and have great power and understanding at your command.

    Please know that you are blessed and loved by The Universe and that all will turn out alright.

    Blessed be.

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